Thursday, 12 July 2007

Shopping in a Hospital and NUS

The hospital my sister working in is really nice. Tan Tock Seng Hospital is not your normal hospital.Its so cool it have retail shops in it and shops like Starbucks. And my sister have discount there as staff.

The best thing is that it is link to Novena Square, a large shopping centre. Its even handicap friendly. So you might just see a man in his death bed in Novena Square doing some last minute shopping.

Novena Square is like any other mall in Singapore. Its has a California Fitness Center as well. So Jeffrey, interested? Chicks there are awesome as well.

On that day, there's the event of shaving head bald for charity. There's about 500 participant. And even some of them are chicks. Awesome. That is before the shave bald. But its for a good course, even head worth S$2000. By who I have no idea.

Then I went for lunch at this one of a kind fast food restaurant. Where you cook your own food with the instructions given.

From there I head to NUS. That place was freaking big that I lost in it.

Failed to find the school for architecture.

But this will be the dream place for Mr. and Mrs. Tan in the future.

On the last night in Singapore, I went to the Changi Airport. You all must be wondering what the hell I'm doing there? I also dunno.

From Terminal 2 I took a train to Terminal 1 which have a better viewing deck.

And then there's this large globe which made out of coins of different country donated by the visitor there.

That's the last place I'd been before I board this luxurious bus the next day. This bus is almost like the sit you can get in MAS. Of course it comes with a more expensive price of S$20. I was managed to catch all the movies I missed during exams. So good I almost forgot to tell the driver I was suppose to get down somewhere and not in Puduraya.

Read on people.

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