Thursday, 31 January 2008

Scandalous Life... Not mine of course

Aiseh don't understand how come nowadays all the politicians and celebrities likes to be involved in all kinds of scandals. Let's see... We got our very own Chua Soi Lek, the health minister of Malaysia, then my most unbelievable High School Musical chick, Vannesa Hudgens' naughty pic and now jeng jeng jeng.

Edison Chen with Gillian Chung (Twins). Nah it's actually from xiaxue's blog. Me no likey to post about things that have been blogged by other blogger. But it's too juicy not to share with you guys. So go find it with this LINK, to make your lives and mine easier.

Hint: If you are a good web surfer, this is the things you are able to search out from there:
1) Gillian's *ahem* (bushy)
2) Edison's *ahem* (err... small)
3) Cecilia's *ahem* (bushy)
3) Chua Soi Lek's full video (GENG!)
4) Many more HK celeb's real and photoshoped *ahem*s (fakes?)

Don't ask me how cause I'm not gonna be responsible for any obscene act that you will be doing that your mum will accuse me for teaching you.


Alamak! CNY is around the corner yet I haven't bought any new clothes yet. And the most important one is I haven't got myself a red underwear for gambling. Lolz.

Really can't make it as there's not much sales around. What happen to the Malaysian economy? Must be all the blardy rich clothings company gang-ed up and agreed not to do charity to poor people like me.

So sien because I can't spend till I drop my pants.
~The scandalous,~
~The scandalous, scandalous~
~By the Scandalous, oh the flossy flossy~

Wednesday, 30 January 2008

Bangkok 2007- Day 3 (MRT Train and Suan Lum Night Bazaar)

Do you know what time is it? It's the Bangkok Travel show again. Too long winded? No fuss gonna end soon then I can post on the long awaited Northern Malaysia post. Some say I went to alot of places in just 4 days. Alot meh? Should have been to more but too good already this time. If my financial allows me, I might go there again exploring the different side of Bangkok. ^^

So on the night of the 3rd day, I at last manage to ride the Bangkok MRT. They have two rail system in the city one is the Skytrain and one is the MRT. Most of the MRT are underground. The MRT are much more clean and hi-tech the one you can get in Singapore. But the ticketing system is weird. Not even called a ticket actually.

It's a token actually. Just like the one in the Damansara Cineleisure parking. A plastic token which will be easily lost and roll around on the floor. Well it did happen once before. Luckily able to secure it or else... Phew...

The train is just normal and no TV screen le. No ang moh also. And then we took the MRT to Lumphini Station for the Suan Lum Night Bazaar.

It's a very clean and high class night market. Something which is just nice to see but not nice too touch le.

They have very nice open-air-conditioned place. =.= How environmental friendly.

They sell overcharged souvenir.

And branded-priced decorative items.

Expensive breads which is not edible. It's plastics.

And non-toxic plastic fruits.

Inside it has all this bars and restaurants. This particular one has royal puppet show as well. Too expensive to dine in there.

They also have this extremely huge non-stop flowing Heineken. It's soap foam le and the content is suspect is from the gents and will logically explains the foam.

The place is easily spotted with this tall pole that you can see from far. So that's all for now regarding the trip. More to come on day 4.


On another important note. Attention all Mang Liuz people be inform that we are having our reunion and farewell dinner in conjunction of CNY and Jess's blah on the 2nd of Feb 2008. All are compulsory to attend or else... err haven't decide what to those ffkers... but will have one la. So must come.

We will be having steamboat and 1 litre of Limited Edition Absolut Disco Vodka courtesy of Kenny Choo and No need to say thank you. Just drop by more often. Wahaha

Tuesday, 29 January 2008


It's about time I'm gonna abandon this blog. Once and for all. Too emo to post anything up here!!! GOODBYE!!!

Not! Not been updating the blog is because I was anticipating for this post. It's my Blogie's 100th post. Happy 100th posting anniversary Blogie! Yeah. Since the 1st post I made about the stupid Pilot thingy post and now it's the 100th post. *Claps*

Clap la. My blog very hi-tech one you know. It can sense whether you clap anot. Now clap once and the blog will redirect you to the greatest porn on earth ever!

Okay my mistake, it's not ready yet. Clap three times again and click on the word porn!

