Friday, 31 August 2007

A Letter For My Love One, Malaysia

Dear Malaysia,

This letter is truly dedicated for you lah. Its your big day mah. What to do? Nah, I am really proud of you and being your citizen. Even though there's ups and downs also lah, but these are those things that make this 50 years interesting.

Since its your big day, so I give face to you loh and not to comment bout the people that run you. But I am still truly glad that I'm born as a Malaysian. Even though I don't think you are perfect, but this is what makes you so real loh. So real enough that actually it train us Malaysian to be stronger than many other people out there.

Sometimes ark, things which is not perfect which makes it more valuable. Just like me loh, I always only know how to complain but never really change before. But you see horr, because of all this imperfections, it makes me more unique. So this makes me Kenny Choo and you as Malaysia.

What is the best about you is definitely your diversity loh. Thanks to you, I gain weight so much just to try all the food from all sorts of races in this country. So ark, you better sponsor my gym fees soon. But its true that this year I can really see the diversity from the celebration of your birthday.

Still ark, hopefully this diversity will hold on and the core element which is incorporated in every aspect of you not just as a show show on national day only lah. Can say ark, you don't need to be perfect but with this one element of diversity and fairness, I tell u lah u will sure go far. I have high hopes on you.

So all the best in future and I will like to say I love all the people that live in you especially those that reads my blog. So until then, I chau sin loh...

Your sweetie,


Lotsa kisses lah

Thursday, 30 August 2007

Smells Fishy.

Out to fish. Not a fishing trip but a fish seeing trip. Quite some time already but now only finishing editing all the pictures. So why the heck does people pay RM20+ to see fishes in tank that normally end up at the dinning table? (Its a grouper/kerapu by the way)

Cause they have nothing else better to do like me. So I end up pulling Tze Yee along to Aquaria KLCC. Well, that lucky girl is leaving for UK soon, so I pull her along to do all the boring stuff with me as I can't find another person as boring as her. Haha.

Skip this post if you are allergic to fishes cam-whoring. There's like a few dozens of pictures where the fishes say cheese and put up a peace sign.

There's even some shell fishes such as "lala" which will bloat their faces and put up a peace sign near their faces. But you can't really much of those in Aquaria but you can definitely see it in our famous river, Sg Wang. Sorry, I'm so so evil. (A nautilus in the pic. Very interesting creature. As mentioned in The Da Vincci Code)

Wait a minute. That two are not fishes. Those are in the species of manusia yang tak malu sp.

So that's all for now. More to come in the next post. Very late already and I have to work tomorrow. Gotta tell u guys how stupid is the ticketing system in Aquaria.

Wednesday, 29 August 2007

I Will Be Back!!!

Very bery bery busy nowadays. Just finish one week of non-stop working from Monday to Sunday. Settled some stuffs. Attend Jess's birthday party, and played C&C 3 Tiberium Wars.

All these are the valid reason why this blog is not updated. But I will be back soon. Don't worry.

Tuesday, 21 August 2007

Work In Progress

Hey guys, there will be no updates for this few days. There's plenty of things for me to settle and its freaking troublesome.

All these things spoils my mood for blogging. So hope to see you guys soon. Hopefully I will rest in peace.

Friday, 17 August 2007

Pass With Flying Monochrome

16th August 2007. I shall remember this day. Very dramatic indeed. So many unlucky and lucky things happen in the same day and its my A-levels result day. I'm free at last. So to make it interesting, this is my list of unlucky and lucky things that happen today in my life.

U:Sandra passed me 60 card cases to process today and I only did 7 before this. Means more defects to come.
L:This means high OT pay and at last Sandra allow me to finish 50 only.

U:I lost my password. And the process is I have to get the sign and scolding from my boss and my bosses boss. And I have to wait like an idiot for 3 weeks.
L:After a millions times of trying and calling and begging the ID dept. I managed to recover my password.

U:I promised Jeffrey to go dinner and I have to do OT.
L:He got screwed by his parents so he must eat dinner at home.

U:My phone run out of battery. Normally if this happen I can't start it and I have to send it to the centre which is SINGAPORE.
L:Its still alive.

