Thursday, 15 May 2008

I Freaking Wanna Travel!

I so want to travel to Manila, Jakarta, Kuching, Bandar Seri Begawan, Ho Chih Minh, etc etc. Yeap I know it's all SEA and Msia.

Let me finish going around SEA then only I will travel to the rest of the world. And freaking hell, I'm not that rich ok! I'm paying this next few trips on my own.

Any sponsors? Anyway, MAS is having Everyday Low Fares (RM0) promo. To Msia and SEA. Freaking hell. That means I only need to pay like RM150 for the tax only to fly to Bangkok!

And it's like 5 star airseat with Air Asia rates! Imagine the reclining seats, the legs space and the TV screen. And the best part! Free food!

But then Air Asia is not giving up. What is lower than zero fares? Sub zero fares! Crazy man!

They are reducing the price for the insurance and the airport tax for this Sub-Zero Air Fares Promotion. OMGness!

But I think Air Asia is still not doing good enough. Come on, it's only RM13 plus cheaper. I don't mind paying 13 bucks for better seats.

And mind you that the taxi to LCCT is much more expensive than KLIA. *Lololol* I know I'm a smart (cheapskate) traveler!

*Haih* but I think I will probably give it a pass on this promo. The booking period is going to end soon and I don't freaking know when will I be free since I don't know when is my uni starting!

And the fact that I don't have a travel clique. It's really a pain in the ass to get people to travel together. Must make sure time and financial aspect matches. But airlines promo like this don't freaking give you the time to sit down and discuss bout it!

Being the organizer for a few trips, I think I better off backpacking myself. Seriously going on a trip with another person with different travel philosophy can really kills the mood. Imagine arguing bout the choice of food, choice of place to visit, transport, etc etc.

And the worse of all the last minutes ffk-ers (sorry my mum don't allow and stuff) even though everything is booked and paid for!

Hmm shall see how it goes. Maybe by the end of the year when all my uni stuff is no longer bothering me I shall go backpacking by bus to who knows where. Maybe all the way to Vietnam and drop by Thailand on the way just like how Nicolekiss did it.

Anyone wanna join?


Anonymous said...

count me in!!


Kenny Choo said...

Lolz you no need work meh? Can take leave that last minute anot? Haha

kh said...

you wait...

Kenny Choo said...

Wait for you to come back?

My very alive... please bear with me for a little while... I swear I will be back!