Wednesday, 19 December 2007

Donuts That Makes You Go Nuts

Seriously it will make you go nuts. So good I think they can pay me for this slogan. Went to try J. Co Donuts the other day. As I blogged about the long queue the other time. This time no exception.

At last manage to convince myself to queue for it. I just hate to wait for things. Which explains my reckless driving. Haha. So I got into the line with about 30 people waiting in front of me. It took me about 30-45 minutes to wait for my turn. The waiting part already enough to make you lust for it.

So to get myself to do something while waiting, I took pictures on the shop and the donuts. Here is the interesting logo. Still don't get the point why they name it J. Co and why is it a peacock have to with donuts.

O for donuts. Learn you alphabets right.

Look at all the variety they offers. Better than those artificial coloured and flavoured filling in Dunkin. And just found out that Dunkin is even much more expensive. Minus the long queue as everyone will soon boycott them.

Took pictures of the staff making the donuts thru the look thru glass. Let me remind again. Is a LOOK THROUGH GLASS.

So why the hell this fella which is dipping the chocolate demanded me not to take picture? If it is a trade secret then have a closed kitchen then. I'm so pissed off. But I'm in good mood that day, so I'd just said OK!

I wanted to shout at him, Do you know how little people actually read my blog? And by posting this on my blog you might just sell another ONE donut to me ONE reader. HAHA.

Anyway the process look kinda disgusting. The filling.

The glazing.

The piping. Or what ever it is called.

I think my personal favourite is the traditional Glazzy. A normal donut with a sugar crust. Not like your normal sugar crystal coated ones.

More glazzy.

So I bought one dozen. Half dozen for me and another half for Eang Bee. Mind you she went shopping while I'm queueing to buy the donuts. How good boy. We bought each a tiramisu, green tea, oreo, glazzy, peanut butter and almond. I like tiramisu and glazzy the best. Almost forgot to tell how good it taste like. Is like the lightest and softest donuts I tasted before. Eventhou they are kinda stingy with the filling but you can hear the sound of the cow as it is super fresh. Moo...

Can't wait to try on the rest of the new donuts cafe. The next one will be Big Apple Donuts and I will see what Bangkok will offer. Before typing this post, had a long 2 hours counselling session with Bing Xiang. He just reminded me that there is so much other options and even worse come to worse I might also do diploma. More on that in the coming posts.

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