Saturday, 29 March 2008

A Gem Not To Be Missed!

How can chicks be separated with accessories and bling bling right? I mean, girls likes to wears it and guys likes to see girls wears it.

My lovely MBS friend, Mei Sann have this small little business of making nice Swarovski Crystals (takes me some time to spell it) accessories. And she is very happy to share her works of art to all the people who wants to own it.

Note: All swarovski crystals are imported from Austria, the quality is of top notch. And don't worry, it will not cost you an arm and a leg. I think it's a great deal considering that it's not like those plastic accessories you get at the malls.

And here's the permanent catalogue on my blog:

Swarovski Crystals Accessories

Item #1: Sweet Pink Heart Shaped Earrings for only RM13

It's seriously very nice and a good deal. I mean for RM13 you can't even get like a plastic earrings at Padini or something. And I think it looks sweet and at the same time it can be very elegant for a night event.

Item #2: White Crystal Bracelet with free gift box (free size) for just RM40.

This is something plain which I think will looks good on anyone.

And since it's mostly clear crystal, I think it goes well with any colour dress.

Tell me, isn't it a bargain for only RM40? You can't even bid it over at Ebay. Free box provided.

Item #3: "Princess Charming" Multicoloured Flower-shaped Bracelet With gift box (Free size ) for RM45.

The multi-coloured petals are definitely the right choice for those who dares to takes on colours.

With the small little crystals pulling it together, it's not difficult for anyone to notice the cute flower. It's a very nice eye-catcher.

Even if you are a simple person, I think with just blouse and jeans, this will compliment the whole look.

Item #4: "Princess charming" Light Pink Flower-shaped Bracelet with gift box (Free size) for RM45.

Item #5:White heart-shaped necklace with gift box for only RM13.

Item #6:Green vitrail heart-shaped necklace with gift box for only RM13.

Item #7:Blue iced earring for only RM13

Item #8:Light blue heart-shaped necklace with gift box for only RM13.

Item #9:Shadow bracelet with box for only RM40.

Item #10:Shades of purple bracelet with gift box for only RM29.

Item #11:Middle blue heart-shaped necklace with gift box for only RM13.

Item #12:Simple light blue pearl earrings for only RM11.

Item #13:Pink heart-shaped necklace with gift box for only RM13.

Item #14:Purple vitrail heart-shaped necklace with gift box for only RM13.

See the double tone? Cool!

Item #15:Shimmering crystal cube earrings for only RM22

Looks like ice cube.

Item #16:White round crystal stones mixed with seed beads bracelet with gift box for only RM40.

Item #17:Green stylish earrings for only RM22.

It's just like the sweetest thing that you can get or give it to someone as a gift. And save your time to get boxes and delivering it.

*Interested buyers can email Mei Sann at or leave a comment at the blog. (You still can leave comments to tell us what you think of it or wish to know eventhough you don't want to buy it yet.)

*Payments can be made through Maybank or CIMB. Details will be sent to the buyers.

*All prices including registered post (only applies to Malaysia). (Save you all the trouble to get it or to deliver it to the someone special ^^)

*For other countries, postage will be beared by buyer.

*Condition of items:Brand new.

There will be a direct link at the sidebar for those who wish to view the catalogue at anytime.

button big 2

Please do recommend friends and family who wish to get themselves some crystals accessories or getting it for someone, to take a look here. No fees charge. *lolz*

So, that's all for my first ever advertisement debut. And Mei Sann, I demand for a freebie in return. Haha it's very sad for a guy to advertise female accessories and not able to make use of it.

I would like a custom made cufflink, pendant, bracelet, ring and also a crystal key chain. *just kidding* But will be a good thing if you can expand your range of products. Then I will be the 1st customer.


ti3nD said...

so nice arh, bao mai postage rite?
can pay by pappal arh?

interested! :P

Karen Fong Mei Sann said...

Mei Sann:Hi, yes, the postage is included and sent right to your doorstep within 3 days after payment.Sorry,I dun hav paypal account.U can bank into my account(will let u know if u are buying)For the earrings, other colors are available upon request.

ti3nD said...

thks. will be in contact with u again shortly. quite busy recently.

Kenny Choo said...

my first ever potential cust... This page will be monitored by mei sann so feel free to drop any questions here.

ti3nD said...

hei guys. i just got a white bracelet for my gf a couple of days ago.

the seller, mei sann is really nice. we keep in touch by email, for at least 10 replies lerh! haha.

the delivery was FAST man. 2 days after payment was made!

Karen Fong Mei Sann said...

Hi.Discount is provided if you buy 2 items and above.Free mystery gift while stock lasts for purchases or 2 items and above...

Wallace Tan said...

Hey, I'm not sure whether u remember me or not..choon wah here- always with marc.
Nice jewelry...

karenfongmeisann said...

hey Choon wah,Thanks for your compliment...

DamDaiO said...

Lol is there stall to look for all these accessories? I mean to have a hands on.

My very alive... please bear with me for a little while... I swear I will be back!