Saturday, 21 July 2007


Today when I was driving, I came across this news about this popular Chinese Muar Rapper on Youtube being sue for disgracing the country on the radio. He created a music video clip using the national anthem, Negaraku. Frankly speaking, it's much more convincing and looks better than our Visit Malaysia Year Promo Commercials. I know its kinda racist and harmful. But it is the truth. So watch it and tell me what do you think?

And this are his older clips about Malaysia as well. Gotta say its a good arrangement for our national anthem. Maybe it should be use for our 50th National Day.

Gotta say it is damn funny. Those than having a hard time to understand Mandarin. Try to find someone to translate it for you. This is the second part of it.

And for you guys, this is the transcript from Mr. Brown.


Let me say this first
That I wrote this song just for fun
Don't get pissed off if you wanna listen to it

I'm a Hainanese boy
I speak six languages
Don't say that we Hainanese
Only know how to cook chicken rice !
Our coffee is so good, after downing a cup
I can even sing !

This song, I sing for all my friends
This song, I sing for all my friends
This song, I sing for all my friends

Friends in KL, let me tell you
Don't be too arrogant
What I'm saying now is straight from the heart

I learned Cantonese
Not because I'm submitting to you
But just to communicate
We are not morons
Malaysian Chinese
Are mostly Hokkien folk
But strangely, Cantonese dominates everything !
I don't normally give a f*** about these weird things
But why don't they use Mandarin on TV and radio ?

There are many kinds of Chinese
This is not Hong Kong !
Why is everything in Cantonese ?
Don't you have any respect ?
I'm learning it slowly
That is called "class"
I'm adapting to it slowly
Cos I know what's right

If it's too tough on you to listen to me
It's okay
Let me give you a phrase in Teochew :
F*** Your Mother

Na na na na ... ...

Singapore, became independent in 1965
But after independence
There were many problems
We speak the same languages
Even the same vulgarities
But when your Gahmen gives an order
You can't do anything about it !

My impression of Singapore
Is Uniformity
Cos your buildings
All look the same
This kind of planning
Is downright communist
Lee Kuan Yew and Mao Zedong
Are in fact buddies !

Weighs heavily on your shoulders
National development
Triumphed over development of independent thought
You guys are too kiasi
And too kiasu
Your kids have their paths laid out nicely by the Gahmen
When they come to Malaysia
They think it's so ulu !
Aiyah, even if we live in trees
We take elevators up our trees !

You walk on broad roads
And avoid small alleys
You even have to come to our country
To spit out your chewing gum !

Little boy - I think you don't even know how to cross roads
There are few zebra crossings here
But we know how to cope !

Na na na na ... ...

OK, it's the Bumis' turn now ...

Say that shit again :
"Chinese Go Back To China !"
If we all do go back
This ain't Malaysia no more
I worry about how you'll find jobs
But, hey that's okay !
Cos Bumis don't like to work !

All of you can go back into the jungle
And live like the aboriginals
Even if you want to goof off and strum guitars
There'll be no shops to sell them to you !
Even if you want to be Mat Rempit (motocycle gangs)
There'll be no bikes for sale !
And one less public holiday for you
Chinese New Year !

Stop bitching already
Kids - Open up your minds
This country does not depend on one race alone
"Chinese Pig" ?
Stop saying shit like that lah
But to be frank
Bak kut teh is actually quite nice !

My Bahasa is bad as shit
But this is truly how I feel
50 years have passed already
Stop sleeping all the time !
Look ahead lah
It's gonna be 2020 soon !

Na na na na ... ...

We are friends
But we are making mistakes
Cos if I don't understand you
You don't understand me
We are friends
But we are making mistakes
If we solve this problem
Everything will be free


After listening to all this and reading the news about him going to be sue, really wonders me where is the freedom of speech. But I bet if this is in Singapore, he will be in jail by now. Many bloggers and vloggers are placed behind bars for posting sensitive issues. So am I one of them? Don't sue me, I have no money.


Umiman said...

Malaysia was never a free country. We don't even have a constitution of basic human rights.

Kenny Choo said...

Ohwkay. I think im in deep trouble now.

My very alive... please bear with me for a little while... I swear I will be back!