Wednesday, 28 November 2007

Life is Like a Race

Warning: I'm not EMO, so don't worry. Lolz I'm just bored in the LRT and thought bout this while I doze off on the way home today.

My life is really like a race. More accurately, an unfair race. My life is just normal, but in the normality of my life there is things which I can highlight and make it abnormal. I think I am those people who is fortunate enough to take part in the race. Well, I shall be humble in this as compared to those who are not even fortunate enough to take the race. What can I say? At least I am still born with what a normal human are suppose to have.

But then, there is always something allocated for me. Just as I am starting to run the race, there is always these officials, I mean ALWAYS, to stop me and gave me penalty for whatever illogical reason it is. Maybe "face problem"? And as if that is not enough, they will even make me run barefooted in the hot sun.

And what about the rest of the contestant? Most of them will run it fair square. But yet there are those who uses tactics. Sometimes it is so obvious, yet not actions is taken on them. Yet me, just because of my "face problem" I always faces the penalty.

At last the race is started. Everyone is allowed to start except me. Remember the part I was penalise? So I was forced to run 30 mins after the rest started. After an agonising 30 mins it is my turn. To chase the rest of the people I have to put in my 200% energy. Running it fair and square hoping I have the chance to chase them.

Suddenly I see some figure right ahead of me. Its the rest of the runners, maybe a mile away. Was kinda happy because I was able to see them. As I thought my luck is back, God always has something installed for me. So as I was happily chasing them, there's always something pulling back or I might tripped by a rock. This is my life. As I was happily going through something hoping that I can concentrate on doing that thing, there is always agendas up for me.

For me, I might cry and moan about the pain and the wound but eventually I will be back running. And hopefully this time I might get an energy drink somewhere to replenish my energy and chase the rest. Might sound unfair cause I took energy drink while the rest don't, but this is still reality, we must have a speed ticket if we really wanna chase up, just make sure its not something illegal and in this case it will be steroids. Well, the race is not ended yet, so hopefully I will chase up and beat the rest. Lolz

On another cheerful note, I booked to go Bangkok on the 26th Dec. Hopefully I enjoy my trip. Just can't wait for it

Sunday, 25 November 2007

Spice Girls Spiced Up Once Again

Say you'll be there and the Spice Girls are back. Better than ever. Age doesn't slow them down. They just aged with glam. Who can forget those days when Mel C, Mel B, Emma, Victoria and Geri was at the top of the charts. Still remember those days when we use to sing their songs and remembering their lyrics.

Don't really know why, but I have the things with stuff which is in a group of five. Like Power Rangers, Thundercats, all the boy bands and definitely Spice Girls. Oops... dirty secret all out. The Spice Gilrs are really one of the pioneer of pop stars. Those who put their image above everything. Sounds cheeky but this are the things that sells and not easy to maintain.

Now they are back and their debut performance took place in the 2007 Victoria Secret Fashion Show. Another event which I'm interested in. Not just the hot chicks, but also is because the hot chicks. Those hot chicks with attitude like Heidi Klum.

Check out this Tesco Commercial by the Spice Girls recently. Hillarious.

And also the new singles by the Spice Girls. Headlines.

At the moment, been watching their movie, Spice World. What a classic. All of them are chubby then, but their acting is just so-so. Their world tour is starting soon, wondering is anyone kind enough to sponsor me to Hong Kong to watch it as a Xmas gift. *Dreaming*

Saturday, 24 November 2007

One Night in KL

Its been a long working day for all us. They almost turn us into bees like the one in the Bee Movie. So it's normal we will take a some time off. So we planned to go all out. Its time to party! It was also to celebrate the leaving of ShiauYann from the OCBC hell.

We went for a scrumptious meal at Kim Gary, Sg Wang. At last I heard it from the mouth of Enew that she wanted to go Sg Wang. Lolz Sg Wang and Enew just don't go along. No pictures on the dinner as some emergency took place for more than an hour. Which I still can't get to know what actually happened to that two girl.

Then we went back to Times Square to take pictures with nice Xmas deco. To our disappointment. There's literally no Xmas trees there. But we still manage to find a puny little tree. And there comes the tree-cam-whoring session.

Me and Shiau Yann

The ladies. (Yen Jin, Enew, Shiau Yann, Lei Peik, Shu Wei and Enew)

Me with the bags as the rest busy posing without their bags.

Reaching for the Star. It looks pretty cool in picture.

