Sunday, 30 March 2008

Shocking Episode of Malaysian Dreamgirl

The 7th episode of MDG is just pure shocking. There's so much drama and bitching around in the house (almost on par as my Cbox) that they spend almost 3 full part to length it out. Lolz I guess there's more to come.

And yeap, the most shocking one must be the elimination of Celery (Valerie)

She is indeed one of my favourite contestant. But Malaysian have voted and that's the verdict. *wasted*

The episode also reflected on how the girls has change their personality and the way people feel for them.

The bad ones seems good now and the good ones seems to be bitching all around. Well, that have to be the way of life I guess.

And this is how the whole thing fair:

Bitch of the week: Cindy

Quote of the week: That "in du poh" (Indian lady)-referring to Alison *so bad*!

Catch all the action live on Malaysian Dreamgirl's website and episode 8 is out now. Gonna watch it soon.

So that's all. "In du lau" (Indian uncle) signing off. And don't leave comment on what I posted on who and what (it's obviously can be seen in the episode). Just keep to yourself and keep voting for the one you like.

Unseen Messages

Due to the sudden "happenings" in the Cbox, which I think everyone notice! Lolz. I will post the reply messages here to my real readers and friends.

Juann: yea will link you right away! :) sorry for the late reply as you can see there's a big scene here

Joshua: Hey, why don't we all go as one big tour... haha the nuffnang office tour... that will be cool

Autumn Babe: Nice right? Ask your bb buy one for you le... and get your frens to browse the catalogue

ti3n: Haha that should do the trick, some more your bro look almost like you... haha the beggar(s) are back...*ignore ignore*

kh: Haha so right! Maybe the lack of education causes all these pointless comments from them. Thanks wei!

kevin: Haha maybe I'm just born with it. And now you can see why I made a point to have a "shallow" blog... I swear I didn't do it on purpose

To all: Sorry for the suddenly blast of message in here... Thanks for the real messages and I appreciate all the support by ti3n, kh, Kevin, kelvink, xhui, and Jeffrey and whoever I left out.

Shaun: Lolz what can I say? Haha I'm proud I guess.

*no longer knows what is his name*: lolz you seems to be very crazy over me... I think you can just save ur time, fyi I'm not your type (queer) [this is for solely entertainment purposes...and the "other people" who this guy meant seems to have the same IP...hmmm]

xhui:'s been some time already... having fun in Aus now? Haha we can catch up when you come back :)

So that's all the messages that I wish to reply. The rest *to the unknown "people" are just for entertaining purposes... but I don't I care to reply anymore. *lolz*

And oops my spelling and grammar checker is off. Lolz like I'm gonna care~~ *I must stop doing this*

Saturday, 29 March 2008

A Gem Not To Be Missed!

How can chicks be separated with accessories and bling bling right? I mean, girls likes to wears it and guys likes to see girls wears it.

My lovely MBS friend, Mei Sann have this small little business of making nice Swarovski Crystals (takes me some time to spell it) accessories. And she is very happy to share her works of art to all the people who wants to own it.

Note: All swarovski crystals are imported from Austria, the quality is of top notch. And don't worry, it will not cost you an arm and a leg. I think it's a great deal considering that it's not like those plastic accessories you get at the malls.

And here's the permanent catalogue on my blog:

Swarovski Crystals Accessories

Item #1: Sweet Pink Heart Shaped Earrings for only RM13

It's seriously very nice and a good deal. I mean for RM13 you can't even get like a plastic earrings at Padini or something. And I think it looks sweet and at the same time it can be very elegant for a night event.

Item #2: White Crystal Bracelet with free gift box (free size) for just RM40.

This is something plain which I think will looks good on anyone.

And since it's mostly clear crystal, I think it goes well with any colour dress.

Tell me, isn't it a bargain for only RM40? You can't even bid it over at Ebay. Free box provided.

Item #3: "Princess Charming" Multicoloured Flower-shaped Bracelet With gift box (Free size ) for RM45.

The multi-coloured petals are definitely the right choice for those who dares to takes on colours.

With the small little crystals pulling it together, it's not difficult for anyone to notice the cute flower. It's a very nice eye-catcher.

Even if you are a simple person, I think with just blouse and jeans, this will compliment the whole look.

Item #4: "Princess charming" Light Pink Flower-shaped Bracelet with gift box (Free size) for RM45.

Item #5:White heart-shaped necklace with gift box for only RM13.

