Wednesday, 3 October 2007

Greatest Deal You Can Ever Get.

I just like online deals, so might seems to good to be true, but if you tested it out, then it's perfectly fine. One of the latest is this:

KFC's vouchers. Our lovely neighbourhood heart warming, chicken frying, stomach filling restaurant is giving out free vouchers.

Just copy this down and print it out.

But don't try to photocopy it and distribute it. Only printed copies are acceptable.

Courtesy of KFC e-Craving

Next on, let me present you something even better. Want to get buy 1 free 1 voucher from Sushi King up to an unlimited order?

Or free chicken from Nando's?

50% off all item up to a bill of RM200 in Giordano?

All this vouchers is courtesy of It's with a small price tag of RM3.50 for the certain vouchers and RM1 for the rest if I'm not mistaken. Already tested by me. Before using always read the terms and conditions. Happy spending then...

P/S: Remember to tell me how well it goes.

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