Friday, 6 July 2007

Journey to the South

To those that are waiting to know what I've done in Singapore... Here it is.

Well, I woke up at 6 that day, after sleeping 3 hours thanks to Jervis and Sam coming over to mahjong in my house. After they left at like 2am and Jervis kidnapped my Mahjong set, then only I'd start to pack. Panicking to find all my stuff. Packing for a 6 days vacation is not easy after all.

So to cut the story short, I reached Puduraya Station at around 8am since my bus is leaving at 9.30. Its good to be early. To kill time, I took out Jervis's Da Vinci Code and Hao Ran's MP3 player to entertain myself.

So its only me and my stuff waiting at Platform 21. Not to mention that Puduraya can be blardy hot in there. I was sweating like a pig.

Then out of a sudden, I saw to familiar faces. Its Pui Jen and Weng Fai. What the hell are they doing here? Well, I actually expected them... they are leaving the same day to Malacca which I'm not able to go to. Sobs...

So when its about 9.30 I board the bus and say my farewell to the bunch of people going to Malacca. How unfair, but I'm going oversea. Haha... I mean overstraits.

The bus journey was not that bored, able to finish half of the Da Vinci Code and finished 5 out of 6 Dunkin Donuts which i bought. Then at around 1pm i reached Johor. My birthplace! It has change quite a lot. Not that i can remember much since i left that place when i was 5 years old.

Then it was time to get my first souvenir. To get my passport chopped.

It's very interesting to see the difference between the two country which is only separated by a straits which is 30 seconds of journey.

At last I reached Golden Mile Plaza. This is the place where all the buses from Malaysia will stop in Singapore. While waiting for my sister, I went in for a walk. Then a cold chill struck me. Does my bus just went north and I just landed in Thailand? The whole plaza i filled with Thais and all the shops sell Thai stuff. This is really Little Thailand in Singapore.

So read on to see where I've been in Singapore and what I did.

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