Monday, 31 December 2007

The End of 2007

It has been a long year for me. This year I definitely learnt a lot and surprisingly those are small little things I over looked for so long. All the small little things I never thought it will be so important. More over I seem to know a little more on why am I here today. Sounds like something that normally heard in movies but one do need to know what is the best for them. After all they are the only one responsible for themselves.

What do I looked forward in the new year? Nothing much actually. To me resolution always turn out the opposite of what you hope for. Just don't want to jump into conclusion what I want myself to be. Surprises always sweet.

Hopefully what I at least hope for is that in the case of education what I will plan do come true and all things I love to do I am still able to do such as hanging out, travel and updating this thing with interesting stuff in my life. Its getting less interesting I know but with so many things in my head it really block my creativity state of mind.

Just attended the countdown party in Bukit Bintang with VIP access with Eang Bee and Hao Ran. Thanks Hao Ran for the tickets.

Here are the pictures we took just now. Some chinese singers who no one knows who they are.

Can't get the pictures of the famous one like Justin (Kevin also knows him) due to the blardy rain.

The 8tv host with an inch thick of make up.

Keep wiping their sweat because afraid that their face cement will melt off their faces.

The 3 of us.

The fireworks. Best viewed in small pictures.

Happy New Year 2008!!!

Sunday, 30 December 2007

Christmas Decorations

At last I'm back home and settled down. What trip I shall say. It makes me thinks a lot and make me feel and appreciate what I have. It's good to go around and see things which has a bad side and make you appreciate what you have. It's like after all you are still here and you are not that unlucky after all. So stop complaining.

Eventhough Christmas has just pass, but the mood is definitely still here. I mean the mall decorations. It seems that Tourism Malaysia had come out with this competition to search for the best mall decoration and the winner goes to Mid Valley Megamall. Not my favourite though. So this is what the did to won. Look kinda Halloween to me.

They even have some duku-langsat hanging from the ceiling. Truly Malaysian.

But no idea what is these mushrooms doing there.

But my favourite is still 1 Utama. My college mall I shall say. Very nice.

Even this British Soldier looking thing will play the drum and turn around.

The KL Pavillion. I like the tree not technically a tree. It changes colour and carollers can actually stand on it and sing. How brilliant.

The whole place has a white Christmas themed. So nice.

Then, The Gardens with it's fruit garden theme I guess. Nothing much special.

Till you looked closely and notice that the fruits on the tree are real but it's dipped in wax. But not that brilliant as itchy handed people tends to damage it and causes it to rot when the outer wax layer is damaged.

Sungei Wang with it's ala lala Christmas with a Cinderlala chariot.

And the worst shall be Times Square. They only have a gigantic tree.

Actually there's more which is worse like Low Yat Plaza and all but those are not even qualified to be even compete as they really did nothing and for the rest who competed well budget is not everything is the creativity that matters after all. Wait till you see what Bangkok have to offer. Stay tuned.

Wednesday, 26 December 2007

Goodbye People

Leaving for Bangkok in approximately 1 hr, 5 minutes and 03 seconds. Hopefully I will enjoy the trip despite all the things in my head. Go architecture the tom yam gung way.

See you all in 4 days time. Sawadikrap.

Tuesday, 25 December 2007

Merry Christmas Everyone!

Ho ho ho (whore, whore, whore: as quoted by Wai Hong). Had a ticklish Christmas this year. Happy to spend time with nice old friends and at least they took some burden of my heavy brain.

Here's my friend the toy army thingy saying Merry Christmas to all reading this keboringan blog due to keemoness.

Saturday, 22 December 2007

Needs Answer Fast and Super Emo-ed By It

It seems that chasing your dreams is not as simple as how bad you want it. Now I can really sees that putting your heart and wanted to do what you want for you future is not the only thing that matters. Currently I'm looking for a course which suitable for me to pursue my dream of doing architecture. But it seems that I do have many choices but all is not that ideal in their own ways. So let's analyse it.