Then we head on to Maison. Take some time to reach there. Traffic jams. Now I see the point why Singaporeans takes MRT to clubs. But I still prefer driving though. That night was ladies night as usual. Ladies free all night and 5 ladies get a bottle of Bacardi Limon.

For the guys, me and Hon Loon pay as usual. Cause no point opening bottle. They hardly can finish that bottle of Bacardi.

And more camwhoring session there.

Definitely a night to remember as Shiau Yann wouldn't be joining us much in the future. And I'm leaving very soon also. All the best to her and to me and also to Shu Wei and San Sian which is leaving the same time as me. Good luck to those continuing working.

Friday, 23 November 2007

OCBC Annual Dinner- Memoirs of A Camwhore (EP3)

As promised, this post will be stuffed with pictures and pictures only. Here we go...

First on is the group photo with all the anak ayam (chicks) in the company. The one in green saree nominated for best dress.

Then this is the kind and helpful Malay colleagues. Love them so much. The guy in black is my buddy POS who is also my bapak (senior la tu)

Here we got multi racial. See the Chinese, Malay and the half Indian Yi New?

Me and Catherine in her simple Kimono called Yakuza or something.

Me and Cat trying to be Japanese. Missing the square-ish mustache.

Me and Lai Mun

Me and half drunk Lai Mun. Only one cup of beer only worr.

Me and Adeline. My bossie. She is a lovely lady, don't worry.

Me and Shu Wei. The girl which is born on the same day month and year as me. Notice her lips?

She can be the brand ambassador for Lecka-lecka which we had after the dinner.

Group pic with Weng Khong, Shu Wei, Emily and Me.

Me and Emily. Who look very hot in her Cheongsam that night. No worry girl, no belly sighted that night.

Me and Emily tries to camwhored. She did good but I failed.

Me and Emily trying to be Wong Fei Hong and Sap Sum Yi.

Updated: At last found one picture with Hon Loon dailou d, updated as per request. Haha

And lastly we manage to get this stranger Chinese Princess look alike to take picture with us. She is very popular that everyone wants to take picture with her.

Whoa took almost one hour to upload these pics. 3am d. Sigh.

Thursday, 22 November 2007

OCBC Annual Dinner- The Banquet (EP2)

On the previous episode, we saw the hotel, the stage and the people (pee-pole). Now moving on with this episode, lets look at what they serve on the table. Have your appetite ready and let's go.

1st we shall look at the menu to have a preview on what is installed for us for that night. Hmm the paper is kinda impressive but... the food. Well economical I shall say.

1st on the menu is Mandarin Oriental's hot and cold combination platter. The best of the night.

Then came Braised Eight Treasure with shark's fin broth and roe. Shark fin is visible and taste-able.

Next on Honey Roasted Chicken with Vegetable crackers

Then the fish, Deep fried garupa (grouper- must be a Malay fish) with Thai Mango sauce.

Then on I gave up on taking pictures because the food getting worse to worst. There's prawns, vegie, pineapple fried rice and desert. Well, its kind of let down, they chose location over food I shall say. With the same amount of money you can get better in a real Chinese restaurant hotel ballroom.
No complaints since it's free. But they don't even serve red wine. What a let down. Only Carlsberg and Tiger beer. Saw a bottle (1 tiny little bottle) of Martini on the VVIP table.

The show on that night was terrific, much much better than the food. Cultural dance by professional dancers. Speech, speech and speech. More dancing and fashion show. Then its our department's turn. My colleague did the Para-Para dance, kinda outdated for the younger ones but kinda enjoying for the old ones I guess. They liked it very much. Then there was a stand up comedy session by none other than Harith Iskandar. That was superb. The most memorable part is he imitate as a local police when they are asking for bribery.

Then came the lucky draw session. Early on there's small lucky draws and not to forget the cheap but exclusive OCBC door gift. Around 200 numbers are called and received small prizes like RM10 vouchers from Baskin Robin and Body Shop stuff. Luckily I didn't win any of those because.....

I won a freaking heavy gold pen by Sheaffer. It was the 10th price which is the 1st to be announce. Then they read out the number 0... 5.. 3... till that point I was like, in a very fake excited manner cause I thought its like a practical joke where the end number will be something else. But it reads a freaking number which is 8. 0538. OMG its me. ME! Lolz eventhough wrapped and looks small but kinda happy cause was the 1st one to go on to the stage and shaking the hand of the director or something.