This blog really served it's purpose until now and it had been almost half year. Many ups and downs through out this 6 months. Hope to able to blog more and entertain you guys as much as I can.

Well I think that's all I want to say and don't stop clapping until the next post in on.

P/S: I just notice that I've been wasting too much time being sad over things I have no control in and I am really stupid for doing that. So I promise myself to put that aside and be happy. I will be a happy Kenny. *yay*

Friday, 25 January 2008

Bangkok 2007- Day 3 (Elephant Ride, Snake Farm and Rose Garden))

It's time for me to continue my travel log coz I did nothing much today to blog bout it. I'd slacked by waking up late for gym and didn't make it. Blame Hannah for this. Way too tired... Haha. Not easy camwhoring with a celeb ok!

Gonna make this fast as I'm currently continue to watch Death Note after I manage to stop for my A-levels exam. Super f-king addictive. Now I really gotta choose between blogging and Death Note. Haha. So on the 3rd day of my Bangkok trip, we joined the tour which include the Floating Market and the following places. One of it is the Snake Farm.

The snake farm is nothing much to me actually. Never went in as it is not included in the payment for the admission and we are running out of time. But manage to walk around the place.

And saw this cute little crocodile for sale. Dead, real and also very expensive.

Then also got this cobra.

There's also this antiques shop and I found this super old foosball table. Really reminds me of the days in KBU.

Then beside the snake farm there's this two temple. A thai temple...

With very nice details.

And something interesting is this two outside the temple. Haha they are targeting to attract the Chinese and the Indians. Monkey= Chinese Monkey God and elephant= Indian Lord Ganesha (the god with the elephant head). Haha wonder what is for the Malays? Your guess?

Beside it is this very familiar Chinese temple.

The details really look like the ones we have here.

Then we were brought to the Elephant Ride.

Didn't go for it because it's not included and not worth it.

First time for me being so near to a real elephant. *Excited*

Then the last agenda of the tour is the Rose Garden and the cultural show.

The Rose Garden is actually a cultural centre which displays all kind of Thai handicraft and culture and one of it is carving.

A huge Buddha looking at you.

This is also carved from wood. How detail... so wanna own it. *drools*

Then to the cultural show which showcase all kinda occasions and festival traditional Thai people carry out.

The celebration for a young boy going thru his monkhood. A Thai boy need to undergo a period of his life and serve as a monk for a certain of time. It's like NS here except that this is only for the Buddhist.

Then it's the dances from the different part of Thailand. Like this is the Southern region and to me is the Malay Muslim region. See anything familiar? And it's even call the Bu-Nga Dance (Bunga=flower=malay)

The Northern fingernail Dance. Lolz. That is really it's name.

The Vichanee Dance from the Central Region.

And the bamboo dance by the Northeastern region.

And then the rest joins in the dance. Their clothing really shows their religion and weather. Haha the cold northern and Muslim southern need to wear long sleeves.

The finale of the show is this flag dance which actually the singing of the famous song "It's a small world after all" and the dancers holding the international flags. =.= swt. But notice that Singapore flag is missing. And there's like 50% of the visitors there are Singaporeans. Haha so sad. That's all for now, gotta continue with my dae-it-note (the way the japanese read it).

Thursday, 24 January 2008


Haha there's too much happening this few days that I so need to blog and I can't continue with my travel log. Screw it le. I will only blog bout that when I run out of things to blog. Today I went to Mid Valley for gym in the morning. Nothing much other than got ffk by Jeff and I got parking near The Gardens entrance... Not an everyday thing. Definitely a good sign of a good day.

Then at 12 went to Times Square to catch up with Hao Ran and to watch movie. Upon arriving there's this big lion head welcomes me. Super cool man. So big!!!

What's best is the eyes and the ears is constantly moving. Can't really get a pic because it was public holiday and the amount of people there is crazy. Never see lion before meh? So I have to get this picture from The Star to show you all.

Then went to watch movie at GSC but there's not much nice show on and all are almost sold out so we had to watch In The Name of The King which is the adaptation from the game Dungeon Siege.

The movie was cool! But lack of quality in sense of CGI as it appear kinda fake in some shots. But it has nice action and story overall. You can't really go wrong with an English old-kingdom-kinda movie like Stardust and The Golden Compass. But never ever go for a English horror movie. Leave those horror movies to the Asians.

