Wednesday, 9 January 2008

Bangkok 2007- Day 1 (Public Transportation and Patpong Road)

I'm back with the second part of the 1st day of my Bangkok trip. So much pictures to post with so little time and I'm leaving for another trip in 2 hrs time to Perak, Penang, Langkawi, Taiping, Sungkai and Gua Tempurung. We will be leaving at 1 and that is 1am and I just found out bout this trip yesterday. Totally forgotten cause I didn't plan for it. Haha.

So back to Bangkok. On the 1st day where ever we went is thru this cute little boat which has a system like a bus. More systematic than Rapid KL I shall say. Transport there cost around 13baht, not cheap actually for the people there.

The boat with no driver.

The comfortable seats. Actually kinda comfy.

This is the thing they use to sell ticket. Very hi-tech as it stores ticket, money and tear it.

They even have VIP space for the monks. That two ang moh don't look like a monk to me lo. Later kena gantung mati for misusing the space.

The station of pier is something like our lrt station. You just need to tell them the number of the station.

They even got interchange with the MRT and skytrain. But not as advance as you think actually. It's safety features are not really noticeable and the pier and boat is kinda old.

This is the roller you find at any pier which support and also rise up and down according to the tide. Why don't we have it here in Malaysia, we only got those stairs by the pier which is super hard to get down from the boat. Wonder if this is a Thai invention or maybe by some ang moh which they bought over from.

So we had an interchange at the Central Pier which will link to the BTS Skytrain.

Its a very cool BTS station with a very scary fact that it is only centimetres away from the elevated road. You can really feel the car that is passing by.

The train is cool with lotsa LCD screen which will display the name of the station.

The whole train is infested with Ang Moh's we are the only Thai look-alike. Locals seldom use it except during peak hours.

When we alighted at the Sala Daeng station we notice this familiar face. It's a Proton ad and it's throughout the whole station. But 4 days in Bangkok I barely see one Proton car.

So for dinner we went to this noodle stall at near Patpong Road. The bars and clubs road. See it's all in Thai. And they barely speak English at the roadside.

I had this superb beef noodle. Mwahhhhh.

And my sis had this super nice and fresh seafood noodle. Every thing there is so fresh as if they have a sea beside them and a cow farm at the other side.

And when I mean roadside it's really roadside as you can feel the air when a car pass by cause it is super near. And if you see properly at the opposite of the road is a California Fitness Centre. No wonder they don't lose weight.

After that we went to Patpong Road, never go to the bars nor the tiger show. So guai. Just went to the night market. Nothing much also.

Seriously need to go already. Haven't have my dinner, haven't bathe and haven't finish packing. So see you all when I return and I'm very happy that this little immature blog has 15k hits. Thank you....

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