Tuesday, 31 July 2007

Kenny Simpson

Went to watch The Simpsons Movie today in Mid Valley. It was awesome. I laughed through out the whole movie. Its like damn fun as the whole cinema really laugh at the same time and non stop.

Gonna tell you some synopsis of the movie. So you guys that are going to watch it, I advise you not to read on, just browse the pictures. This are for those who are faraway, especially Japan which most probably have to wait till next next month until they translate it into Do Simsono Movio. So the movie revolves around the Simpsons family crazy acts until Homer brought home a pig that he like so much until he built a silo to store the pig's poo. Desperate to find a place to dispose, he just settle it in the Springfield Lake and cause high radioactive and toxic pollution. Did I mention that his own crap also filled half of the silo? What a big piece of crap?

So the EPA (some environmental organisation) suggested to the President to put a large glass dome over Springfield and they will eventually wipe out Springfield from the map and the history. And definitely the whole city is furious with Homer. So what else will happen? Will they be safe in the dome? Will any of them survive? Haha you just gotta watch it yourself. But as all super hero movie, the leads will always save the day.

At the meantime, visit The Simpsons Movie website. Its pretty cool and fun. I created a character out of me. Well a typical Chinese Asian character. Wonder will I be casting for the next movie?

And then I created a cooler version. There's plenty of games there. So enjoy guys.

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Keep up the good work.

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