The we head over to Pavilion KL (Per-vi-lion KL and not Pah-vi-lion) to have dinner in Sakae Sushi. Not much pictures on the food as I'm never good in taking food pictures cause once it is serve my brain tells me to eat right away. Only after taking the 1st bite then I notice I should take a picture before that. Nice meal though and we even had desert.

Hao Ran enjoying his white sesame ice cream which taste like the chinese sesame paste that is frozen.

While I had this Wasabi-Honey ice cream. NICE! but be caution cause it do have a hot after taste. Haha.

After dinner we walked around and we saw this mime fella. We are wondering what he is pointing.

It seems to point towards something up there. So as we escalate to the next level we went into this VIP event by Longchamp. We are like =.= so VIP but so open. So we are like, "Are suppose to be here?"

It seems that this branded bag named MG by Longchamp is opening it's store in Pavilion KL. Haha so we also stay on and kepoh la. So many chicks to look at and they didn't chase us away!

Among the attendees are Hannah Tan, Serena C, Carmen Soo, Stephanie Chai, Marion Caunter as the MC and Ning Baizura as the performer for the event. She sang two songs and the Chairman present her with a RM2k bag. =.= Easy money and I guess she get paid as well, just like the rest of the celebs.

Being a celebrity is really an easy money job. You go to events, look around as if you gonna buy something and then you get goodies bag and you get paid. Yea and never ever think that they gonna buy anything cause they have events everynite if they gonna buy 1 stuff from each event they gonna declare bankruptcy the very next month.

Then we bump into Lee Kheng. My senior! She was there too, so we two act expensive and went into the store as she is aiming the goodies bag while I'm aiming all the celebs there. And this is what I got.

Me and Hannah Tan.

Another one via my HP. Of all the days, I never brought my camera along today. Why must celebrities always have the same pose and same look everytime they take pictures? Variation la. Like that, better we take pictures with your life-size cardboard advertisement. Haha and I don't mean you Hannah. You are so kind to take pictures with us.

Then there's this mime who wants to play along. Haha.

On the way out one of the mime gave Lee Kheng a goodies bag but the blardy shop assistant took it back and it seems that it's only for the VIP. OMG she is so rude... too bad I'm not really in good condition today or else I will like. "WTF? We no money meh now? Take the bag down and charge it to my card!" And then throw the card at her like the Robinson Datuk.

Yeah my Standard Chartered Debit MasterCard. *Shine!* Just got it last month and it's super cool. And let me tell you why you should go out and get one now. It's a debit card which can be used in all stores which accept credit cards. And for petrol it will have 7% rebate of your petrol usage. (That's a great deal) No interest and also low minimum annual fees of RM8 which you can easily get back from your petrol rebate. And the best of all the e-savers account that comes with it has super high interest rate up to 3.5% unlike your normal 0.8% savings account. Wahaha Standard Chartered is so gonna owe me big time for doing this for them.

Even the meal in Sakae Sushi is paid using it. Haha my first swipe. So far I only used it for petrol cause lazy wanna top up. But today is considered emergency cause low in cash. So I'm so gonna star in the next MasterCard advertisement replacing Richard Gere.

*Music comes in and jeng jeng jeng*

Petrol for the ever sporty Proton Iswara, RM50

Scrumptious dinner at Sakae Sushi, RM70

Camwhored with Hannah Tan? Priceless

There are some things money can't buy. For everything else, there is Kenny's Standard Chartered Debit MasterCard!

Wednesday, 23 January 2008

My Eyes!!!

Didn't go to gym today... why? Not because I'm lazy. It's because I have a freaking eye infection. And it's not because of porn like what Sam say la. Haih. So I miss today's street 101 class and I broke my own promises to go to gym everyday. Damn you eye infection! Hopefully it will subside tomorrow as alot of things to be done.

It's Thaipusam holiday tomorrow and for the 1st time in history KL has holiday for it. Another of BN scam to win in the next election. How cheap! Maybe it's because it doesn't makes much different to a person who has public holidays everyday minus the crazy crowd. Haha blek.

And public holidays is also a no no to stay at home especially with a mum you are super emo with. So I have plans tomorrow. So gonna go gym but the the carpark is so much expensive on public holidays. Don't care le. And then gonna go watch movie which is also gonna be super expensive. Haih I seriously hate public holidays now. Now only.