U:Went out yumcha until very late. Mum sure screw.
L:I'm working so have excuse and she sleep d when I reached home. But 37 missed calls. Geng le.

U:I got ABBC for my result and my maths is 79.1 which is 0.9 to A
L:There's nothing lucky about it.

The result is the average of all the best scored papers.

Wednesday, 15 August 2007

What A Piece Of Cake

Was in Mid Valley buying bread from the Jusco bakery when I saw this particular cake. Cute indeed. It's a cake with Malaysia flag, the Jalur Gemilang. But wait a minute, who the hell gonna buy it when the Independence Day is one month away? Who will wanna share their cake with the country? Maybe those last minute people will take it as a last solution when all the rest of the cakes is sold out. At least that is what I think.

Ironically the next morning, when I turn on the radio, I heard this news where by cake with the Jalur Gemilang is banned and people will be fine for buying and consuming it. Their reason is simple. Cutting and eating it is consider disrespect to the flag. But what the heck? What if I wanna have a part of the country in me? Isn't that a noble thing to do? And isn't that a good thing that people willing to accept such hideous cake and share their birthday with the country? And now they are even coming out with guidelines on how you are suppose to display your flag. It's already difficult to ask the public to display flags and yet now they wanna implement guidelines. =.= My mum is like, "wah then alot people can save money d."

So just imagine when you are happily cutting your Jalur Gemilang cake and then you start hearing helicopter and patrol car siren. Out of a sudden a whole SDU squad with ISA gonna arrest you for being a traitor to the country. So better off cut a normal cake or own a country then you can cut the cake with the flag of your country.

Monday, 13 August 2007

Gwen Stefani Will Be Wearing Tudung?

Gwen Stefani is here to wind things up but there's a catch. She will do it in a tudung? Latest news from the officials of the government department. Earlier, the National Union of Malaysian Muslim Students called for the concert to be scrapped because they claimed Gwen's image offends Islamic beliefs. But of course that doesn't happen.

But now, it is told that the Malaysia's Culture, Arts and Heritage Ministry officers are set to attend the concert to ensure the country's cultural ethics code is respected. Under the official guide to performing in Malaysia, a female artist must be covered from the top of her chest to her knees.

So why don't just ask her to dress up like those Middle-East woman as well?

Okla, I do admit that we must agree to some certain rules. But wait a minute, isn't all female artist must be covered from the top of her chest to her knees. But then why isn't Jolin Tsai dressed in Baju Kurung then?

I've just noticed that rules only applies to those concerts that "those" people can understand. Other than that, you all like lah. Not that "they" will attend also. But come on, that's not gonna change how "their" girls dress. You can't really take a gun and force them to wear like what Gwen wears nor the other way round. It's just a propaganda which will only fear those overseas singers to perform here. We literally have to beg them to come, yet they chase them away.

Note: I never complained that Jolin Tsai is not following the guidelines. Or else we will have nothing to look at in her concert. And I don't want future female Chinese artist that perform here to cover themselves up. But nothing to do with my Penny Tai anyway.

Sunday, 12 August 2007


Sorry guys for the unsuccessful link for the Simpsonizer. Here's the correct link. These days are busy being taught on how to process card and see people got scold for doing mistakes. Just stay on and you will see me get scolding as well. Part of working.

In this post not only I will update the link, I will also update you guys on the news where by the singer got sodomised. From some insider story (identity too classified), it turn out to be a "famous" Hokkien singer which is a gay and by the name of Yuan Yang. Lolz. How not interesting is that? But the verification is still pending, so its not verified true yet.

Updates on my life are as listed:
1) Got my workstation and passwords at last.
2) Processed 4 cards so far.
3) Jinlami-ed with Sam, Jervis and Ken Han.
4) Had diarrhea after mamaking. And I did it with an astonishing record of 8 times in 10 hours.
5) Glad that Jervis is now placed to sit beside our lady-boss. Means increment for him and back up support for me.
6) Worried to process more cards.
7) Being searched by the police at 3am in the morning.

