Saturday, 31 May 2008

Why Not Pick n' Brew?

Finally I food related post! No more crappy rantings or political scandals which will never ever end.

Last week as I say was quite a productive week. Watched Narnia (which is surprisingly good as I didn't watch the 1st one) and dine at Pick n' Brew, 1 Utama.

Yohoo! At last!

Heard stories bout how good it was and there's set lunch promotion on that day. That's what you get for being an unemployed. Weekdays lunch promotion without having to rush and finish the food by 2pm. Lololol

Set lunch was only RM28++ which is kinda okay for the quality. Cheaper will be better.

Yeap with food price increasing, it's it's cheaper I don't mind having all my meals there.

Started with a soup of the day. Hmm no idea what soup... or you can choose to have

Baked Oysters with Cheese which is superb.

Then it was time for main course.

My Baked Salmon with Cheese and Cream Pasta. Yeap cheese again.
It was pretty good. But I liked it better separated. Tried having it together. Hmm doesn't really match.

Jeffrey's Stew Chicken with Vegetables or something along the line. Which was just okay only according to him. That fella don't fancy vegie. Why order? Lol

Meal ended with a cup of special brew coffee. What a meal? Super satisfying. For me that is.

Sorry for the bad pictures quality. That's what you get with the absence of the all mighty Photoshop. It's so hard to live without it. *look at pics* *suicide*

Friday, 30 May 2008

I'm So Broke!

Just in two weeks I bought myself...let me see... one, two, three oh.. 7 pieces of shirts and pants.

Yeap I know... I'm a shopaholic. But when you are unemployed and college drop out *no*, that's what you do best. It's a right thing that I hold on to my salary and the time is right.

It's sales again. And it's unbelievable crazy despite that food price is increasing.

Hmm why don't they have 70% discount for rice purchases?

Ok it's time to reveal which sales is worth going and all.

Last week I saw the newsletter for the Isetan Sale...

KLCC 10th Anniversary and Member Presale. But I'm not a member, so kinda careless bout it.

But the one in The Gardens is having Nike sale. No way I gonna miss it. I need to replenish my gym clothings. So I dash over after my gym.

Apparently it was closed for members due to the Pre-Sale...which is not freaking stated in the other sale. But I'm not gonna come back on Saturday cause it will be a havoc then.

So I paid RM20 to be a member for two years and hopefully it somehow pays back if I get to buy lotsa Nike stuff.

Damn it enough. The SOB of all Japanese Isetan *cough* the sale was a scam. There's only like 5 choices of Nike T-shirts (cotton type) and 3 Adidas Training shirts which only left L and XL sizes.

Yeap the promoter used the term "left". WTF it was the 1st day and that's the only sizes left? WTF WTF!!! And the rest of the so call 70% discount is just rubbish!

Pretty fumed over the matter, I almost wanted to dashed down to the counter and asked for refund. Then I passed by the men's department. Wala... I see people in chaos. Raoul, Daniel Hacther, Renoma, Smalto, and etc etc brand all having 70%!!!

Even Padini and Seed too!!! Okay then I know my RM20 worth every cent.

So here it is...

Seed woven shirt. 70% discount. *ain't gonna tell you the price*

Some Seed shirt 70% off. Available in 3 colours. Bought the brown one.

Polo tees. 70% too. *ignore the model and the phone* Camera didn't work that day.

A Smalto shirt. Which I didn't get coz I got myself this... (70% too)

A freaking nice to see and touch Key Ng shirt!!!

All the clothes just shouted "Buy ME!!!" to my wallet.

And also there's this white shirt which is kinda very smooth and thick which can be wear as a jacket cause it has hidden buttons which is very nice. Too bad only one left and it's S size which the sleeve is too short. Hmmm

There's plenty of better deal like Raoul and all but it's just too much for me and for my wallet. So shall wait till my next salary and next sale.

Isetan Sale-23 May to 18 June (worth a visit especially The Gardens ) *drool over Raoul 400 bucks shirt*

During the Padini Warehouse sale in Sogo KL (past d) I also bought myself a cufflink shirt! My 1st every! Ok shaddap I know I big deal. But still! My 1st!

Too bad it doesn't comes with a free cufflink. :P

The Metrojaya Sale is quite okay too with items range main from 50%-70% discount.

