Wednesday, 21 November 2007

OCBC Annual Dinner- The Saga Begins (EP1)

The post which is long awaited. Wonder how I look in that shirt? Read on then.

Its the big day, The OCBC Annual Dinner 2007. Everyone's anxious, hairspray all around the place, make up powder filled the atmosphere and pungent perfume smells everywhere. One by one emerged from their daily office cocoon metamorphed into butterflies. The imaginary picture of all my girl colleagues in a room preparing for the annual dinner.

It was grandly held in Mandarin Oriental KLCC. Grand indeed, just the hotel at least. You will know why later. Got there with my colleagues. I didn't drive, which is a good thing. KLCC evening time only means one thing. Jam. Got there and found out that the parking is freaking expensive. RM8!

Got there kinda late due to the jam. No place to sit. Almost end up sitting with the credit signers (Devils from hell- just kidding, just that they are the one who checks our work). At last manage to get a table of our own and shared with 4 other people. But we still own it.

That night was with my dinner partner/mother Koo Lai Mun (lolz sorry) but must give credit that she looks awesome on that night. Everyone look super awesome with ICI on their face, super glue on their hair and insect spray all over their body.

Some with super costumes. But the one I can remember is the Minangkabau horn and Chinese princess with the head gear. Unable to get their pictures due to copyright reasons. Camera lights flashing here and there. What an atmosphere. Everyone camwhoring. One full post will be on that subject only. Tried so many pose. Kung fu style.

Then we saw the menu. Look impressive from the outside but... that will be on the next post about the food and itinerary.

But the cutlery is the most impressive. I guess it is gold plated (i think) with the weight of almost half a kg. My gosh so heavy. Prefer the bend-able cutlery in mamak stalls.

Nothing much oriental about the hotel but the chandelier look kinda weird. Looks like a big Chinese cabbage. Maybe that the oriental style I guess.

Stay tuned for more review and updates on the food, programmes and the not to missed camwhoring masterpieces.

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