Thursday, 27 September 2007


Here I would like to say thanks to all as you all put your hearts into my birthday. Firstly according to chronological order, I would like to thanks the colleague in OCBC mainly, Jason, Enew, Lei Pik, Chu Yang, YC, Zhi Wei, San Sian, Shiao Yian, Li Sze, Shu Wei, Yen Jin, Hon Loon, Cat Miao, Lai Mun, Shawn and who else ark?

Thanks for the party in KFC, card and cake eventhough the cake is shared with 5 people who is having their birthday in September especially Shu Wei who is the same year, month and day with me. And she knows Richard... but not the point.

Happy birthday to the rest too.

Next on, is definitely the Mang Liuz, eventhough not all can make it but those that came and those that tries to come.

Attendees are Kelly, Kah Fai, Siew Wui, Jess Lean, Jeffrey and Yang Guo.

Thanks for the lovely night in Itallianese and Laundry Bar. Loving the margarita tower. Kelly and Guo missed it. I drank so much that I wanna puke... but unable to. And Fisherman's Friend really works.

Thanks to Sam who drove to my house after a very busy dinner to mamak with me but turned down by me due to tiredness. Sorry man. I will repay.

And last but not to least, sorry lo, you two is the last cause we celebrated on Sunday. But it was super duper fun.

Thanks to Hao Ran and Eang Bee for the Pavilion KL tour and the nice movie and lunch in Times Square. And Hairspray is SUPERB by the way.

Not to forget thanks to the wishes in my friendster, blog, and sms. And all the presents, THANKS to Zhi Wei and Sam for the Nike Mp3 armstrap, Jason for the decorative items, Eang Bee and Hao Ran's ties (very nice), Tze Yee's 2 pillow for my car, Enew's pillow for my chair (3 pillows in total), Shu Wei and Shiao Yan's cow cow mug and Radin's cup and almost forgotten Kok Hong's Mentos, Kit Kat and postcard all the way from Japan. Anything you guys prepared, I'm truly very happy especially those take the time to think and write something for me. THANKS!!!

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