Thursday, 11 October 2007

Robinson's Datuk

Last two weeks, my company sent me over to the new mall, The Gardens Mid Valley to be station there as an officer to verified cards in the new Singapore based departmental "boutique" (5 star la kononnya), Robinsons. Living up to it's reputation and number of stars the place is considered freaking expensive for a departmental store.

Imagine lying on this bed which cost RM20k and note that the models are not included. WTF? Its the price of my car already not to mention the clothes there, nothing less than rm300? A normal dress which Cat fell in love with is around RM1k.

Was tonnes of fun working there, met new people and all. See how all the "high nosed" people shopped. They are like buying stuff at Giant or Tesco but with the price tag which its 100x. I wonder where all these rich people come from. They maybe didn't exist in the 90's when Robinson's was actually opened in KL once then, but closed down due to excessive killing of flies (means no business in Chinese terms).

But I have not get to the best part yet, was happying trying all the expensive perfume and all, rubbing shoulders with the VVIP, served with cuisine and meeting Bernie Chan (alot pimple holes like me) and also checking out the real person manequins. (Darn rich until hire real people as manequins)

So was about to go home, then came this Datuk XXX creating a huge havoc, and the conversation is as follow:

Datuk XXX: What is this? Do you know who am I? I'm a VVIP here, a classy person. Yet you tell me you can make my this pant's button hole slightly bigger?
Manager 1: Oh isit so?

Datuk XXX: Yeah, your cashier said so. I'm so not satisfied with this kinda service. This is a five star departmental store.
Manager 2: We are so sorry. I was just informed that the tailored just went home. (10pm)

Datuk XXX: WENT HOME? What is this? Today is your first day opening, yet you telling me that you never paid your tailor to work overtime?
Manager 1: We are so so sorry. Is there anything we can do to satisfy you?

Datuk XXX: I dunno, I'm just very angry now, I was invited here by your Datuk and I spend money here. Yet not you giving me all these nonsense. You think I'm here just to eat your rubbish food? I'm a classy guy ok? Look at this (the wallet which he took out 10X in the real conversation). Tell me what bank do you want? Citibank? OCBC? Hong Leong? CIMB? ETC? All these cards are with a limit of 500K each (WTF? He got like 20 in his wallet and he claimed that he had another wallet full at home). Tell me know what you want? I can buy you a Benz now.
Manager 3: We are so sorry to trouble you. What if....?

Datuk XXX: What if what?...... Bla bla bla. the scolding continues until the whole Level 2 is filled with the music he sang.

Interuption: At the moment, I was so eager to go home, as my work there are done, but I cant. If I were to leave I have to pass in front of him. ME REALLY GETTING FURIOS.

At last the story end with he tearing the PLATINUM and TITANIUM (King of all cards) and threw at the manager. At last to be found out that he is a good friend to the Datuk who owns my bank, OCBC and also Robinsons. GG to the managers. And I can lastly go home. But come to think of it, the Datuk who scolds was right, cause the service there doesn't match up to the prices. Haha.

Disclaimer: This storey was half fictional due to the fact I can't show the magnitude of the conversation here. Its last for 30 minutes. I'm too tired to type all here. But believe me it was about 3X the magnitude of those Datuk who scolds people in the drama. Very dramatic indeed. You want the real thing with actions, I will act it out during yum cha. Lolz

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