Thursday, 27 September 2007


Here I would like to say thanks to all as you all put your hearts into my birthday. Firstly according to chronological order, I would like to thanks the colleague in OCBC mainly, Jason, Enew, Lei Pik, Chu Yang, YC, Zhi Wei, San Sian, Shiao Yian, Li Sze, Shu Wei, Yen Jin, Hon Loon, Cat Miao, Lai Mun, Shawn and who else ark?

Thanks for the party in KFC, card and cake eventhough the cake is shared with 5 people who is having their birthday in September especially Shu Wei who is the same year, month and day with me. And she knows Richard... but not the point.

Happy birthday to the rest too.

Next on, is definitely the Mang Liuz, eventhough not all can make it but those that came and those that tries to come.

Attendees are Kelly, Kah Fai, Siew Wui, Jess Lean, Jeffrey and Yang Guo.

Thanks for the lovely night in Itallianese and Laundry Bar. Loving the margarita tower. Kelly and Guo missed it. I drank so much that I wanna puke... but unable to. And Fisherman's Friend really works.

Thanks to Sam who drove to my house after a very busy dinner to mamak with me but turned down by me due to tiredness. Sorry man. I will repay.

And last but not to least, sorry lo, you two is the last cause we celebrated on Sunday. But it was super duper fun.

Thanks to Hao Ran and Eang Bee for the Pavilion KL tour and the nice movie and lunch in Times Square. And Hairspray is SUPERB by the way.

Not to forget thanks to the wishes in my friendster, blog, and sms. And all the presents, THANKS to Zhi Wei and Sam for the Nike Mp3 armstrap, Jason for the decorative items, Eang Bee and Hao Ran's ties (very nice), Tze Yee's 2 pillow for my car, Enew's pillow for my chair (3 pillows in total), Shu Wei and Shiao Yan's cow cow mug and Radin's cup and almost forgotten Kok Hong's Mentos, Kit Kat and postcard all the way from Japan. Anything you guys prepared, I'm truly very happy especially those take the time to think and write something for me. THANKS!!!

Saturday, 22 September 2007

Happy Birthday To Me

Its 22nd September 2007, its my 19th birthday ( Shu Wei's also). But this post is totally on me. Never really fancy birthdays. To me nothing is more important other than the real blessing and the gratefulness of being alive. But nevertheless I wanna say thank you to all.

So what did I learnt for the past year? There are so many things that had happen since my last birthday. But I can only summarise the things I learnt into one word, "balance". This is the most important factor to me and I'm trying to instill it into all the aspect of my life. Let it be studies, friendships, working, family, having fun and also hopefully love in sometime not too soon.

I learnt that if you can strike a balance in anything you do, as in not doing it too much or too little, it will brings you what you want. Maybe you can't see the picture here, but when you are in it, you might understand it. In everything, when there too much or too little of something, it will normally turns out to be bad, just like cooking.

But this doesn't apply to one thing, which is pursuing your dreams, if you are lazy just admit it, don't use "balance" as an excuse. Haha. So that's all I have to say and remind myself. Lastly, Happy Birthday To Me. And I dedicate this song to myself by the title Happy Birthday To Me. Sorry no translation provided.

To be continued.... ( gratitude to the people who wished me on my birthday)

Thursday, 20 September 2007

MBS Old Boy Talks About Racial Issue on BBC HardTalk

Do you know who is Syed Hamid Albar? He is the foreign minister of Malaysia. And the best part is he was an old boy of MBSSKL, yet I dun think he donated much, maybe not even one cent. But that is not the point.

So recently, he was asked to spoke on the racial issue on the non- Malays ( note that is not non-Muslim or non- Bumi) on BBC's talk show. And this is the clips.

I know its kinda blur, but this is the best I can get.

I will try to update for a clearer one.

Tell me what do you think?

I love Malaysia yet it can make me love it better. Its for the good for everyone. This is another community friendly primetime news brought to you exclusively by For serious news in a selamba manner, you can only catch it on Stay tuned.

Saturday, 15 September 2007


Friendships, what a strong word, but how many of us will stop for awhile and take some time to think about this word. For me, any human relationships which revolves around more than one person is a kinda bond that means something, let it be just friendships, family relations, love or just a simple bond you built with a stranger. This kinda relationships is never easy to maintain or preserve, but if you do have such relationships, you really have to be grateful as it doesn't come around everytime and once you start to take things for granted, then you just lost another person who care for you. And if you think you have too many friends and thus you can afford to lose one or two friendships, then you better be careful as many more will leave you, just like how you leave some of them.

This purely what I think about friendship, so if you disagree you can always voice up here. Its nice to know how other people think about this topic. But to me, the only valuable assets a person should be proud of. This is something money can't buy and it will bring to you great things but at the same time will bring you down badly. This is all depends on how you treat these relationships.

