Tuesday, 22 January 2008

Bangkok 2007- Day 3 (The Floating Market)

Ahh... at last I finish editing all the pictures. After two staggering days at last I finish. Bad bad computer... so lazy... just like the owner (oopps).

And today I manage to wake up early and goes to gym (actually late 2 hrs coz i went back to sleep). But it is still an accomplishment le. Claps! And for the 1st time I actually feel like vomiting eventhough I never eat anything at all. Must be the protein shake. Haha these are the signs of skinny people. Skinny people always says they dun feel like eating eventhough they are hungry. Yeah I'm going to be skinny ( I mean fit). Luckily I never went to gym penniless cause I end up shopping in The Gardens and it's super cool. A few new shops I really fell in love with and I end up paying more parking than the usual coz overtime d.

Ok back to the travel log. Its day 3 in Bangkok and we joined a tour to the floating market. How cool. Before I went there I seriously thought it will be like the one you see on Next Top Model where its super huge and got fish everywhere. Well the one is went is like... well see for yourself.

The crappy sign board under the bridge. Aiyah so small...

This is the paddler for the boat. Very thick make up indeed. For the tourist mah... good image. I was expecting her to sing like those you get in Venice.

The boat is surprisingly new and nice. Means the market is not authentic. It very fake indeed.

It's a tourist slaughtering place. Not only the paddle boat is like super expensive. All the shops and boat only sells souvenir and its super expensive also. =.= So Central Market. We are so conned... this is not the real floating market the real Thais goes for shopping.

90% all sells souvenir and all gives you that sad look hoping for you to buy from them. No way I'm a wise traveller.

But there's also fruits le, like those you see on postcards but the price is not as good as they look.

Really nice fruits.

Even nicer ones but non edible.

The market is very busy... with ang mohs that is. Haih so not authentic.

Then I found this cute chicken toy. My sis say mum use to have one. Haihz dun mention her, make me emo ly.

The new bridge built for the tourist.

Water plant. Cabomba sp. (Ms Jane, I remembered to Italic my species name but I think the spelling is wrong). My biology tragically only scored C.

The way the locals makan. Look at the amount. They seriously eat very little. No wonder they are so slim. Me super jealous.

A peacock fan.

Under my umbrella... ella... ellla...eh...eh...eh (syiok sendiri)

Haha see a tap. So the myth of the vendors wash their plate in the river is so untrue.

And this is the Thai coffee. It claims to be better than Starbucks, but to me its tasteless and super sweet. As in they scoop from the river and add sugar. Haha.

Selling some weird cakes.

Have you seen a Giant Caplico? Haha M'sia don't have.

A big lobster.... Shell...

The market is nice from above.

Look like those from the postcards.

I like this the best. Then the brought us to where the people lives around there. The floating village.

Then we saw this superman trying to cross the river with using a tyre only.

Then got this super ah mah crossing the river avoiding all the speed boat. Cool man.

So that's all from the floating market la. Really an agony trying to upload all this pictures. I think I will only do travel log after I get my DVD burner.

Today still very emo la... Must be I am so afraid I can get the thing I want. Not gonna announce it here. Coz for the past few years it seems that all the thing I wan couldn't be obtained especially when I so wanted it. Nvm le emo some more le. It's emo time! Go go emo ranger... ahaks

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