For more details on my mamaking journey and why i got search by the police, check out Sam's blog here.
Please notify:
1) The patrol car is moving at 40 km/h. So can't really blame me.
2) Sam doesn't have his back P sticker on.
3) It's my mum's fault for making Sam sending me home

Conclusion. I'm "INNOCENT". Haha. But still have to thanks Sam for going through all this and so mahfan. Hopefully is blessing in disguise after all. But the most memorable part is they suspect us of taking drugs and search your car for drugs. They even thought we just came back from clubbing and guess what are we wearing? T-shirt, shorts and slippers. Very mesra cepat dan betul indeed.

And this shall be my 1st post without pictures. Can't help it, its just an update. Or in another words I'm just lazy to edit pics.

Friday, 10 August 2007

Simpsonize Yourself

Found this cool site. Even cooler than the one on The Simpsons earlier. This you just need to upload your picture and they will analyse and turn you into a yellow character. And this is me.

Then I tried something else. I uploaded Homer's picture and this is what I get.

It doesn't really recognise its own character. Well its worth a try also. Click here. My blog is getting more and more quiet. And I'm getting lazier to blog. How bored. But today just got my work station. Kinda happy. Can work at last. So more pictures on that soon.

Wednesday, 8 August 2007

True Or Not?

Eang Bee forwarded this e-mail to me. Normally forwarded e-mails don't catch my attention. But this one got me thinking. A girl (supposedly) created this e-mail to warn other about this guy. Then the question comes. If he was to do all this thing and shouldn't the girl go and report to the police or something? Or this is the sick joke, this guy must had just stepped onto someone's tail. The e-mail goes like this.

Text in red and italic are my comments. For entertainment purposes only. Part of the e-mail was cut off due to the fact it is forwarded a million times and certain things doesn't make sense.

He is a very sweet talker. As my age, I really believe what he said to me like how much he loved me and his promises to me. (Then you are stupid) So, I decided to meet up.Our 1st date is at Christmas 2006. My mum not allow me go out till late night so we decided not celebrate at KL.After a dinner and movie, he say bring me to clubbing at one of the pub and bistro at PJ. In the club he is introduce some of his friends to me (Named Jason, Alex and Mike) and he is offering me to take a lot of alcoholic drinks and he tell me that he will take care of me. That night everybody was drunk till very high and I suspect they have drop something in my drink.. because after the next day I like not very sure was happening after the clubbing session and I feel that my private part very pain and rashes and I lost my virgin! (Lost virgin?) In the motel, I found he sleep beside me, and he told me that he will take responsibility and after I graduate he will marry me.After that night he like totally disappear for 2 weeks.. finally he called me and ask me out. He is giving the explanation like his is rushing his advertising job so that he don’t have time to meet me. This time he offer me to sex with him in the car and blow job to him. I feel very weird! But I think that if you love someone you have too right?( You think?) After someday I feel that they way he treat me is totally different than before I give my everything to him. Sometimes he totally don’t care my feeling that I listened he sweet talk to other girls. He said is client.. but I don’t think so..Do you boyfriend or husband simply tell girl that " I so miss you dear, You are my sweetheart, please give me a chance to take care of you or since the 1st day saw you I am very sure that god create you for me"( You actually believed him? ) I was very not in a good mood hearing or saw his sms. I found my private part like become very worst, Itchy and Redness.Everytime after sex when he lay beside me I will check his sms. One day, I found that a video clip on his phone that was shooting me was raped by the 3 of his friends when the 1st night. This is not a kinda fun! I almost become crazy when I saw that video clip I am very worried that when someday the video clip will sent out to other peoples….I don’t dare to go out, don’t dare to meet people coz I feel shy and regret.Today I go to take my body check-up report. ( Wah, you can actually detach your body?)The report shows that I been suspected AIDS!Doctor advised me to do they other check up to re-confirm.I really no such energetic to check again. I don’t dare to make a police report because I don’t know how to face my parent and classmate. ( And let him spread the disease to others?) But I decided to speared this email out to share my REAL Story to you I leave this world. This guy is DARKEN my future and my shinny day. I found myself is DIRTY!Attached is his picture which I got. **If U See this PLAYBOY or LOVER CHEATER, Please wake up your mind and don’t believe to what he CHEAT you with his sweet talk. ** Please help forward this mail to your colleague, sisters & everyone u love!if you know this guy or currently he is your net friend PLEASE becareful, girls please protect yourself and not follow my ending!SO that there will be no next victims like me. Thank you very much!

