Thursday, 24 January 2008


Haha there's too much happening this few days that I so need to blog and I can't continue with my travel log. Screw it le. I will only blog bout that when I run out of things to blog. Today I went to Mid Valley for gym in the morning. Nothing much other than got ffk by Jeff and I got parking near The Gardens entrance... Not an everyday thing. Definitely a good sign of a good day.

Then at 12 went to Times Square to catch up with Hao Ran and to watch movie. Upon arriving there's this big lion head welcomes me. Super cool man. So big!!!

What's best is the eyes and the ears is constantly moving. Can't really get a pic because it was public holiday and the amount of people there is crazy. Never see lion before meh? So I have to get this picture from The Star to show you all.

Then went to watch movie at GSC but there's not much nice show on and all are almost sold out so we had to watch In The Name of The King which is the adaptation from the game Dungeon Siege.

The movie was cool! But lack of quality in sense of CGI as it appear kinda fake in some shots. But it has nice action and story overall. You can't really go wrong with an English old-kingdom-kinda movie like Stardust and The Golden Compass. But never ever go for a English horror movie. Leave those horror movies to the Asians.

The we head over to Pavilion KL (Per-vi-lion KL and not Pah-vi-lion) to have dinner in Sakae Sushi. Not much pictures on the food as I'm never good in taking food pictures cause once it is serve my brain tells me to eat right away. Only after taking the 1st bite then I notice I should take a picture before that. Nice meal though and we even had desert.

Hao Ran enjoying his white sesame ice cream which taste like the chinese sesame paste that is frozen.

While I had this Wasabi-Honey ice cream. NICE! but be caution cause it do have a hot after taste. Haha.

After dinner we walked around and we saw this mime fella. We are wondering what he is pointing.

It seems to point towards something up there. So as we escalate to the next level we went into this VIP event by Longchamp. We are like =.= so VIP but so open. So we are like, "Are suppose to be here?"

It seems that this branded bag named MG by Longchamp is opening it's store in Pavilion KL. Haha so we also stay on and kepoh la. So many chicks to look at and they didn't chase us away!

Among the attendees are Hannah Tan, Serena C, Carmen Soo, Stephanie Chai, Marion Caunter as the MC and Ning Baizura as the performer for the event. She sang two songs and the Chairman present her with a RM2k bag. =.= Easy money and I guess she get paid as well, just like the rest of the celebs.

Being a celebrity is really an easy money job. You go to events, look around as if you gonna buy something and then you get goodies bag and you get paid. Yea and never ever think that they gonna buy anything cause they have events everynite if they gonna buy 1 stuff from each event they gonna declare bankruptcy the very next month.

Then we bump into Lee Kheng. My senior! She was there too, so we two act expensive and went into the store as she is aiming the goodies bag while I'm aiming all the celebs there. And this is what I got.

Me and Hannah Tan.

Another one via my HP. Of all the days, I never brought my camera along today. Why must celebrities always have the same pose and same look everytime they take pictures? Variation la. Like that, better we take pictures with your life-size cardboard advertisement. Haha and I don't mean you Hannah. You are so kind to take pictures with us.

Then there's this mime who wants to play along. Haha.

On the way out one of the mime gave Lee Kheng a goodies bag but the blardy shop assistant took it back and it seems that it's only for the VIP. OMG she is so rude... too bad I'm not really in good condition today or else I will like. "WTF? We no money meh now? Take the bag down and charge it to my card!" And then throw the card at her like the Robinson Datuk.

Yeah my Standard Chartered Debit MasterCard. *Shine!* Just got it last month and it's super cool. And let me tell you why you should go out and get one now. It's a debit card which can be used in all stores which accept credit cards. And for petrol it will have 7% rebate of your petrol usage. (That's a great deal) No interest and also low minimum annual fees of RM8 which you can easily get back from your petrol rebate. And the best of all the e-savers account that comes with it has super high interest rate up to 3.5% unlike your normal 0.8% savings account. Wahaha Standard Chartered is so gonna owe me big time for doing this for them.

Even the meal in Sakae Sushi is paid using it. Haha my first swipe. So far I only used it for petrol cause lazy wanna top up. But today is considered emergency cause low in cash. So I'm so gonna star in the next MasterCard advertisement replacing Richard Gere.

*Music comes in and jeng jeng jeng*

Petrol for the ever sporty Proton Iswara, RM50

Scrumptious dinner at Sakae Sushi, RM70

Camwhored with Hannah Tan? Priceless

There are some things money can't buy. For everything else, there is Kenny's Standard Chartered Debit MasterCard!
My very alive... please bear with me for a little while... I swear I will be back!