Friday, 4 January 2008

Bangkok 2007- Day 1 (Arrival and Chinatown)

My long awaited post is here. It's all about Bangkok. Yoohoo... There's too much pictures to be uploaded so I shall let it do all the talking(explaining). So let's get started with.

That morning I woke up (actually never sleeps because the waking up time is my usual sleeping time) at 4 am and prepare to go to the Low Cost Carrier Terminal (LCCT) at KLIA. With my small little luggage back and I'm prepared to leave.

And also I brought along many identical friends in the image of the King of Thailand. So many zeros. Can't wait to go Indonesia and change some Rupiah. Then I shall be an instant millionaire.

Reached the LCCT at 5 something. It seriously looked very low cost. I thought I was at Puduraya.

But don't be fooled as this is the LCCT of the year. Swt =.= Like that also can.

Once you go in and you will notice a lot of people lining up to check in. Look at their faces. So dulan, so rich mah go board MAS lo.

In LCCT there's not much choices of food. Only McD and this Asian Kitchen. Both are with "extra" charge. Still don't understand the reason why airport food is so expensive.

This is the airplane. Relatively "big".

They even have a grand stairway. I expected to climb up the plane using a rope or something.

And what is the UPS plane doing in LCCT. Got low cost courier terminal here meh? To send cheap stuff to China?

No food in the plane, not even plain water. Everything can be bought with Ringgit Malaysia.

Not cheap though. But all are branded.

So branded it claims to be the best.

The air safety guide look very hilarious but I still don't get it.

Out of boredom I took some pictures. Bed of clouds.

After 2 hours sleeping and boringness. I saw some paddy field and I thought it was Kedah.

Then the stewardess announced that we are in freaking THAILAND!

At 8.55 am Bangkok time, I officially landed at the swiss roll looking airport. The Suvarnabhumi Airport.

Then I switched on my phone and this is what I get for wallpaper. Is the Grand Palace. My phone have this automated wallpaper where it will track where you are and display it. Wonder how will it display if I travel to north pole then? Happy Feet wallpaper.

Once you leave the airplane thru a very high tech bacteria killing tunnel and you will see this two thing staring at you. Must be a weapon detector in disguise.

Then come the boring part where you need to wait for you luggage.

So lets do some liquor shopping. OMG is so cheap. Everything is less 70%. For example Absolut Vodka here is like RM135 and there is like 500baht (RM50). Damn BN for making the tax so high. I know la you all cannot drink.

Then we reached the hotel after paying 700 baht to the blardy taxi driver who brought us to thru the jam and all. And so we check in at around 12pm. Spent almost 3 hrs waiting in the airport and taxi.

The hotel is kinda cool with the painting all.

The walkway is cool too.

Its also so cool that the only transport around is a boat. All riverside hotel is like that. High class konon.

Actually ours is eventhough 5 star but is considered the cheapest compared to Hilton and Mandarin Oriental. In Hilton you can expect a life-size Paris Hilton blow up doll saying "Sawadeeha, I'm a guy!"

Not only 5 star hotels by the riverside. They even have a pagoda.

Then we travel by boat to the boat pier, Ratchawong Pier,

and we reached Yaowarat Road or better known as Chinatown. Actually I also dunno what the arch says but I guess is like Chee Cheong Kai in Thai.

The place is famous for it's cheap bird nests and shark fins. But genuinity is to be doubt.

It's almost 1 and we are super hungry. The shark fin restaurant we are suppose to go to only open after 6, so we settle ourself in this high class dim sum restaurant, The Canton House. It's almost like Six Happiness here but the price is only 15baht (Rm1.50) per dish.

Look at the colour and I can say that it is super nice.

The fried rice and noodle is also mm mm good. They even have special dishes...

Like stew duck tongues.

Kinda scary but it is very soft and crunchy in the middle. After paying the bill which is only 200baht (RM20) we continue our journey.

Didn't know that Thai people are into Choi Sun (God of Prosperity) too.

Other than that Chinatown is very popular with it's cheap accessories. So many of them they look so appealing to me as candy.

There's also this preserved fresh raw seafood like crab, squid, prawn and shells.

After that we went to Tops supermarket. I love visiting local supermarket and you will see a lot of weird stuff. And we bought a few stick of ice cream, they gave us this with it.

A Nestle ice cream insulator bag!

And they even have Nestle mineral water which we bought. But all the water taste kinda salty. That's all for the 1st part of day 1. Much more to come.


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