1) I can choose to go to Lim Kok Wing to do a foreign degree which is 3 years.

This will cost around 80K. It is a Curtin Degree, so recognition shouldn't be a problem. The problem as you all know Lim Kok Wing is super "popular" for being bad and is damn far. But at least it is under the 100k price and is a degree programme. So if I cant afford to go Australia, I can at least graduate here with a foreign degree.

2) Taylors also has Architecture but only in the form of diploma.

The thing is that I got my a-level already, is super reluctant for me to go back and do diploma. But the good thing about this diploma which is 3 years is, it will have 2 years advance standing in Melbourne Uni. So I can get my degree in 4 years in Mel U. But it comes with a price tag of 150K. That is the stopping point. If you do not have 100K in hand you cant go to Melbourne and means that u are only a diploma holder. GG.

3) Third choice is the cheapest of all. It will be doing a local degree programme in one of the local colleges like UCSI and Taylors (soon to come in April 2004) which is 3 years.

So far none of it is a partnership programme which means none of the degree is a foreign degree. And so far no partnership Uni would like to recognise and take the student for and degree transfer. So if I were to do it here, better of I do it in LUCT with a Curtin degree. Which the sole purpose is that I can do my practical training in Australia hopefully.

4) If everything failed to appeal to me, I think I shall choose another course instead. But what should I do? Any idea?

Things are no longer as easy as in high school or in college where the path is there ready for you and the only thing you have to do is to be good at it.

Thursday, 20 December 2007

My Shopping List

The Year End Sale is actually going to end soon but I haven't even finish updating my wardrobe.

It's so outdated that you can find the 70's polka dot blouse in there. So far I spend my money on a few things only:

1) Padini shirt for dinner
2) Padini white shorts... which I super adore
3) Giordano white shorts
4) Baleno Polo Tee
5) GNC Milk powder ( the expensive one but less 60% in warehouse sale)
6) A Philips stud earphones.
7) A Sony clip earphones

My term little is not an understatement when you see the list of the things I WANT to buy:

1) A normal nice cut jeans.
2) A cool (lala/rugged- I which way you prefer to put it) jeans
3) More Tees and Polo Tees- Aiming for the Ralph Lauren ones
4) An aquarium as a hobby.
5) The Sony Album-T touch screen camera that comes with an ODM watch!
6) A dvd burner- targeting the Imation one
7) More white shorts.
8) A new pair of skateboard shoe. For walking la of course
9) A new handphone for practical use, mine currently is for display only
10) A jacket
11) Killkenny beer in can. At last they have it in can.
12) Can't think of it now but definitely the list will go on.

So where do I plan to carry out my this mission? 1st on definitely Pavillion and the Bukit Bintang area. Not to forget Bangkok too. Hopefully I manage to get to buy stuff there.

Wednesday, 19 December 2007

Donuts That Makes You Go Nuts

Seriously it will make you go nuts. So good I think they can pay me for this slogan. Went to try J. Co Donuts the other day. As I blogged about the long queue the other time. This time no exception.

At last manage to convince myself to queue for it. I just hate to wait for things. Which explains my reckless driving. Haha. So I got into the line with about 30 people waiting in front of me. It took me about 30-45 minutes to wait for my turn. The waiting part already enough to make you lust for it.

So to get myself to do something while waiting, I took pictures on the shop and the donuts. Here is the interesting logo. Still don't get the point why they name it J. Co and why is it a peacock have to with donuts.

O for donuts. Learn you alphabets right.

Look at all the variety they offers. Better than those artificial coloured and flavoured filling in Dunkin. And just found out that Dunkin is even much more expensive. Minus the long queue as everyone will soon boycott them.

Took pictures of the staff making the donuts thru the look thru glass. Let me remind again. Is a LOOK THROUGH GLASS.

So why the hell this fella which is dipping the chocolate demanded me not to take picture? If it is a trade secret then have a closed kitchen then. I'm so pissed off. But I'm in good mood that day, so I'd just said OK!