So you wanna know what I look for in a friendship? Well, I'm pretty okay with everything. To me it's always good to know different people. From there you will learn and be exposed to things you never know that you will encounter. In the good way of course. But even some will bring you negative elements, it's not always a bad thing. From there you will learn to choose and you will always have choices.

And what kinda people will get on my nerves? Nothing much except this few...

1) People who are not grateful of others. A known fact is that no one owes anyone anything including your own parents. You can say is your parent's responsibility to care for you, but what do they get in return then? So what's more if it's a friend? So the next time someone care for you in whatever way, think again of the respond you will give. Cause people will not suka-suka waste even one drop of energy just for you to turn them down. Its no point for them to waste resources on you if you don't appreciate. Its like mencurahkan air ke atas daun keladi, haha I still remember my peribahasa.

2) People who sell themselves up or betray their own principle just to achieve certain goal. If you were to do this, no one will have the idea who you are as you will chase different goals using different identities. So when these people look into the mirror, I hope they will still recognise themselves. Even when you do achieve something through this way, I don't think you will enjoy it, as it is not you who achieve it but someone that somehow used your body to achieve it and you will have to bare with that forever.

3) People who build relationships just for the sake of getting something out of you. I know this is pretty normal. I can't say that I'm 100% not guilty in this case, but I can 100% be sure that I never put benefit as a priority in all the friendships I made. As far as all of these is concern, I'm really truthful to everyone which I know. To me, I will not be Kenny Choo if I'm unable to be myself. This also applies to those who is double face. Another friendship taboo to me.

Other than the 3 kinds of people above, I treat everyone as my friends. Maybe some don't consider me as theirs but I will definitely do. Only those who is unable to gain respect from me, then I will be unable to label them as my friends. Its a natural thing that my brain is set to function this way. This is one of the thing I'm trying to change.

Through out all these years there's plenty of friends I knew and I'm glad to have them. Here I would like to thank all of them, and to be fair, I will only mention from where I know them. And the nominees are:

1) Those in S. K. Taman Segar. Those people who gone through thick and thin with me when I was young.

2) Those in Methodist Boys' School, KL. Those who left me with lotsa memories and some still haunt me till today.

3) Those that I met in Pudu English Secondary School. Those crazy girls that will go wild with you.

4) Those I met in camps and tuition classes. Some might forget their names but still remember their faces.

5) Those I met through friends in high school.

6) Those I met online and especially those I was able to meet you guys in real life.

6) The colleagues in Nike Berjaya Times Square. The ones who guide me in the working life.

7) Those in KBU International. The Mang Liuz and also the college mates which brought me tonnes of new experiences and fun.

8) The new to the addition, those in OCBC.

9) Those that I left out but I've met and knew you.

10) And to make it perfect 10, my family members are also one of my best friends...

Hopefully the list will continues and the message here today is to appreciate the people around you.

Happy Birthday to Uncle Kok Hong

It's Uncle Wan's birthday, but too bad he is far away in Miyazaki, Japan, but we are sending stuff for him. So, hope he is happy.

So, how long have I know him? Its pretty long, I knew him even before I met him. My mom use to look after his nieces and they will always tell me of their Hong Hong Suk Suk (Uncle Hong) and then till one fine day, we met in MBS.

We've been in the same class till Form 3 until I refuse to be ruled by the power of Mrs. Ramani ( I didn't take English Literature). Its a good thing though as I don't have to line up two by two at KLPAC and sits on the floor and not mentioning have to bathe and brush teeth before leaving. *sorry* (This is so Kok Hong-ish)

So that is the history of our scandal, may more scandal to come. Hope to see you this year end.

Wednesday, 12 September 2007

Thank You

Thank you Kevin Tan Teck Meng for the header. Eventhough you so busy preparing for your "STPM" ( hand gesture) I am able to force you to make me one. So this short short post is for you. Haha actually dunno what to post that's why. Haha. More donations in the future is warmly welcomed. Make more headers so that I can switch according to occasions. Sorry for being greedy.

Monday, 10 September 2007

Joyride Through The Toll

Its the celebration of the Fat's birthday. Its very fattening indeed, but I will come to that part later. So at around 10 something-ish (according to Sam) on Saturday, Sam and Kevin came to pick me up at my house and we headed to Zhi Wei's to pick him up. Then we travel all the way to Damansara Sierramas for Khai Xiang.

We lost our way there, and we almost ended up in Genting. But at last we managed reach and play with Khai Xiang's bitch and envying all the houses (mansions) there..."drooling" then we went to Damansara Uptown for Hokkien Mee, Loh Mee and Pork Soup. This is the fattening part. Haha. And Sam's at last got to open his present, and this was how he looks like.

Then after that we send Khai Xiang home, and we pass by this toll and we saw this sign.