But on the way up the stage, I was like err sure boh I got the correct number? Maybe I see it wrongly, so I peep again for in case of any embarrassment. But the number turned out to be the same. Haha silly me. They even let me keep my lucky ticket. Then came the 9th place prize which is a back massager. OMG so big difference. Haihz why call my name so fast. Well don't complain too much. The pen was later found out to cost around 75 USD. So around RM250 plus. So it's okay le.

That's all for now. Hope with this pen, my luck is changing but tough times ahead according to the chinese new year forecast. So, me and my pen shall endure it together. Next post will be on pictures and pictures only. Stay tuned.

Wednesday, 21 November 2007

OCBC Annual Dinner- The Saga Begins (EP1)

The post which is long awaited. Wonder how I look in that shirt? Read on then.

Its the big day, The OCBC Annual Dinner 2007. Everyone's anxious, hairspray all around the place, make up powder filled the atmosphere and pungent perfume smells everywhere. One by one emerged from their daily office cocoon metamorphed into butterflies. The imaginary picture of all my girl colleagues in a room preparing for the annual dinner.

It was grandly held in Mandarin Oriental KLCC. Grand indeed, just the hotel at least. You will know why later. Got there with my colleagues. I didn't drive, which is a good thing. KLCC evening time only means one thing. Jam. Got there and found out that the parking is freaking expensive. RM8!

Got there kinda late due to the jam. No place to sit. Almost end up sitting with the credit signers (Devils from hell- just kidding, just that they are the one who checks our work). At last manage to get a table of our own and shared with 4 other people. But we still own it.

That night was with my dinner partner/mother Koo Lai Mun (lolz sorry) but must give credit that she looks awesome on that night. Everyone look super awesome with ICI on their face, super glue on their hair and insect spray all over their body.

Some with super costumes. But the one I can remember is the Minangkabau horn and Chinese princess with the head gear. Unable to get their pictures due to copyright reasons. Camera lights flashing here and there. What an atmosphere. Everyone camwhoring. One full post will be on that subject only. Tried so many pose. Kung fu style.

Then we saw the menu. Look impressive from the outside but... that will be on the next post about the food and itinerary.

But the cutlery is the most impressive. I guess it is gold plated (i think) with the weight of almost half a kg. My gosh so heavy. Prefer the bend-able cutlery in mamak stalls.

Nothing much oriental about the hotel but the chandelier look kinda weird. Looks like a big Chinese cabbage. Maybe that the oriental style I guess.

Stay tuned for more review and updates on the food, programmes and the not to missed camwhoring masterpieces.

Tuesday, 20 November 2007

"The Best Years" Is The Best

Who says high school mean girls vs geeks is out? With a new twist, this kinda plot will have a new come back. This is why I'm so addicted to this new series on 8tv, every Sunday at 10pm. It is called The Best Years, named after the lead character Samantha best.

Love the lead so much. Not your popular girl next door. But the characteristic she projects is definitely the type of people I would like to meet. She is just so cool!

It really reflects the life we are going thru now such as love, friendship, family, financial problems, betrayal and many many more. It might sounds as scandalous as Desperate Housewives but this is better as it is not over done like DH.

Because of the hints of scandals and problems in it, it actually reflects some part of our daily life. And it actually make me feel better after a long week which have just past and also prepare me to starts a new one tomorrow. Monday blues.

It's definitely a feel good movie to me. It lets me at least have a place to sit backs and reflects on the thing that people do to others in a very different perspective. I use to think we are those who live in M'sia would never experience the life in the US high school. Those mean girls bullying the geeks. But the reality is, we are lucky that our high school lives are good but when you leave high school, the "real US high school" is waiting for you.

This is very true, especially in the working life. As human grows older their limit of sensitivity is lower. Things are taken in more harshly. Everyone is more personal. Maybe I haven't really reach that point yet but its good that I experience this things early to prepare myself for things ahead. Its always good to start early as long as you are not affected by it.

To read more about the series, visit the site here. And please help me up to sign the petition for a season two here. You might be the second M'sian to sign the petition after me.

Update: They are Uni students actually. All grown up. Just that their lives are nothing else like high school lives which is actually kinda true in the real world. We got more childish in the bad way as we grow. Lolz. And Sam ( the lead) got a cool job at the bar to support herself. How cool.
My very alive... please bear with me for a little while... I swear I will be back!