Thursday, 12 July 2007

Muzium Negara Singapura

Its true that its a colonial building that have a Malay Language sign outside of it. Its kinda a rare sign in Singapore. The architecture is marvelous and once again Singapore is freaking rich. Come on, its just a museum. The National Museum Of Singapore.

At least the staff working there is friendly enough. So friendly that I manage to get a student price of S$5 eventhough I didn't bring my student pass. Hopefully she dun get caught soon enough for disloyalty to the country.

The place freaking nice, they even have a gadget strap on you and it will automatically brief you as you walk along. Good thing for lazy reader like me.

This rubber duck is on display just because of the fact that it wont 1 million dollar in the duck race.

There's plenty of stuff there. All kinda interesting but not all are allowed to be photograph. But this funeral cart is an exception. Wonder what the hell is it placed in a museum. Maybe someone did use it before this.

Then to those who have interest on smoking, why don't try opium? There's all the old canister for opium on display.

They even have the chair for it. How cosy.

This is a life size model of a Chinese street. Kinda unfair to the fact that very little about Malaysia is mention in the museum and it's all revolves around the Chinese only. What to do, Chinese are majority in Singapore.

The display on revolution of product is kinda funny. Do believe that this TV is produced in the 70's?

Even the toilet of the museum is freaking awesome. Its equivalent to the one u can get by paying RM2 in KLCC. But one thing that get me irritated is that the toilet taps in Singapore is all worked by sensor which i normally can't get it to work. Just be cheap and get the normal taps.

They have long mirror which tempted me to do this. But the best thing about Singapore's toilet is you can drink the water from the tap. Well its Newater. I did fill my tumbler up plenty of times there. Try doing that here in Kuala Lumpur.

The best thing is there's a bar and a restaurant in the museum. And Zhi Wei, you are right people nowadays are addicted to Muse.

Along the journey between the museum I'd been to, I saw plenty of interesting things. One of it is the Cineleisure. Its an old cinema building but now renovated and combined with a high tech shopping mall.

There's all the cool building used by the British which is now the court house.

This bridge still not opens to cattle and horses?

And what the hell is that? A UFO on top of a building? Its a government department building if I'm not mistaken. You can see it in this funny clip We Live in Singapura.

The Fullerton Hotel. Hopefully I will stay here the next time I go Singapore.

Random pictures of the jungle of sky scrapers there. But I do prefer the one we have in Kuala Lumpur.

I'd also even been to Penang. How nice? Its just next to Orchard Road.

Next on the post will be my visit to Tan Tock Seng Hospital (TTSH) and National University of Singapore (NUS)


YukiRye said...

Pretty cool. Planning to be an adventurer? Well... If I have the time and money, I would go on travelling around to the museum and stuff. At times, travel alone or with just a companion is the best. Of course with someone is better; not so boring but with too many people, at times it would be a hassle. Hahaha...

Kenny Choo said...

Haha i learnt my lesson pretty well. Being an organiser for to failed trip. What u say is VERY true. Haha

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