This are the photos attached with the e-mail. He do look kinda pervertish. But if he is framed then really sorry man.

But lastly also the girl is the one that really I shall say "cari pasal". So think about it la. I treat it as a story. So anyone saw this guy before?

PS: If this case was to be true, then I'm very sorry to the victim and for god sake go and make a police report.

Monday, 6 August 2007

Water With Fart That Cost RM9?

Last week (As in the week that just past) was a crazy week. Monday I'm happily having my great time at home. Tuesday still happily go to gym with Jeffrey until receive a call about my job then went to sign the agreement, which I never plan to sign earlier on. Then Wednesday I started working. The week before that I never even thought of working. So on the weekend I found something interesting in my fridge. A bottle of Perrier. Whoa how interesting?

Well my cousin's boyfriend works in Maggi and have tonnes of it. This kinda of things of course you get it for free. Who freaking hell will buy a bottle of gassy water for freaking 9 bucks? Its definitely nice to hold on to. Then I opened it. Pop the cap opens and gas spurt out. Then I started to smell it. Sniff sniff. No smell.

With tonnes of anxiety I tasted it. Eww. Yucks. What the hell in THE MUTHA ****ER LAND is that? Its gassy, bitter and kinda sour due to the Carbon Dioxide. Eww I just can't bear finishing it.

Then I read the label "Natural Mineral Water Fortified With Gas From The Spring". Wtf? As in the Carbon Dioxide there? Imagine this scenario, its a lovely spring, guarded to keep humans out and deers and birds wandering around. Then there's a machine which collects Carbon Dioxide. What if the deer just so walk pass it and farted? Pure Carbon Dioxide with extra flavour. Eww.

End of story. Wanna know what I did last Friday with full illustrations? Read Ken Han's blog here.

Sunday, 5 August 2007

Are You Safe?

A scary news from Kok Hong all the way in Japan to tell me a news about what happen here in Klang. How ironic? But this is still not the point. It happens very near to us, Puncak Alam, Klang. I think the nearest to Jess Wong. A popular Chinese singer is raped and robbed there after a stage performance.

But wait, did I mention that he is a guy? Pick up your jaws now. He is indeed a guy. And he was sodomised and robbed RM500 by 10 men. Whoa gangbang. Something that we use to do to Jeffrey. He was then taken to Tengku Ampuan Rahimah Hospital medical check up. And guess what? He is 30 years old and releases 3 albums. Hmmm wonder who? A few names is nominated on MSN discussion. To know the detail, you can read it in The Star through this link.

Kok Hong suggested Guang Liang.Me suggested KK.

Zhi Wei suggested Chaw Ge, Gary. Can't blame us to suspect them. They are good in sending wrong signals. But Chaw Ge is definitely in KL cause I saw him in Mid Valley the other day.

So who else did we miss? No offence to both Chaw Ge and Guang Liang. I'm fan of them too but just can't help to wonder. Especially Chaw Ge as he also releases 3 album.

Friday, 3 August 2007

Prison Break

Been working for two days already. More like studying. Its like attending Ms. Jane's Biology class (which is boring) but she doesn't teach and we are suppose to read notes only. But at least today we are attached to a senior and we can know what the hell we are reading. From there only one conclusion, screw up= they screw you. Lolz. But its pretty interesting. But the notes really killing me.

Thank god I have my companion. And its definitely not Jervis. Its my beloved MP3 player. Jervis will only be a good companion if only he can stop asking "Is it lunch yet?" or "Is it 6 yet?". Haha.

The building do look kinda disappointing from outside. Its the 1st main building for OCBC bank. So can't really expect much. But when I stepped in I was amazed. Well, they just renovated it, so its freaking nice and clean. But our workstation not ready yet.

And I think its illegal to take pictures in there. So all the pictures is took using my handphone camera. Sorry for the poor quality.

