Wednesday, 30 January 2008

Bangkok 2007- Day 3 (MRT Train and Suan Lum Night Bazaar)

Do you know what time is it? It's the Bangkok Travel show again. Too long winded? No fuss gonna end soon then I can post on the long awaited Northern Malaysia post. Some say I went to alot of places in just 4 days. Alot meh? Should have been to more but too good already this time. If my financial allows me, I might go there again exploring the different side of Bangkok. ^^

So on the night of the 3rd day, I at last manage to ride the Bangkok MRT. They have two rail system in the city one is the Skytrain and one is the MRT. Most of the MRT are underground. The MRT are much more clean and hi-tech the one you can get in Singapore. But the ticketing system is weird. Not even called a ticket actually.

It's a token actually. Just like the one in the Damansara Cineleisure parking. A plastic token which will be easily lost and roll around on the floor. Well it did happen once before. Luckily able to secure it or else... Phew...

The train is just normal and no TV screen le. No ang moh also. And then we took the MRT to Lumphini Station for the Suan Lum Night Bazaar.

It's a very clean and high class night market. Something which is just nice to see but not nice too touch le.

They have very nice open-air-conditioned place. =.= How environmental friendly.

They sell overcharged souvenir.

And branded-priced decorative items.

Expensive breads which is not edible. It's plastics.

And non-toxic plastic fruits.

Inside it has all this bars and restaurants. This particular one has royal puppet show as well. Too expensive to dine in there.

They also have this extremely huge non-stop flowing Heineken. It's soap foam le and the content is suspect is from the gents and will logically explains the foam.

The place is easily spotted with this tall pole that you can see from far. So that's all for now regarding the trip. More to come on day 4.


On another important note. Attention all Mang Liuz people be inform that we are having our reunion and farewell dinner in conjunction of CNY and Jess's blah on the 2nd of Feb 2008. All are compulsory to attend or else... err haven't decide what to those ffkers... but will have one la. So must come.

We will be having steamboat and 1 litre of Limited Edition Absolut Disco Vodka courtesy of Kenny Choo and No need to say thank you. Just drop by more often. Wahaha

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