Metrojaya Blockbuster Sale- 22 May to 8 June

And this is the last one. Lotsa branded shoes and shirts too. Dropped by today. Bought too many shirts so didn't get anything.

Saw a pair of Vans shoes which is a great deal. But too bad no size for me.

Tangs Clearance Sale-27 to 30 May 2008

Billabong is having sales too. Go to the nearest shop and take a look. As for me... I shall check on my financial account now... SO DEAD MEAT!

Update: Fine, the Isetan in The Gardens add more stocks to their Nike fair. Yeap now they do have some great deals. But WTF? I spend most of my money on shirts d. Damn it!

Thursday, 29 May 2008

Emergency Update!

I fixed my connection at last...( kinda in the process...waiting...) My old network card is moving faster already.

And my puffer fish pooped at last. Means he is eating well. Which he didn't since the day I bought him home. (I know I'm crazy and it's 4am now, so excuse me)

It's fix soon but don't rush me for pictures and all coz I have Photoshop crisis now. I deleted my PS and can't install it.

Gonna work on it soon. Ciaoz

Note: Mei Sann!!! I finished the post at last!!!

More Crystals For Sale!

My lovely advertiser is back with more new creations. And with a unbeatable price too. Get it or you will miss it.

Swarovski Crystals Accessories (New)

Item #5:White heart-shaped necklace with gift box for only RM13.

Item #6:Green vitrail heart-shaped necklace with gift box for only RM13.

Item #7:Blue iced earring for only RM13

Item #8:Light blue heart-shaped necklace with gift box for only RM13.

Item #9:Shadow bracelet with box for only RM40.

Item #10:Shades of purple bracelet with gift box for only RM29.

Item #11:Middle blue heart-shaped necklace with gift box for only RM13.

One of my personal favourite. Mei Sann can get free ark? Then I no need to buy birthday present for people. Haha

Item #12:Simple light blue pearl earrings for only RM11.

Item #13:Pink heart-shaped necklace with gift box for only RM13.

Item #14:Purple vitrail heart-shaped necklace with gift box for only RM13.

See the double tone? Cool!

Item #15:Shimmering crystal cube earrings for only RM22

Looks like ice cube.

Item #16:White round crystal stones mixed with seed beads bracelet with gift box for only RM40.

Item #17:Green stylish earrings for only RM22.


*Interested buyers can email Mei Sann at or leave a comment at the blog. (You still can leave comments to tell us what you think of it or wish to know eventhough you don't want to buy it yet.)

*Payments can be made through Maybank or CIMB. Details will be sent to the buyers.

*All prices including registered post (only applies to Malaysia). (Save you all the trouble to get it or to deliver it to the someone special ^^)

*For other countries, postage will be beared by buyer.

*Condition of items:Brand new.

Hmm, how convenient? Free postage and they even give u the gift box for most of the item. What else can you ask for?

For the full catalogue and to see Item #1-4. Please click the link below or the button at the sidebar.

Wednesday, 28 May 2008

Damn Frustrated!

My whole internet connection saga has yet to begun. Hmm much more scandalous than Desperate Housewives (which currently having a it's like anything can happen in Wisteria Lane)

So it all begin with my modem/line/PC/computer got struck by lightning. Poof...*emitting smoke* screen black out.

*panic* I restarted my computer. *sigh of relief* thank god it's okay (connectable).

Opened my blog. Wtf it takes 15 minutes to view my page! Damn it!

Called TM Net. Bla bla bla and then after a millenium...the fella appeared.

"Encik, modem dan line tak rosak, mesti itu network card. Beli yang baru yaaaa."

After two weeks (I was busy, shaddap), I went to Mid Valley to buy the freaking card.

Installed--> Not connectable--> Bring the whole freaking CPU to the shop--> Windows corrupted--> Reinstall a new Windows (5 different discs)--> Motherboard drivers missing!!!

WTF! And off all the drivers I was able to retrieve, the only one missing is the LAN and then Ethernet controller. WTF WTF WTF!!!

Ok! I'm done ranting (with my old windows and old network card-yes I have both in one comp and that's not cool). Dunno what else can I do. Damn frus d. Gonna turn off the freaking comp and read my favourite book. The Art Of Happiness. Hmm how appropriate.

