Thursday, 13 March 2008

A Short One

Is a very short one indeed. It's 5 and I'm suppose to be asleep by now. Just that I found something. BN is seriously stupid! Dun even wanna explain why they are. There's too many to say about the things they do after the 2008 GE.

But something even better....

Something happen when I check my nuffnang account. There's like referral tracker from where the reader link from. I have like double hits on that particular day (270+) and 98 of it come from Malaysiakini. Swtness right? I was wondering why people link to me from Malaysiakini.

Must be stalkers or worse I said something wrong on the net and the ISA is looking for me. Then I went to the site and search around and....

Cheh... my post was listed there. *swt* I think it's an automatic thing that it will search out all the blogs that mention about Malaysiakini and list it there. But nevertheless it increases my hit by double on that day. *Hehe* not bad after all... but too bad the site is closing it's free services this Friday.

And at last nuffnang pays me like 50cent for the hits I gather for the week. I still need like RM49.50 before I can draw the money. It seems that the system work by how many times the people click on the ad of my blog. So everyone out there. Before reading my blog, remember to like click the ad ten times. I need money to go on holidays. *lolz*

It's 5.03am now and I dead hungry (consequences of night blogging) and craving for Carl's Jr.

Western Cheese Bacon!!!

Cheese Beef Fries!!!

So bad I need to fulfill my lust by creating my own version of it.

Not once, but twice. OMG *guilt*

But nah, not gonna do it tonight. Just close my eyes and dream bout it only la. LOL. Malaysian Dreamgirl Ep 2 review tomorrow. Stay tuned.

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