And very obvious the collector did none of the above which later made us came up with this brilliant idea on how to travel for free. Since, they don't do the things that they want us to remind them, so we shall do this.

So we also don't need to pay any toll if we have this sign on our car. Haha. But at last Wei Sam did ask the Kak to smile and she did smile and said Terima Kasih. She must be very grateful that someone actually joke with her on that boring night.

Thursday, 6 September 2007

Happy Birthday Fatty!!!

Today is Wei Sam the fat's birthday. Its the month of September and a lot of people is having birthday including me. This is all must be because our parents were too happy during X'mas and New Year of 1987 that 9 months later, then we were born.

So gonna dedicate this post to the ever lovely and cute Wei Sam. Imagine the wobbling stomach. Muahaha.

So this is what we got from him. And this present is not easy to come around. Believe me on how much "obstacles" I have to go through. For the moment this picture will be blackened until Wei Sam get his present.


Wednesday, 5 September 2007

Smells Fishy 3

Back to my Aquaria story. Nothing much extraordinary there except for the people there have nothing else better to do, they display this wall in a frame. But look closely there's something there. Can you see it?

And then there's this monkey which is super duper adorable. Everytime I stomped my feet on the ground he will starts to look around for the sound. By the way, he is the size of your palm.

Not to forget is this display. You can see from here that Aquaria is trying to integrate some local culture fable story into the exhibition. I present you... Legenda Ikan Duyung ( to be read as G instead of J for the word Legenda)

Then we headed over to the ocean tunnel and I came across this sign. See what I'm trying to tell? If u can't, then recall this Gwen Stefani post and you will know why she didn't go to Aquaria. But that particular day, they are almost 80% of the total people there. And then out of no where in the tunnel you will hear cloth tearing sound.

In the tunnel you will see tonnes of sharks cam-whoring. So bare with them. At least they are not from the lala species.

And there's this particular shark which is too old, its teeth had all been fallen off. So he is a vegetarian. Namo...

And also the magnificent sting ray. Yum, it reminds me of ikan bakar with cili padi.

This are all the photos which I was manage to save due to my bad camera and the reflection of the glass. Overall Aquaria KLCC is super duper nice if to be compared to Singapore's Underwater World but definitely not as nice as the one in Miyazaki (jealous)

Note of the day (NOD): Read this at someone's blog saying that "It's better to be alone and lonely rather than being around with people who pretend to care for you." Very interesting indeed.

Sunday, 2 September 2007

Smells Fishy 2

As promised, you all know how stupid is the ticketing system in Aquaria? Firstly you have to pay like RM20 to RM30 to get a card which look kinda hi-tech. I was at first kinda thrill to see such technology and thought it will serve some purpose in some sort of machines in the exhibition area.

So I did guessed wrongly. Upon the reaching entrance, you will see a few majestic lrt-lookalike sort of gateway. And then as I was going to insert the card then the guy who had been standing there all along snatch my card and insert it for me. =.= I also expected the card to pop-up after that. Well as you all will have just guess, nothing came out of it.

So the idea is, I bought a hi-tech card-ticket to be pass on to an attendant. I don't see the rational here. Better off they take my money at the cashier and shout loudly "Buka pintu!!!" at the attendant to open the door for me. Then we will save tonnes on the cards and save the earth from these harmful non-biodegradable card.

Back to the fishes, there's plenty of fishes that you can't really get in your daily market or dining table. But I bet you wouldn't wanna taste this angel fish. Not really angelic anyway.

Then there's this pre-historic looking crab-alike thingy which is called a belangkas.

A hermit crab. By the way this disgusting creatures were carried out from the pond by Tze Yee. Eww.

But I did my part too. I posed with the starfish. Sadly it doesn't turn me into a superstar.

Then, Tze Yee also say, "I wan, i wan." =.=

Since two star fish is out of the water, the next thing to do is to copulate them. Muax muax. Evil me. But its for the sake of the future generation.

Then we saw Nemo's friend, Dory is the name think. The only Dory I know is those landed on my plate when I'm having fish and chips.

A giant frog which is bigger than Tze Yee's hand.

Then, my favourite. The turtle. Its call the coral turtle I think.

The tracking device for turtle with advertisement on it. Got TV3 and The Body Shop.

And guess what is this? A siamese turtle twins. Not mirror effect.

Stay tuned for more to come... Very tired now. So thanks for reading. Starting from this post, I will have daily notes on things I come across today which is too short to be made into a post.

Note of the Day (NOD):
>I had 3 meals of carbonara spaghetti with cili padi. Yum yum, my own recipe.
>And I just notice that Melaka no longer have a Sultan eventhough it use to be so majestic with the Kesultanan Melayu Melaka. How sad...
My very alive... please bear with me for a little while... I swear I will be back!