Friday, 5 October 2007

Whatever Is Coming to Kuala Lumpur and Not To Mention Anything Also By The Way

No idea what crap am I crapping about? Have ever get irritated when you ask someone what to eat or drink and the answer they kindly responded sounds something like, "anything" and "whatever"? So what is anything and whatever? Can you get it in the market?

But the truth is you can. Whatever and Anything are here in KL at last. If you ever notice the post on ALL the stuff I brought back from Singapore, there's a can of Anything and Whatever. It's the latest beverage in Singapore. I was supposed to blog on that but got lazy and forgot about it.

But today when I switched on the news, I was thrilled that they are here at last. Its 100% made in Singapore which is the downfall, but it taste fantastic. But come to think again, how can someone put anything and whatever in a can?

So out of curiosity, I checked the ingredients. Walao, this is the list:
Whatever (Non-carbonated) : Tea (Iced Lemon, Peach, White Grape, Jasmine, Apple and Chrysanthenum)
Anything (Carbonated): Coca-cola, Lemon Fizz, Apple Fizz and Root Beer

Huh? Like that also can? So they should pay me copyrights because I created Anything when I was in Standard 1 when visiting Burger King. I mix up all the free flow soft drinks there. Lolz.

You can visit their interesting website here. I personally prefer Whatever cause its non-carbonated and I'm learning to be ignorant. So Whatever lah. Get your self one soon.
P/S: They should have paid me as their ambassador in Malaysia.

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