Monday, 9 July 2007

I Got Admitted to the Hospital

Nah, it's not some Trauma dan Kecemasan. Just that the 1st night I went to Singapore I'm no longer a virgin anymore. Yeap, you heard me correctly, I'm not a virgin anymore. But I gotta start my story starting from where I'd been that evening

So, that lovely evening, I took the MRT and went to the city hall. Then I walked all the way to the Merlion Park. And saw that big lion stuck with the fish tail. Well, it wasnt as grand as I thought it will be.

Then saw the popular durian of Singapore, the Esplanade, It looks kinda different from below.

Singapore even have a big bird. Its a black and fat bird by UOB Bank.

Then, I stroll around Boat Quay. Its the place where all the guai lous hang out and dine.

The architecture there is marvelous.

Singapore is seriously damn rich. Even their small museum is so nice and beside the river. Well, I did went in to that museum. It will be on my next post.

Then, there's this bridge at the Singapore river.

And this guy which is suppose to be someone who wrote about Singapore. U can see they really spend a lot for just one sign. Wonder when will Kuala Lumpur do one of this for me.

This towkays are still doing business late at night.

The tunnel to link Merlion Park and Boat Quay. How futuristic.

The best thing of all, I went into a 5 star hotel there to take a leak. How nice. The Fullerton Hotel. The even have a large Koi pond in the hotel.

This is not the outside of the hotel but the inside. How nice? The balcony is facing inwards into the hotel.

Then at last i reached my main destination. Clark Quay. The place where all the clubs are situated.

Even the signboard and map there is funny. Singaporeans have good sense of taste and blardy rich.

The place is damn cool. But you shall expect a terrorist attack at Clark Quay as the people will smoke outside. Because clubs in Singapore are smoke free. But the goverment is smart enough to install fans at the poles. Cool fans. See those holes?

So now its the time I go to the place I lost my virginity. And what does it have to do with hospital? It's The Clinic. I had my 1st clubbing experience there. They literally cut me open there.

Its a happening place eventhough its a weekday. I paid s$15 to enter and got a free drink. They actually checked my passport. How strict. But kinda unfair that chicks got to get in free yet got two drinks free. And no camera allowed in there. So all the pics were took illegally.

Then let all the dancing to the works. It was retro night. So all the old school song yet they mixed it with up to date song like Gwen, Fergie and all.

The place was really well themed up. Everything there have to do with the Medical field. No wonder my sister and her nursing friends like to hang out there.

Don't they get sick with their work? Even happy hours they gonna see all this.

Some fella have wat dan horr before going clubbing. So people out there. Don't wat dan horr and club. Jeffrey, isn't that your favourite food?

The drinks was even served in dripping bags.

I wonder do they have Bloody Mary? For Virgin Mary they get it from 1st timer like me.

Then there's those hospital divider use to create some privacy at the outdoor sitting.

It was truly a great night. We all had fun.

The next day morning, I went to this Japanese Buffet for lunch.

OMFG, its only S$18 and you get such nice Japanese buffet. Its price is like equivalent to 6 plates of mee goreng. Compared to Malaysia's 30 plates.

Look how nice it was. Too busy eating, so nothing much on the food. Sorry.

So that's all for now. 4 am already. Read more on my adventure in Singapore.


YukiRye said...

wow.... Cool lunch ya have there. Hehehe.. And the club is definately cool. I like that theme. Hehehe...

Kenny said...

Haha too bad they doesnt have one with anime character in it. Haha mayb we can open one here in Msia. Watcha doin lately?

YukiRye said...

Haha... There is no need one with anime character. Just a unique themed bar or club would be the best. You get me the money, I'll try my best to open one in M'sia. Keke... Well... Nothing much but online and gaming and pondering around for major courses. Darn...

My very alive... please bear with me for a little while... I swear I will be back!