So on Monday I went to the Gardens and there's new surprises already.

The bridge connecting Mid Valley and The Gardens is done at last.

So nice! It even has an escalator to be connected by two levels. Hmm which got me wondering... Installing a escalator is cheaper than building a two level bridge or the otherwise?

Then I went to the Borders and I still think Borders is the best among all the atas-bookstores like Times, MPH and Kino. Cause most of the books are not wrapped and they have sofas. And now it is so convenient that I no longer need to take the LRT to Times Sq. There's also a few new shops which I'm so gonna buy stuff from them.

Like this one. It's like an art departmental stall super big inside despite a small entrance.

And then there's my shop. Choo Choo... very funny...

Okla its 4am d. And time to sleep. My comp is almost back to it's normal speed and I just found out the reason why it's slow is because the processor over heated and it's okay once I shut it down for some time. So I can continue with my travel log.

And a preview for the Langkawi post. Wahaha

Tuesday, 22 January 2008

Bangkok 2007- Day 3 (The Floating Market)

Ahh... at last I finish editing all the pictures. After two staggering days at last I finish. Bad bad computer... so lazy... just like the owner (oopps).

And today I manage to wake up early and goes to gym (actually late 2 hrs coz i went back to sleep). But it is still an accomplishment le. Claps! And for the 1st time I actually feel like vomiting eventhough I never eat anything at all. Must be the protein shake. Haha these are the signs of skinny people. Skinny people always says they dun feel like eating eventhough they are hungry. Yeah I'm going to be skinny ( I mean fit). Luckily I never went to gym penniless cause I end up shopping in The Gardens and it's super cool. A few new shops I really fell in love with and I end up paying more parking than the usual coz overtime d.

Ok back to the travel log. Its day 3 in Bangkok and we joined a tour to the floating market. How cool. Before I went there I seriously thought it will be like the one you see on Next Top Model where its super huge and got fish everywhere. Well the one is went is like... well see for yourself.

The crappy sign board under the bridge. Aiyah so small...

This is the paddler for the boat. Very thick make up indeed. For the tourist mah... good image. I was expecting her to sing like those you get in Venice.

The boat is surprisingly new and nice. Means the market is not authentic. It very fake indeed.

It's a tourist slaughtering place. Not only the paddle boat is like super expensive. All the shops and boat only sells souvenir and its super expensive also. =.= So Central Market. We are so conned... this is not the real floating market the real Thais goes for shopping.

90% all sells souvenir and all gives you that sad look hoping for you to buy from them. No way I'm a wise traveller.

But there's also fruits le, like those you see on postcards but the price is not as good as they look.

Really nice fruits.

Even nicer ones but non edible.

The market is very busy... with ang mohs that is. Haih so not authentic.

Then I found this cute chicken toy. My sis say mum use to have one. Haihz dun mention her, make me emo ly.

The new bridge built for the tourist.

Water plant. Cabomba sp. (Ms Jane, I remembered to Italic my species name but I think the spelling is wrong). My biology tragically only scored C.

The way the locals makan. Look at the amount. They seriously eat very little. No wonder they are so slim. Me super jealous.

A peacock fan.

Under my umbrella... ella... (syiok sendiri)

Haha see a tap. So the myth of the vendors wash their plate in the river is so untrue.

And this is the Thai coffee. It claims to be better than Starbucks, but to me its tasteless and super sweet. As in they scoop from the river and add sugar. Haha.

Selling some weird cakes.

Have you seen a Giant Caplico? Haha M'sia don't have.

A big lobster.... Shell...

The market is nice from above.

Look like those from the postcards.

I like this the best. Then the brought us to where the people lives around there. The floating village.

Then we saw this superman trying to cross the river with using a tyre only.

Then got this super ah mah crossing the river avoiding all the speed boat. Cool man.

So that's all from the floating market la. Really an agony trying to upload all this pictures. I think I will only do travel log after I get my DVD burner.

Today still very emo la... Must be I am so afraid I can get the thing I want. Not gonna announce it here. Coz for the past few years it seems that all the thing I wan couldn't be obtained especially when I so wanted it. Nvm le emo some more le. It's emo time! Go go emo ranger... ahaks
My very alive... please bear with me for a little while... I swear I will be back!