Tuesday, 25 March 2008

Popcorn In A Pop

This is what I had few days ago. Popcorn! Home made and no fuss. Its damn easy and fast. Just one little secret.

Get yourself a box of this. Pop Secret. Seriously it works wonders. No point buying all the raw corn and all.

Then open it up.

And it will look like this.

Put two rubber bands around it! Important if you have a small microwave like mine.

This is to prevent the bag from expanding horizontally. *who? who? not me!*

And get stuck halfway. Once stuck = chow dah (burnt)

Let it heat until the popping sound stop. Damn nice to see one you know. And smell freaking good also. *sniff sniff*

Pour it out in a tray and put plenty of caramel/honey/sugar. The secret to nice popcorn is SWEET. So just put as much as you can. Drowned it!

I also made sandwiches.

The tomatoes have to slightly pan fried. See Kelly, I can have my own cook book also. And Jess faster pay for my air tix so that I can cook for you in Aus.

And I prepared beverage for myself also.

1 shot Umeshu (Japanese Plum Wine)
1 shot Smirnoff Vodka (can be more)
1 shot of orange juice
1 shot of lemon juice
top it up with Sprite or any other type

And lotsa ice cubes.

Wahaha I'm a happy boy now. But my belly is bloated with guilt. Haha

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