Sunday, 20 January 2008

A Post-Emo Post

Yeap I've emo finish at last and it should be back to my Bangkok travel log. But its the time again when I'm very ready to blog then the sun starts to appear and telling me it's time to sleep. So what have I been doing the whole time? Haha I also dunno.

Mainly its lotsa blog hopping (lolz you all update some more la) and web surfing. Catching all my missed drama on ntv7 and 8tv. It's cool that they have catch-up tv at their sites now. So I can just sleep during the airtime and catch it up at my own "airtime" UK time.

Actually still very emo due to... well not the same reason but another reason.

So kids its that time again. The following paragraph is small fonted on purpose due to viewers discretion. So if you are underage ignore the small and emotional explicit paragraph.

Well I'm emo because of my mum... Yah there it goes again. I think I reach the "I stay at home for too long and she is able to see me everyday as if I got nothing else better to do and she is super jealous that I'm super free not to forget constantly finding stuff to get on my nerves" period again. Not to say I am super anti her but she really scores A1 in the mata pelajaran Pengetahuan Mengacau Orang Yang Emo. This only happens if she sees me more than 72 hrs per week which doesn't happen when I was working. Ahh I miss working so much eventhou I seriously don't miss the credit signers. So cut the story short I had an argument with my mum which end up is a total waste of my time and energy as she never even understand any of my words. While me I can seriously repeat every word she say coz its is so unfair and well its repeated everytime we argue.

I so need to get out from here. Don't get me wrong. I'm not running away from my mum a
nd also not to hope that I will gain my so call freedom when I'm out there. I just wanna know how difficult is it to leave alone and hopefully able to understand what the hell my mum is babbling about. Hmmm... so my only hope now is NUS or else I will need to wait 3 yrs in Taylors before I can go to Melbourne Uni. And you guys out there in Japan, Scotland or America must be cursing me now for not appreciating what I have now. Well, maybe the only way for me to appreciate is to really get out there and suffer. Haha. I really can't wait. Hunting for my wings to fly for suffering not freedom.

Not to make this post too emo I shall promise to blog on the Thailand floating market and the Chathuchak market. The best part is really on day 3 and day 4. But haihz my comp has really failed on me. Everytime I blog on a normal length post I will take me almost 3hrs including photo editing. Damn you RAM and damn you hard drive.

I actually exploded my RAM and hard drive. Its really 99.9% utilised. Yah with all my porn ( no not porn la, I do have documents okay). Its all my games, documents ( all my old essays, I still have all my librarian report and my form 3 winning essays), pictures and musics. So I serious in need of a DVD burner know of else I really worry that my comp gonna explode one day. It's making weird sounds now everytime I click on to another tab. As in I'm tired d la.

Kla the sun is up and in few hours time need to put on my uniform and be my mum's chauffeur. Which is only part of the task and that is also not what is getting on my nerve.

Well, difficult mum comes difficult son. Cheers


Sui generiS said...

buy an external hard drive! then u can keep/ delete/ shift around documents as much as you want.
I never used dvd burners anymore. so ma fan to burn and everything, then the cds all take up too much space. and then if you want to shift around the files in folders, u can't unless it's a rewritable cd.

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