Monday, 1 October 2007

Happy Birthday to 2 Mang Liuz Guys

Happy birthday to Ng Kah Fai and Gavin Liu Zun Xian. To make it more special I dedicate this post to the both of you ( actually lazy to edit pic and type two) Haha don't hate me. I love you guys both. So no need to fight over this.

To Kah Fai wish you good luck in whatever you do in you future and be with the one you want. ^^

To Zun (Ga*vin) hope you will be forever happy with your gal gal and happy for whatever is installed for your future. And always be our superstar. (Btw if you noticed that he is familiar, he is 2007 Project Superstar Finalist= bangga) :P

As per request by the hot photographer herself, this picture was taken by our forever lovely Kelly Chong. Lolz.
So, friends forever and Murni soon. Miss the food already. But must diet cause sit too much in the office.

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