Wednesday, 5 September 2007

Smells Fishy 3

Back to my Aquaria story. Nothing much extraordinary there except for the people there have nothing else better to do, they display this wall in a frame. But look closely there's something there. Can you see it?

And then there's this monkey which is super duper adorable. Everytime I stomped my feet on the ground he will starts to look around for the sound. By the way, he is the size of your palm.

Not to forget is this display. You can see from here that Aquaria is trying to integrate some local culture fable story into the exhibition. I present you... Legenda Ikan Duyung ( to be read as G instead of J for the word Legenda)

Then we headed over to the ocean tunnel and I came across this sign. See what I'm trying to tell? If u can't, then recall this Gwen Stefani post and you will know why she didn't go to Aquaria. But that particular day, they are almost 80% of the total people there. And then out of no where in the tunnel you will hear cloth tearing sound.

In the tunnel you will see tonnes of sharks cam-whoring. So bare with them. At least they are not from the lala species.

And there's this particular shark which is too old, its teeth had all been fallen off. So he is a vegetarian. Namo...

And also the magnificent sting ray. Yum, it reminds me of ikan bakar with cili padi.

This are all the photos which I was manage to save due to my bad camera and the reflection of the glass. Overall Aquaria KLCC is super duper nice if to be compared to Singapore's Underwater World but definitely not as nice as the one in Miyazaki (jealous)

Note of the day (NOD): Read this at someone's blog saying that "It's better to be alone and lonely rather than being around with people who pretend to care for you." Very interesting indeed.


kokhong said...

miyajima la.. haha...
i tell you.. this is consider the lower class one lor..haha... got a lot more even better.. i didnt go only..haha
i think aquaria even better than miyajima in terms of the design all...
eh... i thought mannequins not supposed to have realistic heads?... according to law.. I THINK...

Kenny Choo said...

Haha what kinda design u refering to? Don't tell the one u went is jus like an aquarium shop? Haha. Says who mannequins not suppose to have heads on? Then those cheap stalls will be sued bankrupt lo, all no money to buy those expensive headless one. Haha

My very alive... please bear with me for a little while... I swear I will be back!