I wanted to shout at him, Do you know how little people actually read my blog? And by posting this on my blog you might just sell another ONE donut to me ONE reader. HAHA.

Anyway the process look kinda disgusting. The filling.

The glazing.

The piping. Or what ever it is called.

I think my personal favourite is the traditional Glazzy. A normal donut with a sugar crust. Not like your normal sugar crystal coated ones.

More glazzy.

So I bought one dozen. Half dozen for me and another half for Eang Bee. Mind you she went shopping while I'm queueing to buy the donuts. How good boy. We bought each a tiramisu, green tea, oreo, glazzy, peanut butter and almond. I like tiramisu and glazzy the best. Almost forgot to tell how good it taste like. Is like the lightest and softest donuts I tasted before. Eventhou they are kinda stingy with the filling but you can hear the sound of the cow as it is super fresh. Moo...

Can't wait to try on the rest of the new donuts cafe. The next one will be Big Apple Donuts and I will see what Bangkok will offer. Before typing this post, had a long 2 hours counselling session with Bing Xiang. He just reminded me that there is so much other options and even worse come to worse I might also do diploma. More on that in the coming posts.

Tuesday, 18 December 2007

Puzzled and Lost

Been looking for colleges full time. Just resigned from OCBC and now having another full time college seeking job. Really on my own now. Parents also dunno what to do with me. The decision is already difficult enough to be made and they are not making it any easier.

So this is my list of findings for comparison and reference.

1) LUCT 3+0 Architecture Science which is 84K in total.
Pros: Cheap and kinda established (8 years). Degree by Curtin Uni.
Cons: LUCT (Lim Kok Wing)'s bad reputation and blacklisted by my parents.

2)LUCT and Curtin 2+1 Architecture Science which cost 100K for tuition fees and 50K for living in Aus
Pros: Recognised, established and is in Australia.
Cons:Parents still don't like the fact is in LUCT for 2 years and kinda expensive.

3) Curtin Aus Architecture Science 3 years abroad which is insanely expensive and cost around 150K on tuition fees alone and 120K living expenses.
Pros: No need say, because there are too many.
Cons: No need consider, because it is just too expensive.

4) UCSI local based Architecture Science which is the cheapest of all which only needs 62K
Pros: Super cheap
Cons: Too new, not established and its local. Sigh.

5) (Just for comparison) Civil Engineering in Nottingham Malaysia also cost around 94K already.

So the problem is LUCT to my parents is really a big no no, thanks to all the rumours they heard but I really dunno how to convince them that the only choice now is to go there and then transfer to Aus later which is much more possible and affordable.

On a happier note, did a lot of walking and shopping today. I went to the GNC warehouse sales and bought protein powder with 60% discount, yay, went to watch Golden Compass with Ah Bee which is super fantastic after Stardust. Nicole Kidman is super hot but beware as she is also super cunning.

Visited Hao Ran in Coffee Bean and had my special made White Chocolate Drink. Can't be order if you don't know the barista. Lastly and the best of all is I tried J. Co Donuts which took me 1 hour of lining up to be able to buy it. More on that in my coming posts.

Monday, 17 December 2007


Jac has lost in Asian Idol. Not only her, Mau, Mike, Phuong Vy and the India fella lost too. As quoted by the India judge, " I hope (the India fella-name too difficult to remember) wins, but Jac and Mau has a good chance. We do have to prepare ourselves no matter what, even for some upsets as Hady Mirza (Singapore) might rise above all someway, somehow." WTF?

But true enough it came true. Hady Mirza from Singapore Idol won the Asian Idol. Well, he will be another Daniel Lee where everyone will complain at first and idolises him in the end. So I shall say no more, super disappointed as Mau, Mike, Jac and even Phuong did so well. So good luck to Jac in the future.

Updated: Here's the clips on Jac's performances.

Online Videos by

Online Videos by
My very alive... please bear with me for a little while... I swear I will be back!