Thursday, 23 October 2008

In Case If You Are Wondering

YES! I'm still very much alive... haha

updates soon:

Look out for a new:

Video project (very hillarious)
Reflective journal
A canvas drawing
And a furniture design :)

Friday, 17 October 2008

The 8 Megapixel Phone Is Here!

It's Samsung Innov8

OMGness how can a phone has more megapixel than my camera! Ah... who want to sponsor me this?

Saturday, 11 October 2008

I’m Going Silent this Halloween with Nokia XpressMusic

The 3rd Nuffnang party is here! So excited to just hear about it... but this time only 100 bloggers allowed... so for being super kiasu... I must do this post fast!

button big 2

Well after attending two great Nuffnang Parties... the costum part of it always drives me crazy...

Dressed up as selamba Malaysian pajama the 1st party...

Then thanks to the other 2K, who are Kelvin and Kevin... We made a point to dress up as the 3 blind mice! Note: Kelvin is Mickey Mouse, Kevin is Hello Mousy and I'm err *insert whateva u wanna call me* Mouse

So, for the 3rd party, I must challenge my personal record and do something better than the other two parties...

And the theme this time will be Ghostly Celebrities:

Who is the most ghostly celebrity you can think of? For me it will be :

None other than Micheal Jackson

Imagine crashing the party looking like a failed plastic surgery Micheal

That will be damn cool!

And if I get hold to any of the new nokia 5320

I can even add background music to my costume... like Thriller and etc... haha

And one thing to look forward to all these parties are the definitely the sexy Nuffies...

Hopefully they dress up like sexy banshees this time around. :)

Thursday, 9 October 2008

A Special Dedication To Jess & Kelly In Aus!

In fact is to all my oversea friends... gotcha... wanna come back soon?

It's food from the famous Taman Connaught Pasar Malam... wahaha

I know I'm evil...

Tauhu Bucuk

Mua Chi in both flavour... ori and pandan!

Kuih warna putih which I forgotten the name

Honey dew and mango lolo (that was the name on the sign)

NSW is not part of the menu...but she still posed for it...

So, whatcha waiting for? Book the next flight home!

And we might just save you a bite... wahaha!

Wednesday, 8 October 2008

Obviously I Have No Time To Do The Post Yet!

New Nuffnang party coming up soon! Yippie! But I no time to do the post leh...

So here's the banner instead! Obvious enough?

button big 2

Post coming up soon!

Tuesday, 7 October 2008

Hari Raya W1MAX Style

Here's something new... don't get fooled by the "Petronas" looking ad!

Monday, 6 October 2008


Finally I remembered to post about my axo drawing...

Hmm the tree look like a muffin...

Supposed to do explosion of the building... which means you literally explode the building into pieces of walls, roof and floor plan...

But on the night of drawing in the studio... I freaking had a fever... shivering all the way... haihz... but it's just an extra if I "want" to do it... wahaha not so for the other studio classes... :p

And for the next assignment:

Perspective drawing... thank god is a chess board... heard the other class are doing building's section... wahaha :p

So, with that, another assignment to add up to my long pending assignments list:

1 video
1 furniture model
1 design model
10 A4 sketches
5 photograph/sketches
1 presentation
1 perspective drawing

Wahaha (obviously in serious hysteria) very Selamat Hari Raya to me! And the best part... I didn't even open my sketchbook for the pass week! Weehee!
Shit! I've been slacking for a week now and I only left 1 week for the rest of the assignment... May I rest in pieces!

Sunday, 5 October 2008

Told Ya I've Been Busy...

Seriously I was damn busy... my blog is almost dead...

Opps...okay fine, I was sleeping... making models out of cardboard can be very tiring...

That was indeed me... not long ago in the studio when everyone else in the other courses are busy partying their ass off in Euphoria or something...

And I was busy

Making out with this... yarrr literally that is...

Seriously it was damn good... all the sticky substance...

All the whamming and spanking to get it together...

And wala

My chair is born that very night... it can be a one seater, a two seater or a 'n' numbers of seater according to the amount of magazines you have...

Don't like it standing? Just recline it and you have your comfy lazing chair...

Wanna get funky? Open it up and pin it to the wall... then you will have a semi circular seat and a place to display your latest artwork at the top.

Actually staying up in the studio can be quite fun...

With the extra accompany... where we sang out hearts off with the laptop and screaming our lungs off in the middle of the night...

Creating a mess by scrapping off cardboard which we didn't clean up in the end... lol

Let's see what the rest has done:

A table/chair/bed

A dream table... literally and non literally...

An out of the box sofa

A tree lamp with non workable plug... lol I tried it with the power source...not working la Kimberley... fix it!

A fellow magaziners... who used magazines to weave this table... what a crazy girl...

Despite not sleeping and everyone ending up looking like zombies... our work are considered not up to standards... so we have to redo the whole assignment with a replacement assignment.... KNN

So, I guess we will have fun in the studio for another night soon... yippie!

If only our lecturers can see this:

We really take our furniture seriously... too serious... haha (no furniture or human being was harm during the photoshoot) :P
My very alive... please bear with me for a little while... I swear I will be back!