Note: Sorry Mei Sann (My only private advertiser) for being a bad advertisee/blogger. Still working on the new post for your new products. Please bare with me (and my freaking comp!)


Monday, 26 May 2008

What's The News?

Blogging have been kinda difficult for me these days. I've been feeling unwell and not on my top condition.

Alter Ego: Nah, you've been late, you've been mean and lazy all the time. (*cough* watching Dreamgirls again! Fine, I love Dreamgirls...)

But I had a productive week okay... I've watched Narnia, eat at the new Pick N' Brew in 1U and spend another load of money in Isetan The Gardens during the member sale. Yes, I'm a member and I was conned to be one... Hmm more on that later.

That's my news for the week let's all shed some light on the country headlines.

Discontinue racist policies, says Rafidah

“The Government or government-linked companies should give opportunities to Malaysians based on merit, and not on race. This will increase competitiveness,” she said.

Rafidah did not refute claims that some Malay officers carried out their duties based on ethnicity and skin colour, and this also happened in Chinese and Indian companies.

“The policies are workable, it's only the officials who implement them with prejudice,” she said.

Whoa what a statement by someone from the Wanita UMNO. Hmm maybe because she is no longer the MP. But why the news is only made available for Sin Chew daily?

School uniform sexy, says group

“The white blouse is too transparent for girls and it becomes a source of attraction,” National Islamic Students Association of Malaysia vice-president Munirah Bahari said in a statement.

“It becomes a distraction to men, who are drawn to it, whether or not they like looking at it,” she said, calling for a review of uniform policy so that it did not violate Islamic ideals.

Again? Blaming on their clothings again? It's already ridiculous hot for them to wear a damn long baju kurung and yet it's not enough?

Hmm somehow why do japanese chicks get to wear short skirts in winter and yet no complain on sexual attacks?

‘Be strict like Singapore’

This mus be one of the most funniest thing I've ever heard. I was actually very happy with the title but instantly redraw my particular emotion.

KUANTAN: Mentri Besar Datuk Seri Adnan Yaakob briefly became a newscaster during the state assembly sitting here yesterday, reading an article about stringent measures taken by the Singapore Government on a group of political activists who screened a film about Senior Minister Lee Kuan Yew without obtaining approval from the media regulator.
Adnan said that it was good if Malaysia could be strict like Singapore.

“In Malaysia, we just let them be and due to some bloggers, people tend to believe unfounded articles as the truth.

“This is to show that this is what we get when we are too open,” he said.

Haha! Of all the things. Yet our intelligent leader wants us to follow the worse thing our neighbouring country is good at. FYI, Singapore is ranked 140 out of 164 in the ranking of press freedom. Lol.

It's so funny how we miss that fact that the only thing we should follow is how strict Singapore government carries out it's civil law like corruptions and even small offends like littering and jay-walking. *shakes head*

Malaysians can now go fishing off Middle Rocks

This news is interesting as you see a big bunch of old fishermen gather around a small TV just to catch the live telecast of the verdict.

While me being a news enthusiast busy shopping in The Gardens. Lololol. But looking back, what a money well spend just to get a few pieces of rocks. Hmm egoistic leaders. I mean for the both countries. Save the money and subsidise the people or donate to the victims in Sichuan or Myanmar will be so much meaningful.

Blogging bandwagon for MIC

IPOH: MIC president Datuk Seri S. Samy Vellu has urged party leaders to set up their own weblogs (blogs) in an effort to re-brand the Barisan Nasional component party.

Really *swt* when I read this. He urged his member to actually blog. What the hell are they suppose to write? You mean like writting an essay and then passing it up to him?

“We will also make it compulsory for each state committee to have its own website and to update them daily,” he added.

MIC would be spending RM400,000 to equip some 160 divisions with computers and other equipment.

Seriously I don't see the point of starting a blog or a website just because one is forced to do so or asked to do so. I don't think the people will find that particular site creditable.

Hmm these news really made my days. I can skip Desperate Housewives or ANTM but I just can't live one day without reading or watching the news.

And here's something before I go to sleep. Cheesie's get together. And I'm there. Blog about that later because my camera died on me again and the pictures is not with me.

