Tuesday, 18 December 2007

Puzzled and Lost

Been looking for colleges full time. Just resigned from OCBC and now having another full time college seeking job. Really on my own now. Parents also dunno what to do with me. The decision is already difficult enough to be made and they are not making it any easier.

So this is my list of findings for comparison and reference.

1) LUCT 3+0 Architecture Science which is 84K in total.
Pros: Cheap and kinda established (8 years). Degree by Curtin Uni.
Cons: LUCT (Lim Kok Wing)'s bad reputation and blacklisted by my parents.

2)LUCT and Curtin 2+1 Architecture Science which cost 100K for tuition fees and 50K for living in Aus
Pros: Recognised, established and is in Australia.
Cons:Parents still don't like the fact is in LUCT for 2 years and kinda expensive.

3) Curtin Aus Architecture Science 3 years abroad which is insanely expensive and cost around 150K on tuition fees alone and 120K living expenses.
Pros: No need say, because there are too many.
Cons: No need consider, because it is just too expensive.

4) UCSI local based Architecture Science which is the cheapest of all which only needs 62K
Pros: Super cheap
Cons: Too new, not established and its local. Sigh.

5) (Just for comparison) Civil Engineering in Nottingham Malaysia also cost around 94K already.

So the problem is LUCT to my parents is really a big no no, thanks to all the rumours they heard but I really dunno how to convince them that the only choice now is to go there and then transfer to Aus later which is much more possible and affordable.

On a happier note, did a lot of walking and shopping today. I went to the GNC warehouse sales and bought protein powder with 60% discount, yay, went to watch Golden Compass with Ah Bee which is super fantastic after Stardust. Nicole Kidman is super hot but beware as she is also super cunning.

Visited Hao Ran in Coffee Bean and had my special made White Chocolate Drink. Can't be order if you don't know the barista. Lastly and the best of all is I tried J. Co Donuts which took me 1 hour of lining up to be able to buy it. More on that in my coming posts.


soh said...

i currently also study in limkokwing
actually it is a fine school.dun believe those rumor.for me i never regret and still enjoying..

Kenny Choo said...

Really? I really heard a lot of rumours bout LUCT... and I've chose Taylor's instead... so what are you studying there?

My very alive... please bear with me for a little while... I swear I will be back!