Item #6:Green vitrail heart-shaped necklace with gift box for only RM13.

Item #7:Blue iced earring for only RM13

Item #8:Light blue heart-shaped necklace with gift box for only RM13.

Item #9:Shadow bracelet with box for only RM40.

Item #10:Shades of purple bracelet with gift box for only RM29.

Item #11:Middle blue heart-shaped necklace with gift box for only RM13.

Item #12:Simple light blue pearl earrings for only RM11.

Item #13:Pink heart-shaped necklace with gift box for only RM13.

Item #14:Purple vitrail heart-shaped necklace with gift box for only RM13.

See the double tone? Cool!

Item #15:Shimmering crystal cube earrings for only RM22

Looks like ice cube.

Item #16:White round crystal stones mixed with seed beads bracelet with gift box for only RM40.

Item #17:Green stylish earrings for only RM22.

It's just like the sweetest thing that you can get or give it to someone as a gift. And save your time to get boxes and delivering it.

*Interested buyers can email Mei Sann at or leave a comment at the blog. (You still can leave comments to tell us what you think of it or wish to know eventhough you don't want to buy it yet.)

*Payments can be made through Maybank or CIMB. Details will be sent to the buyers.

*All prices including registered post (only applies to Malaysia). (Save you all the trouble to get it or to deliver it to the someone special ^^)

*For other countries, postage will be beared by buyer.

*Condition of items:Brand new.

There will be a direct link at the sidebar for those who wish to view the catalogue at anytime.

button big 2

Please do recommend friends and family who wish to get themselves some crystals accessories or getting it for someone, to take a look here. No fees charge. *lolz*

So, that's all for my first ever advertisement debut. And Mei Sann, I demand for a freebie in return. Haha it's very sad for a guy to advertise female accessories and not able to make use of it.

I would like a custom made cufflink, pendant, bracelet, ring and also a crystal key chain. *just kidding* But will be a good thing if you can expand your range of products. Then I will be the 1st customer.

Thursday, 27 March 2008

Nuffnang: change the WorLd (Death Note 3) Press Screening

Super happy today *smile* because the great people of Nuffnang got me an invitation to watch the press screening for L: change the WorLd. OMGness I wanted to watch it since the day it's out in Japan.

Been very excited over the trailer and all. And I get to watch it 1 week earlier than the actual releasing date in Malaysia. *yippie*

And the best part is, they gave super huge poster and a press kit. *pro* So nice! Now I don't need to search up and down for pictures to do my movie review.

Not to forget the free popcorn and drink. This is like the best movie experience, other than the couple sit in KL Pavilion. But this is better.

As everyone was saying,what is there to show when L and Kira died? There's not even any continuation in the manga. But I somehow hoped that Kira's sis have one of the Death Note. *lolz* But that didn't happen neither.

The story revolves around the 23 days after Watari and Kira died in the movie. It's nothing to do with Death Note and that is already clearly stated in the name of the movie.

L burnt the last two Death Note and that will the last time anyone hears from it. So what is the whole movie about?

L is on mission to fight another Kira which kills not using Death Note but a deadly virus.

And they are called the Blueship. The protector of the planet.

Along the movie, L is helped by two kids. One of them is this Thai boy, named Near by L. (Contrary to Near who is an American in the manga)

And the good professor's daughter, Mika (contrary to Mello who is L's protege in the manga). As you can see both the kids have named M and N to show the relationship with L. As to be based on the manga.

The movie has nothing to do with the manga story other than using the manga to explain who L is and so on. It's a tribute to L as the previous two movies is more on Kira.

There's a few scenes that are not to be missed:

1) L's soft spot when he is with kids. Best part is when he uses candy to make a trade with the little kid. Damn funny.

2) L trying to stand straight. OMGness. So not L-ish at all.

3) L trying to jump into a jet. An impressive feat by a person who only consumes sugar. *lolz*

The movie did lost it's the element of Death Note. Not much battle of the wits and all. But it's a new spin off to L's character. So don't expect much from it in that case but take it as a new movie with L in it.

I think it's worth every cent of your usual RM10 ticket if you are a die hard Death Note and L's fans. For those who have not watch it or is a Kira fan, you will most probably think that it's worth the discounted student price ticket only. It's overall a feel good movie at the end.

The fellow bloggers who are there. Simon and Robb was there too. And also Shaun and Sasha. But never got a chance to take pictures.

K and L. Aiyah why my name K. K is the bad bitch in the movie. Oops spoilers!

