Saturday, 15 September 2007

Happy Birthday to Uncle Kok Hong

It's Uncle Wan's birthday, but too bad he is far away in Miyazaki, Japan, but we are sending stuff for him. So, hope he is happy.

So, how long have I know him? Its pretty long, I knew him even before I met him. My mom use to look after his nieces and they will always tell me of their Hong Hong Suk Suk (Uncle Hong) and then till one fine day, we met in MBS.

We've been in the same class till Form 3 until I refuse to be ruled by the power of Mrs. Ramani ( I didn't take English Literature). Its a good thing though as I don't have to line up two by two at KLPAC and sits on the floor and not mentioning have to bathe and brush teeth before leaving. *sorry* (This is so Kok Hong-ish)

So that is the history of our scandal, may more scandal to come. Hope to see you this year end.

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