Saturday, 7 July 2007


You guys mus be wondering what the hell am I talking about. It's a coincidence that when I went to Singapore it is the clashing of GSS and GST rise. Singapore is having its annual Great Singapore Sales (GSS) and at the same time they are increasing their Goods and Services Tax (GST) from 5% to 7%.

GST is charge on all item and services sold in Singapore. How sad? Luckily we have not implement it here yet. So nice that when the time i reached they are about to change the GST to 7%, so I'm in time to make a last minute shopping.

So without wasting any of my precious time in Singapore, I rush to Orchard road to do my business. 1st stop is Takashimaya. A huge Japanese shopping centre. There I got myself a black Nike shirt for only half the price.

At the same place I also got a surf pants also for half the price. Along Orchard road there almost a dozen shopping complexes all the size of The Curve at least. In Baleno I bought two shorts as I've been looking for shorts.

And then come the most interesting shop, Nike. Nike in Singapore is really on sale everything is really 30% off and above. So I manage to get a white shirt and a white shorts. Its was damn cheap even if you convert it back to RM.

But kinda sad for Wei Sam, because Ralph Lauren is not really that cheap in Singapore.

There's really something for everyone, even the smokers. This stall in Orchard really attracts me. It's a campaign on anti-smoking. Instead of showing the prices for the goods, they price their goods according to the number of boxes of cigarettes.

So for those guys smoking out there, u might just get yourself a Apple laptop.

And the girls out there, those Tiffany and Co. is just within your reach.

Then I also went to the G2000 in Atrium and bought this two shirts for only S$49. What a great deal.

And how can you go to Singapore without buying gadgets? So this Creative Zen Neeon 2 is only 2 for S$300. So I took one and my sister took the other one.

I also went to the largest open air shopping place in Singapore, the Bugis Village. Its just like Petaling Street just that it is cleaner and have air conditioning in certain area.

Not to be miss is to buy souvenir. When to the Japanese shop in Plaza Singapura and Korean shop in Novena. Bought lotsa Japanese and Korean food. Those condoms are bought from Lucky Plaza at Orchard. The cheap f***er is for Sam, the camo is for Jervis, the Smallest of all is for Jeffrey and the last one is for myself.

And so this is all the stuff I brought back from Singapore. Things in Singapore kinda weird in some ways. You might find branded goods cheaper there but the cheap stuff is much more cheaper in Malaysia. So you really gotta bring along a calculator while shopping in Singapore.

Its very tempting to see small digits on the price tags but after converting, some goods are juz not worth it. Read on to see where have I visited in Singapore.

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