Saturday, 15 December 2007

Tonite is the Night

Will be watching Asian Idol tonite at 10 on 8tv, can't wait. Very anxious.

Just found out the voting details. So hold on to your handphone and vote for our 1st Asian Idol. To vote:

Malaysia : SMS "Voteword 1 Voteword 2" to 33776
For example: Type "MAL PHIL" and send it to 33776

Official Votewords

India : INDIA
Indonesia : INDO
Malaysia : MAL
Philippines : PHIL
Singapore : SIN
Vietnam : VIET

It seems that you have to vote for two idols each time and can't be the same one. So I suggest we vote for MAL and some other weak country. Evil!

Going off to bathe now and prepare myself and some popcorn to enjoy the show. :)

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