Thursday, 20 December 2007

My Shopping List

The Year End Sale is actually going to end soon but I haven't even finish updating my wardrobe.

It's so outdated that you can find the 70's polka dot blouse in there. So far I spend my money on a few things only:

1) Padini shirt for dinner
2) Padini white shorts... which I super adore
3) Giordano white shorts
4) Baleno Polo Tee
5) GNC Milk powder ( the expensive one but less 60% in warehouse sale)
6) A Philips stud earphones.
7) A Sony clip earphones

My term little is not an understatement when you see the list of the things I WANT to buy:

1) A normal nice cut jeans.
2) A cool (lala/rugged- I which way you prefer to put it) jeans
3) More Tees and Polo Tees- Aiming for the Ralph Lauren ones
4) An aquarium as a hobby.
5) The Sony Album-T touch screen camera that comes with an ODM watch!
6) A dvd burner- targeting the Imation one
7) More white shorts.
8) A new pair of skateboard shoe. For walking la of course
9) A new handphone for practical use, mine currently is for display only
10) A jacket
11) Killkenny beer in can. At last they have it in can.
12) Can't think of it now but definitely the list will go on.

So where do I plan to carry out my this mission? 1st on definitely Pavillion and the Bukit Bintang area. Not to forget Bangkok too. Hopefully I manage to get to buy stuff there.

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