Saturday, 24 November 2007

One Night in KL

Its been a long working day for all us. They almost turn us into bees like the one in the Bee Movie. So it's normal we will take a some time off. So we planned to go all out. Its time to party! It was also to celebrate the leaving of ShiauYann from the OCBC hell.

We went for a scrumptious meal at Kim Gary, Sg Wang. At last I heard it from the mouth of Enew that she wanted to go Sg Wang. Lolz Sg Wang and Enew just don't go along. No pictures on the dinner as some emergency took place for more than an hour. Which I still can't get to know what actually happened to that two girl.

Then we went back to Times Square to take pictures with nice Xmas deco. To our disappointment. There's literally no Xmas trees there. But we still manage to find a puny little tree. And there comes the tree-cam-whoring session.

Me and Shiau Yann

The ladies. (Yen Jin, Enew, Shiau Yann, Lei Peik, Shu Wei and Enew)

Me with the bags as the rest busy posing without their bags.

Reaching for the Star. It looks pretty cool in picture.

Then we head on to Maison. Take some time to reach there. Traffic jams. Now I see the point why Singaporeans takes MRT to clubs. But I still prefer driving though. That night was ladies night as usual. Ladies free all night and 5 ladies get a bottle of Bacardi Limon.

For the guys, me and Hon Loon pay as usual. Cause no point opening bottle. They hardly can finish that bottle of Bacardi.

And more camwhoring session there.

Definitely a night to remember as Shiau Yann wouldn't be joining us much in the future. And I'm leaving very soon also. All the best to her and to me and also to Shu Wei and San Sian which is leaving the same time as me. Good luck to those continuing working.

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