Michelle of Nuffnang. Faster come curi the pics.

And you too, Joshua.

Wednesday, 26 March 2008

Had Enough of Janice Dickinson? What About Janis Chow-ah-lian For A Change?

The Janice Dickinson post is really a hit. And please, Janice never commented on MDG la. It's just fictional. But after awhile, I think that the whole Janice Dickinson idea is just not appropriate.

This Malaysian Dreamgirls and the competition is so Malaysia Truly Asia and why the heck I created a white bitch to comment on them. So be hold the new judges of MDG. *pls don't kill me*

Janis Chow-ah-lian: Malaysia's 1st red light district super model

Tai-la Bengs: The lala Queen with a five head. (Her extremely huge and lala-ish forehead)

Jay Ah-qua-xander: The tranny maestro of runway.

And today they will judge on the MDG's new photoshoot in Precint 2, Putrajaya. I personally thinks Putrajaya is a good place to take pictures. And believe me, it only serves that purpose only. Billions Ringgit of photo spot. Haha


Janis Chow-ah-lian: Waliao, this picture ok ok only lorr. So chat boring one.
Tai-la Bengs: Wa kali kong horr, the way you stand ok la, but horr it make body look very short leh.
Jay Ah-qua-xander: Aiyoyo, just don't work la.


Janis Chow-ah-lian:Ei, how come you again one? Oh soli ark you and Adeline's picture horr look the same one.
Tai-la Bengs: Cindy, the posee horr, very good but face no garang at all.
Jay Ah-qua-xander: Ah moi, not bad not bad only lo.


Janis Chow-ah-lian: I veli like this lorr. Very err... like those model horr in atas punya magazines.
Tai-la Bengs: Yealo, posee very good. Add oil lar!
Jay Ah-qua-xander: You all very bad la. I wanna be girl you all die die wanna look like guys.


Janis Chow-ah-lian: Lan ah, what happen to your posee? Guys also don't sit like dat la.
Tai-la Bengs: Missie, your face very blurr le. I wan more power one.
Jay Ah-qua-xander: Aiyayai, very bad la. Some more horr, you sit until your body look so short.


Janis Chow-ah-lian: Wah, very cool leh. Leng lui here likey it very much.
Tai-la Bengs: Look like those lokok (rokok) punya ads worr. Geng!
Jay Ah-qua-xander: So macho, I like it. You got blarder (brother) ar?


Janis Chow-ah-lian: Jay ar, posee not bad. The pic also not bad.
Tai-la Bengs: The face horr, look fierce enough lo... but dunno why look veli wrong.
Jay Ah-qua-xander: Wah my same name, very yeng worr but too bad you girl and I also "girl".


Janis Chow-ah-lian: Siao jie, why no energy one? Never eat rice ark?
Tai-la Bengs: Face very ok d, no more garang garang. But horr why so blurr face?
Jay Ah-qua-xander: Me think its ok ok lo. I still likey real guys.


Janis Chow-ah-lian: Lingo ar, very nice but the other leg look like senget sikit.
Tai-la Bengs: Face mua sukak. Very attitude.
Jay Ah-qua-xander: Eventhough not really man, but got different taste. Me likey also.


Janis Chow-ah-lian: Wah if you never tell me I thought you guy somemore.
Tai-la Bengs: Posee ok ok le, but face very nice.
Jay Ah-qua-xander: Celery ar, again horr you all position the leg must perfect sikit.

The comments are purely fictional as well as the characters. Now that the competition is left with 9 girls only, it's really hard to think who will be in the bottom 5.

It's getting more interesting. Aiyayai!

Update 1: There's this Red FM's RedBabe contest in MDG. So go vote your favourite girl on9. The voting is not tied with the sms voting and you can vote unlimited times. So keep clicking. One of the girls is leading with around 2000 majority votes. So start clicking here now.

Update 2:And there's another issue lorr, kinda pissed me off. So the thing is Mama Cheesie or Ringo's mom made a post on her daughter, and most of them gave her a thumbs up including me.

But there's like some fucking idiots there down trashing her and her daughter in her daughter's own blog. Waliao eh! So damn dulan lo. And when I'm mentioned the voting system as the one above... OMGness the idiot actually replied with his head at his butt. Speechless lo, like I am really that blind or what.

Go see it at

Swtness the drama continues... No eyes see d.
My very alive... please bear with me for a little while... I swear I will be back!