Friday, 23 May 2008

Here In My Home - Malaysian Artistes For Unity

This is so important that I need to post it 4am in the morn. Listen, read and you will know why.

Read here.


Sorry, internet was not available yesterday. Lolz surprisingly I manage to survive one night without internet access. I mean at least I still have internet during the slow internet crisis.

Umh... back to the post. Seriously when I first listen to the song, I had goosebumps (the good kinda way)! Not many songs can do that. Well less than 5? Lol.

And why goosebumps? Well, it's really err what's the word? Touching? No! Meaningful? No!

Fine I shall just call it noble. I mean I read the story of it before I actually get to hear it. (Fine! My connection is slow, I finished loading the text and then load till the next morning for the audio)

I mean there's actually people out there, sacrificing time, money and energy just for a simple course of spreading love to everyone and affecting others to do so as well regardless of race, religion or status.

And look as us and look at the rest of the people (*cough* the politicians). Can they see the bigger picture other than the so called "big" picture that they are trying to reach and protect but at the end the picture is merely for self satisfaction in their own respective ways.

These are the things that really reminds me why I love my country so much despite all the things I always blog about. And there's a very simple reason for it. Because it is sincere.

Fine, I'm actually brain-stucked now ala blogging in Kevin's place kinda situation. Maybe because I wanted to blog too much when my internet is out and I literally blogged it in my head but unable to put it into words now.

Whatever.... I got my message out and I'm sincere bout it...

Btw, do your part too. Spread the words about this clip and song. Listen to it. Request it. Make it a hit. I do believe this can be much more popular than Negarakuku. (The irony is there will not be a Negarakuku, if we all live like how the song is sang)

But there's something bout the song I gotta point out... if the song is dedicated to the politicians and racist people out there...

don't you think the lyric is too difficult, too poetic for them to understand. Well, judging from the fact that they (he) only like rap as their music genre and they have limited vocab. Hmmm hopefully Afdlin Shauki can make the BM version much more easier for them. *lol* Don't kill me.

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