Thursday, 22 November 2007

OCBC Annual Dinner- The Banquet (EP2)

On the previous episode, we saw the hotel, the stage and the people (pee-pole). Now moving on with this episode, lets look at what they serve on the table. Have your appetite ready and let's go.

1st we shall look at the menu to have a preview on what is installed for us for that night. Hmm the paper is kinda impressive but... the food. Well economical I shall say.

1st on the menu is Mandarin Oriental's hot and cold combination platter. The best of the night.

Then came Braised Eight Treasure with shark's fin broth and roe. Shark fin is visible and taste-able.

Next on Honey Roasted Chicken with Vegetable crackers

Then the fish, Deep fried garupa (grouper- must be a Malay fish) with Thai Mango sauce.

Then on I gave up on taking pictures because the food getting worse to worst. There's prawns, vegie, pineapple fried rice and desert. Well, its kind of let down, they chose location over food I shall say. With the same amount of money you can get better in a real Chinese restaurant hotel ballroom.
No complaints since it's free. But they don't even serve red wine. What a let down. Only Carlsberg and Tiger beer. Saw a bottle (1 tiny little bottle) of Martini on the VVIP table.

The show on that night was terrific, much much better than the food. Cultural dance by professional dancers. Speech, speech and speech. More dancing and fashion show. Then its our department's turn. My colleague did the Para-Para dance, kinda outdated for the younger ones but kinda enjoying for the old ones I guess. They liked it very much. Then there was a stand up comedy session by none other than Harith Iskandar. That was superb. The most memorable part is he imitate as a local police when they are asking for bribery.

Then came the lucky draw session. Early on there's small lucky draws and not to forget the cheap but exclusive OCBC door gift. Around 200 numbers are called and received small prizes like RM10 vouchers from Baskin Robin and Body Shop stuff. Luckily I didn't win any of those because.....

I won a freaking heavy gold pen by Sheaffer. It was the 10th price which is the 1st to be announce. Then they read out the number 0... 5.. 3... till that point I was like, in a very fake excited manner cause I thought its like a practical joke where the end number will be something else. But it reads a freaking number which is 8. 0538. OMG its me. ME! Lolz eventhough wrapped and looks small but kinda happy cause was the 1st one to go on to the stage and shaking the hand of the director or something.

But on the way up the stage, I was like err sure boh I got the correct number? Maybe I see it wrongly, so I peep again for in case of any embarrassment. But the number turned out to be the same. Haha silly me. They even let me keep my lucky ticket. Then came the 9th place prize which is a back massager. OMG so big difference. Haihz why call my name so fast. Well don't complain too much. The pen was later found out to cost around 75 USD. So around RM250 plus. So it's okay le.

That's all for now. Hope with this pen, my luck is changing but tough times ahead according to the chinese new year forecast. So, me and my pen shall endure it together. Next post will be on pictures and pictures only. Stay tuned.

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