Thursday, 1 May 2008

Busy Labour Day

Update: Picture uploaded.

Happy Labour Day to all. But not a very happy one for myself. Been "working" very busily this Labour Day!

So much so, I haven't even got my next post on the trip ready. Gotta get back to work soon in sorting out the pictures and deleting the unessary ones. The down side of having a digicam. Make it 4 digicams for exact.

Cya all then! And something to catch everyone's attentions. (MBSians)

Some one found Loh Zhen Yu at last. Got this from Kok Hong who got it from Yew Zheng.

Loh Zhen Yu

Very candid! Taken from inside a bus! Zhen Yu is so wanted! And according to Kok Hong who heard from Yew Zheng, Zhen Yu is currently studying near Kotaraya. Miss that guy alooooott! Zhen Yu!!! (If you read this!)

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