Wednesday, 11 July 2007

Asian is Civilised?

As geek like me, visiting boring places in Singapore shouldn't be something special. But the perspective of museums and hospitals in Singapore just took me far off from the stereotypes.

One of the great museum I've been to in Singapore is the Asian Civilization Museum. Even though its freaking expensive to enter (S$8) around RM17, but its worth every penny. Tonnes of items on the Asian civilization is on display.

1st on the list there's this freaking monk statue that seems to be asking money from me.

Then there's display on the old currency. You can even see those chops use by the loan sharks in the old days

This model shows how Chinese in Singapore use to mamak in the old days.

Even the so called Buddha's footstep is on display. How weird the shape of His foot.

Its kinda eerie in the museum even though its a new building. Cause its a weekdays and Singaporeans is not really museum fans. And with the presence of such Ghost festival statue, the situation got worse.

And then they have in black colour as well. Its as black as my face when I got my A-levels results.

One thing I notice, ancient statue have weird private parts and genitals. Like this statue, can you see something is missing?

And how about this enlarge boobs? So gals out there, this ideal cups is not that difficult to obtain. Am I right Kelly?

There's really something for everyone. Even a Chan Chan Chan for Sai Meng.

There's the Thai masks.

The Chinese Emperor Robe

And they even have good ways to cover up the malfunction of the machine. What an excuse?

And also who says that everything in Singapore is well maintained?

The museum really spends a lot on gadgets. Everywhere there this machine with different people from different parts of Asia to greet you. Its kinda irritating and scary when the museum is really EMPTY.

That's all for now. Damn tired after long day of gyming.


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