Tuesday, 18 March 2008

Northern Malaysia Trip 2008-Day 2 (Langkawi)

This is the continuation of the previous post on Langkawi. We woke up damn early the next morning despite drinking a load sum of wine and beer. (Cheap mah, no tax!) It's seriously cheaper than Coke!

Island Hopping-RM35 per person (I think)

The package include a few islands and attraction that will approximately takes about one morning to complete. So it's advisable to check out before doing the island hopping as you will back to the hotel after 12pm.

The mode of transportation was this kinda boat. Kinda difficult to hop on and off of it. Very unstable.

1)Pantai Bras Basah

This beach is famous for it's fine white sand and clear water. We were given time to explore the beach for an hour. Lotsa interesting stuff can be found...

Like this Malaysian Dreamguy! So professional that the sign actually glow. *pls done puke*

These are not eggs but is the sand balls that the mini crab made when the dig holes in the sand.

Then we found this thing in the water.

It's a living sea cucumber!

Damn nice to play with. It even shoot out water and white colour...err.. we call it semen!

Hermit crabs can be found around the beach. Damn cute wei.

We even made a sand pit to lure it out from it's shell. And see the mini durian we prepared for him?

As we know, hermit crab is the far cousins of spiders. So I came out with an idea to make it climb trees. He is really good at it. Spideycrab!

2) Eagles Feeding

As you all know, Langkawi Island is named after the Helang Kawi which can be found around the island with the rest of the species.

It's really easy to lure them. The boatman just threw some dead meat on to the water and from nowhere, dozens of the eagles flocked in.

Nearer and nearer.


Nice catch! This is the 1st time I see eagles in the wild in such short distance. So near it might just attack us.

3) Pulau Dayang Bunting

The island is famous for it's shape and the legendary lake.

See Britney Spears? I mean the Pregnant Maiden!

Once at the jetty, the whole place is infested with monkeys. So visitors are warn to beware of the monkeys as they do attack for food.

Saw that? Cute little choo lizard.

Hybrid of a rock and a tree.

The bark of the tree looks very artificial.

The lake is full with the dead-skin-eating fish which you can get at the spa. It is told that anyone who swims and drinks the water, she (he i don't think so) will get pregnant. But I see lotsa guys swimming in it.

This is why I was damn cautious when I was kayaking. No way I'm going to swim and drink the water... haha for hygenic reasons la!

Solar powered paddle boat for the lazy people. Super slow!

On the way back we pass by this mysterious cave.

Wonder has anyone been inside it?

Back at the beach, there's this fisherman which caught this fish. Dunno what fish la. Just take picture only.

That's all about Langkawi, stay tuned for more of the Northern Malaysia. Coming up next will be Penang, Taiping and Ipoh. I shall end this post with a very nice sunset.


Samuel Lee said...

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firstly, dont abuse the poor sea cucumber.

the hermit crab is adorable! *shrieks* (note that i dont actually shriek in real life) i hope it doesnt get lost after u put it up on the tree.

the eagles... i wondered if there is a case of them feeding on visitors... mmm, fresh meat...

attacking monkeys. you can also find them in KL. back at my place when i was still living in malaysia.

tree-rock hybrid. i think thats a tree with serious parasite infestation problem. agrobacterium, i think. "stop bringing up scientific references, you nerd" "i cant help it, im a science student!"

i want skin-eating fishies! so much easier than scrubing my feet in the shower.

the caught fish has whiskers. well... they look like whiskers. catfish maybe?

haha, i think i commented enough. need to give others a chance~


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