Well nothing much can be say now. Just that my colleagues are very nice. Despite being the youngest with Jervis and another girl, but some of them really thought we got our degree already. So here's some random pictures took after the exams. 1st would be the dog in Jervis's car masturbating. Work of art by again Ken Han and me.

Then this is the sign near Ken Han's house. Well dogs nowadays can actually read.

And lastly the water lilies outside my house actually bloom. Thanks to my neighbour. If its manage by my mum you will see a vegetable farm instead with chili padi growing in it or maybe even durian tree.

Wednesday, 1 August 2007

Carmen the Bear

After getting the copyright from Mr. Tan, at last I can upload this post. Today is 1st Of August, so it's Mrs Tan Carmen's birthday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY AH SOU!!!

Many weeks ago, our beloved friend made a decision to give birth to a baby bear by using cloth and cotton wool from his "scented" pillow. Just kidding, its new cotton wool. At 1st I was skeptical about how the new member of the Tan family will look like. But it turns out very nice. What do u expect? Every little stitches is done by hand. Really salute him. I am so proud of him!!!

Lolz and out of boringness me and Ken Han did something to his bear while we are in his house. We are really damn bored, since he was too busy to entertaining Carmen on the phone. So we entertain ourselves. *Red devil looking bear is Carmen's gift for Jervis.


Well in all sex, safe sex is still a must eventhough its between a bear and a red devil looking bear.

Then the drama begins. Moaning everywhere. *Imagine Ken Han imitating.

They even had bondage.

There is other pictures. But I choose to disclose it cause its just too over the edge. So hope you guys is aroused by it. And to Carmen and Jervis, hope that you all do make your own family. But remember to get married and have money 1st. This godfather can't sponsor much. Lastly would like to wish HAPPY BIRTHDAY AND HAPPY DUNNO HOW MANY MONTHS ANNIVERSARY TO THE BOTH OF YOU. Don't get offended. It's just entertainment. Don't worry, no next time.

Going Jail Soon

I'm going to jail soon. Gonna lose all my freedom. Well, it's just an expression after not working for a long time. Going to work now is really like going to jail. To recall, my last job was one WHOLE FREAKING YEAR ago. Gonna start work in OCBC today at 9am. How sad. But can eat Beef Organs Noodles everyday. Yay.

Well getting this job is really gruesome. So before I tell u guys the story, here is the Top 5 Things You Need to Look For A Job.

No. 1- An American Next Top Model Portfolio stuffed with your naked pictures. In another words your compilations of certificates. In total of 38 "naked pictures".

No. 2- A handphone so that they can interview you through that.

No. 3- A stripper suit. (A formal wear la.)

No. 4- A photocopy of your certificates and IC.

No. 5- Your mouth to make tonnes of lies and brag about yourself in the boardroom.

N0. 6- A PC which is log on to

No. 7- And your highly self-praised Resume and Co-curricular Vitae

Okay, now to the story of how I got a job in OCBC. I went through this consulting group called the Monroe Consulting Group and they got me a job there with a pretty high pay but its 6 months contract. So I was damn excited of it. Then the competitions are those degree and diploma holders ( but honestly I think they have problems to even speak in English). I'm so evil, but they really can't even present themselves. I mean I'm not even good in English yet there are degree holders which is worse than me. So, when the consultant said that we are the shortlisted ones and we are the best of the best. Me and Jervis look at each other. Haha what a joke.

Then when I was in the interview, they said they are not looking for an A-level student. At least a diploma. But they say they still wants me and offer me a very very low pay. So I rejected and she say she shall discuss with her HR department. Days later she called me and told me that she is giving me this average pay with 6 months contract, but its just okay la. So, I say I got a better offer and without the contract, so she got dulan and say nevermind then. I'm perfectly alright with that. So they cancel my applications.

Then hours later, she called me again and told me that OCBC seriously wants me. In my heart was like, YAY!!! So they gave me and increment and only 3 months contract. So they will increase my pay even more anytime. Well so this is the story of it and I'm gonna work in around 6 hours time. So what is the moral of the story?
My very alive... please bear with me for a little while... I swear I will be back!