Thursday, 17 January 2008

Bangkok 2007- Day 2 (Menam Riverside Hotel and Bangkok Shopping Street)

I'm so addicted to Bangkok. I'm so gonna go back there again some day. Anyone wanna sponsor me? Aiyah how to go there for free le? Any place that need to go by plane is so expensive. Damn you Air Asia!

But the hotel I stay in Bangkok I really like it very much. Eventhough not very convenient but the food and service is really above standard.

This is the Menam Riverside Hotel.

The hotel lobby.

Even have a buddha in the hotel.

The art detail in the lift.

The swimming pool.

Observation deck beside the swimming pool. But what to observe there? Papaya trees?

The pub in the hotel.

Haha the art deco really look like shit.

The coffee house serves super nice breakfast with thai food, western food and japanese food. The roast ham, fried thai noodle and scramble egg is very good.

The shuttle boat service by the hotel.

Enough of the hotel, the second night in Bangkok, we went to the famous Bangkok shopping centre street. Don't expect to buy anything there cause all the malls are like KL Pavilion.

There's this Siam Paragon. The very atas place in Bangkok.

Outside the Paragon, there's this free open concert which is sponsor by the famous Thailand beer, Singha beer.

The beer is so cheap that 1 big cup (almost more than 1 litre) like this only cost 100baht (RM10). And it taste as good as Heineken and so much better than Tiger beer.

The street is really a long stretch. It almost like Bukit Bintang but so much better.

Amarin Mall. Sounds very weird. Almost like Ah-Mah-Lin. Figure the meaning yourself.

The Central World.

This mall has the best food outlet.

Their X'mas tree is also very unique. Look closely.

Yeap, its the bottle used in office dispenser. Recycling. Unlike the rubbish we produce in the malls in KL after the festive season.

This is the Siam Center.

Their X'mas tree is made out of pictures of famous Thai celebrity.

On the way we saw this interesting phone booth. See anything special? It accepts credit cards!

This is MBK, the Sg Wang of Bangkok. Cheap stuff but not with cheap price tags. =.=

Inside it you will see this restaurant. Recognize it? Thai restaurant?

It's a Thai McD.

Even the Ronald there fold his palms and has bigger hips.

We also saw the Thai Mickey Mouse and friends.

And I also got my mission accomplish. I tasted Thai donuts. It's call Mister Donut here.

The shop is almost like Dunkin Donut only but the price almost the same as J Co.

The box is kinda cute.

A lot of variety though.

And this is what we bought. Taste totally different from what we have in KL but also not bad. But I will still prefer J Co. And I tried Big Apple Donuts already. More on that later.

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