Friday, 23 May 2008

Here In My Home - Malaysian Artistes For Unity

This is so important that I need to post it 4am in the morn. Listen, read and you will know why.

Read here.


Sorry, internet was not available yesterday. Lolz surprisingly I manage to survive one night without internet access. I mean at least I still have internet during the slow internet crisis.

Umh... back to the post. Seriously when I first listen to the song, I had goosebumps (the good kinda way)! Not many songs can do that. Well less than 5? Lol.

And why goosebumps? Well, it's really err what's the word? Touching? No! Meaningful? No!

Fine I shall just call it noble. I mean I read the story of it before I actually get to hear it. (Fine! My connection is slow, I finished loading the text and then load till the next morning for the audio)

I mean there's actually people out there, sacrificing time, money and energy just for a simple course of spreading love to everyone and affecting others to do so as well regardless of race, religion or status.

And look as us and look at the rest of the people (*cough* the politicians). Can they see the bigger picture other than the so called "big" picture that they are trying to reach and protect but at the end the picture is merely for self satisfaction in their own respective ways.

These are the things that really reminds me why I love my country so much despite all the things I always blog about. And there's a very simple reason for it. Because it is sincere.

Fine, I'm actually brain-stucked now ala blogging in Kevin's place kinda situation. Maybe because I wanted to blog too much when my internet is out and I literally blogged it in my head but unable to put it into words now.

Whatever.... I got my message out and I'm sincere bout it...

Btw, do your part too. Spread the words about this clip and song. Listen to it. Request it. Make it a hit. I do believe this can be much more popular than Negarakuku. (The irony is there will not be a Negarakuku, if we all live like how the song is sang)

But there's something bout the song I gotta point out... if the song is dedicated to the politicians and racist people out there...

don't you think the lyric is too difficult, too poetic for them to understand. Well, judging from the fact that they (he) only like rap as their music genre and they have limited vocab. Hmmm hopefully Afdlin Shauki can make the BM version much more easier for them. *lol* Don't kill me.

Wednesday, 21 May 2008

What A Disaster! Let's Do Something and Donate To Victims. (Nargis Cyclone and Sichuan Earthquake)

Whoa, it's really hard work to search for ways to donate. With all the hi-tech Jabatan and Kementerian (Ministries and Departments) we have, can't there be one that can gather all the channels so that the kind hearted Malaysians can easily donate?


Nargis Cyclone, Myanmar

Fatalities: 80,000
Missing: 56,000
Damages: $10 billion USD

SMS DERMA followed by the amount, between RM1 and RM10 to 32776
Cheques in the name of "Tabung Bencana Kementerian Luar Negeri" (Foreign Ministry Disaster Fund) to the ministry.

Account's name: MERCY Humanitarian Fund
Account no. : 5621 - 7950 - 4126

Address: MAYBANK BERHAD, 20G-28G, Jalan Wawasan 4/5, Bandar Baru Ampang, 68000 Ampang, Selangor Darul Ehsan, Malaysia.

International Donations:

Sichuan Earthquake, China

Fatalities: 40,075
Injured: 247,645
Missing: 10,000
Homeless: 4,800,000
Damages: $20 billion USD

Cheques in the name of "Tabung Bencana Kementerian Luar Negeri" (Foreign Ministry Disaster Fund) to the ministry.

Intenational Donations:

Hopefully everyone can do something bout this. Because you wouldn't know when you will be next to ask for help. Peace!!!

Tuesday, 20 May 2008

Malaysia East Coast (Pulau Kapas) Trip 2008-Day 2 ( Snorkelling At Last!)

This post should have been done long time ago and I know it's very long awaited (there's people out there who want to read it, so shaddap if you are not one of them) Lol. So let see...

On day 2, we went snorkeling at last. Day started as usual with breakfast.


A scrumptious breakfast. Fine, it's not that scrumptious. *lolz* And that's not my serving. Mine was x10, imagine it ya!


What is a holiday breakfast without a cup of coffee. Note: I said holiday breakfast cause I don't take breakfast or lunch at home. *wahaha*


All (me) busy digging in and chit chatting.

Then it's to go snorkeling at the other end of the island.


Not by walking, but by boat of course


A very unstable boat which drive the girls crazy everytime there's a big wave coming.


