Wednesday, 23 January 2008

My Eyes!!!

Didn't go to gym today... why? Not because I'm lazy. It's because I have a freaking eye infection. And it's not because of porn like what Sam say la. Haih. So I miss today's street 101 class and I broke my own promises to go to gym everyday. Damn you eye infection! Hopefully it will subside tomorrow as alot of things to be done.

It's Thaipusam holiday tomorrow and for the 1st time in history KL has holiday for it. Another of BN scam to win in the next election. How cheap! Maybe it's because it doesn't makes much different to a person who has public holidays everyday minus the crazy crowd. Haha blek.

And public holidays is also a no no to stay at home especially with a mum you are super emo with. So I have plans tomorrow. So gonna go gym but the the carpark is so much expensive on public holidays. Don't care le. And then gonna go watch movie which is also gonna be super expensive. Haih I seriously hate public holidays now. Now only.

So on Monday I went to the Gardens and there's new surprises already.

The bridge connecting Mid Valley and The Gardens is done at last.

So nice! It even has an escalator to be connected by two levels. Hmm which got me wondering... Installing a escalator is cheaper than building a two level bridge or the otherwise?

Then I went to the Borders and I still think Borders is the best among all the atas-bookstores like Times, MPH and Kino. Cause most of the books are not wrapped and they have sofas. And now it is so convenient that I no longer need to take the LRT to Times Sq. There's also a few new shops which I'm so gonna buy stuff from them.

Like this one. It's like an art departmental stall super big inside despite a small entrance.

And then there's my shop. Choo Choo... very funny...

Okla its 4am d. And time to sleep. My comp is almost back to it's normal speed and I just found out the reason why it's slow is because the processor over heated and it's okay once I shut it down for some time. So I can continue with my travel log.

And a preview for the Langkawi post. Wahaha

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