Saturday, 22 September 2007

Happy Birthday To Me

Its 22nd September 2007, its my 19th birthday ( Shu Wei's also). But this post is totally on me. Never really fancy birthdays. To me nothing is more important other than the real blessing and the gratefulness of being alive. But nevertheless I wanna say thank you to all.

So what did I learnt for the past year? There are so many things that had happen since my last birthday. But I can only summarise the things I learnt into one word, "balance". This is the most important factor to me and I'm trying to instill it into all the aspect of my life. Let it be studies, friendships, working, family, having fun and also hopefully love in sometime not too soon.

I learnt that if you can strike a balance in anything you do, as in not doing it too much or too little, it will brings you what you want. Maybe you can't see the picture here, but when you are in it, you might understand it. In everything, when there too much or too little of something, it will normally turns out to be bad, just like cooking.

But this doesn't apply to one thing, which is pursuing your dreams, if you are lazy just admit it, don't use "balance" as an excuse. Haha. So that's all I have to say and remind myself. Lastly, Happy Birthday To Me. And I dedicate this song to myself by the title Happy Birthday To Me. Sorry no translation provided.

To be continued.... ( gratitude to the people who wished me on my birthday)

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