Sunday, 4 November 2007

Debu Bintang

Debu Bintang (Malay title) or Stardust, the new movie is really awesome. Saw the trailer and thought that the effect was kinda good but movies like this normally means one thing, sucky story line. Luckily I manage to cheat myself into the cinema and watched it. It was fantastically TERRIFIC.

There's no catch about it, the story, the effect, the casts and everything just fit in. It is even better than Rat-a-2-ee. And can almost par with transformer. The movie is a rojak of magical, comedy, drama, love, action and feel good movie. All mix very well together. And the best part for me is the movie is logical, which is pretty hard to find in this kinda movie. Especially the seeker if you know what I mean.

The story started with a man name Dunstan Thorne, who lives in England in a village named The Wall which is very appropriate as it is separated by a wall which no one dare to cross as it seems to bring you to another world. So one day he sneak over it and fall in love with a girl and ahem-ed in the magical town of Stormhold. Then he went back to his own home and nine months later a baby boy named Tristan is left in front of his house, which turn out to be his son with that woman, who is a princess.

After 18 years, the king of Stormhold is dying and his 4 remaining of his 7 sons awaiting to take over his throne. Its a tradition that the brothers kill each other till the last one becomes the king. But this time the king add on to it with a special twist that the prince which are able to restore the ruby and find it will be the king. So as the king dies the ruby necklace fly into the sky and vanish into a star which later fall back to earth.

Back in The Wall, Tristan is now all grown up and ready to win the heart of a "byatch" (to me) named Victoria. So in order to do that he will cross the wall and bring back the star which fall from the sky, And the star turn out to be a lovely lady, Yvaine which holds the ruby necklace.

And the story goes on when Tristan found her and the both fell in love after much of adventures and actions which revolves in Stormhold as a witch, Lamia (which i just found in the website, not mentioned at all in the movie) looking after the star to get her heart to regain her beauty and youth. And as you all guessed, the princes are looking for her too not only for the necklace and also her heart to gain eternity life.

So this is where the story gets interesting, magical and touching. So to know more, watch it yourself and I bet you wont regret it (evil grin of a witch, hehehe...) And to know more, go to the website here.

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