Wednesday, 28 November 2007

Life is Like a Race

Warning: I'm not EMO, so don't worry. Lolz I'm just bored in the LRT and thought bout this while I doze off on the way home today.

My life is really like a race. More accurately, an unfair race. My life is just normal, but in the normality of my life there is things which I can highlight and make it abnormal. I think I am those people who is fortunate enough to take part in the race. Well, I shall be humble in this as compared to those who are not even fortunate enough to take the race. What can I say? At least I am still born with what a normal human are suppose to have.

But then, there is always something allocated for me. Just as I am starting to run the race, there is always these officials, I mean ALWAYS, to stop me and gave me penalty for whatever illogical reason it is. Maybe "face problem"? And as if that is not enough, they will even make me run barefooted in the hot sun.

And what about the rest of the contestant? Most of them will run it fair square. But yet there are those who uses tactics. Sometimes it is so obvious, yet not actions is taken on them. Yet me, just because of my "face problem" I always faces the penalty.

At last the race is started. Everyone is allowed to start except me. Remember the part I was penalise? So I was forced to run 30 mins after the rest started. After an agonising 30 mins it is my turn. To chase the rest of the people I have to put in my 200% energy. Running it fair and square hoping I have the chance to chase them.

Suddenly I see some figure right ahead of me. Its the rest of the runners, maybe a mile away. Was kinda happy because I was able to see them. As I thought my luck is back, God always has something installed for me. So as I was happily chasing them, there's always something pulling back or I might tripped by a rock. This is my life. As I was happily going through something hoping that I can concentrate on doing that thing, there is always agendas up for me.

For me, I might cry and moan about the pain and the wound but eventually I will be back running. And hopefully this time I might get an energy drink somewhere to replenish my energy and chase the rest. Might sound unfair cause I took energy drink while the rest don't, but this is still reality, we must have a speed ticket if we really wanna chase up, just make sure its not something illegal and in this case it will be steroids. Well, the race is not ended yet, so hopefully I will chase up and beat the rest. Lolz

On another cheerful note, I booked to go Bangkok on the 26th Dec. Hopefully I enjoy my trip. Just can't wait for it


BeezZ said...

Well well well, ur these entry making me blur after reading it.. =.=" haha.. But, if life really like a race also, the result isn't dat important.. as long as we enjoy the process and have a very own tactic to survive happily.. No nid keep on mention bout "face problem geh".. av1 have weakness de. Even leng chaiz also good in appearance ONLY (can say useless also)..Blek.. LOL. so good go bangkok.. Hmm..i duno ah.. Must buy something for us ah.. special 1 ah.. haha.. I wont hesitate to take it from u geh.

Kenny Choo said...

Lolz who do u mean by "leng chai"? Ppl there confessed d and waiting for u. Dun so bad and ignore him. Fast fast get a brother in law for me to meet. Haha

My very alive... please bear with me for a little while... I swear I will be back!