Some tak malu fella trying to fake her way to take pictures and tell people that she went snorkelling. Fact: She is the swimmer who didn't went snorkeling. *lolz*


And this is how clear the water at the snorkeling spot.


Our stop. A deserted shore with a huge tree as shade. Well more for the "swimmers" who didn't want to snorkel.


And it's time.


Getting use to the water and the gear. Hmm wait a minute. I thought I can't swim? Well it's super alright with the safety jacket. Hmm "swimmers" =.=


Floating corpse. *choi choi*


A super rare sight. Kenny Choo in the water. *wink*


Don't blame me. I live in a valley with no sea. And All my life I've been either living on the hill, 15th floor apartment or now worse a mountain. Lol no flood anytime soon.


Forgive her sampatness. She have nothing else to do. And no we wont pull u out if you stuck in there.


Very interesting "hole". What's with all the hole formation?


How nice if I can snorkel everyday? Like how nice if this is outside my front yard. *dream*

The snorkeling spot is fairly good with lotsa fishes and a number of coral. Just beware of jelly fishes and sea urchin. Lolz panic when saw a bunch of sea urchin wiggling their spikes at me few inches away.

No pics underwater too cause I was too confident that Pulau Kapas is modernised enough to have a 7-11 which sell disposable underwater camera.

But I came out with a solution later. Stay tuned on the next post to find out. And now is that time again. Postcard pictures!














And then we found something that can be brought out of the water.


Eang Bee's best friend: The Sea Cucumber!


Very deadly, at least to her. Cause:

EB: Eeee soo disgusting. *Poke poke*...
HR: Ah Bee! The camera! *pointing at the half dipped-in-water camera*
EB: Ahhh!!! *screams*

Note: Sea water is super deadly to electronics. Believe me. None of the gadgets in the trip which has contact with the sea water had survive.


Anyhow the sea cucumber still camwhored.


Pose pose.


ANTM pose!


No these ain't normal rocks.


It's oysters. (Ah shaddap, it's not clam. It's oysters!) U can even spot a pearl. Lololol

After that we went back to our own beach and have chill. And we spotted:


Two kids making sand castle.


A girl who is making cookie dough but end up with a dinosour nest. Lol


A heart shape stone/coral/whatever.


A crap (crab).

I think that's all for now. Here's something for you. Kinda crappy.


It's the stuff that came out from the sea cucumber after we played with it for a while. Hmm...hopefully he is alright... *whistle and roll eyes*

Btw, I just found out that Sumatera had earthquake moments ago. And Klang Valley is feeling the after quake. Hmm... 1st some Najis (Nargis) Cyclone in Myanmar*I know I know, serious note*, then the Sichuan Tofu Quake *sorry * and know Sumatera Quake. WTF right!

The Earth is really furious now. I mean with all these disasters and unpredicted weather. I still remember studying in geography period about the monsoon according to the month and how it will flood in the year end due to the heavy rain (musim tengkujuh *lolz I still can remember, thanks Mr. Subra). But nowadays, I think we can see how serious it is when we have flood in the middle of the year and drought in the end of the year.

The Earth is following up with our very own Malaysian election trend. Undi protest (Protest vote)! Lol. *ahem* I mean that the Earth is really voicing up.

So let's all do something and not be like UMNO still living in fantasies that the whole situation is alright. Hmm... I think all of us really need to do something to work together to help the disaster victims and the Earth.

And not doing stupid decisions and comments like Mahathir making a fuss of leaving UMNO and all. I mean there are so many other things that happen in the world and these so call important people only care about their rich ass. (Other than that I still respect Mahathir's wits but not his way of doing things)

Thank god Malaysia is still very much safe from all these unwanted happenings. And to the important people out there, this is really a time to reflect on this kinda stuff. I mean what is the point of having political powers, financial advantages and fame when a country is facing a life threatening disaster.

Hmm… so we all should really be grateful. It’s not impossible that we will be one of the 30, 000 victims in Sichuan one day. And then we will know what is the real meaning of “nothing else matters other than being alive”.

Will update about this soon and search on the ways to donate to these victims.

And and...lolz lotsa extra note today. Happy Birthday Chooi Yee!
My very alive... please bear with me for a little while... I swear I will be back!