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Bangkok 2007- Day 2 (Riverside, Wat Po, Tuk-tuk Ride and Wat Benchamabophit)

Whoa 2 trips in less than a month. Hope I can go on with this pace with the permission of my financial status. Just came back from Langkawi, Penang, Taiping, Ipoh and Sungkai. A full northern Malaysia trip. More on that after I can manage to post all the pics on my Thai trip. Still got alot ark.

Ok cut it short and back to the post. On the second day we took the public boat and cruise by the riverside. And the view is superb.

The Phra Buddha Yodfa Bridge.

The temple of Dawn.

And we board at the Tha Tian Pier to go to the Sleeping Buddha or Wat Pho.

Nice roof they have there. Everything is so gold as if their gold is cheaper than dirt.

Detail of the ceiling.

More ceilings. They seems to like very complicated design. I'm so gonna get one for my room.

Art students sketching the temple.

Lost Chinese god statue.

Me pimping on one of the statue.

Prayers at the temple. I'd just finish mine and I even did the Chinese thingy where you shake the sticks and ask a question and get the answer according to the number. And they have English translations.

The sleeping Buddha. So much golden-er and longer than the one in Malaysia.

The King of Fruit in Thailand disguised as the Buddha's head.

The foot of the Buddha.

Wah, so precious.

Paintings on the interior wall.

Donations that is placed in the bowls. With 20baht (RM2) you can exchange many of their equivalent of 1 cents coins to be put in the long stretch of bowls.

Look at the amount of roof tiles replaced as the temple is under renovation. No wonder is so golden.

Outside you will see a Ang Moh statue as a guard. Serve them right.

Another smaller temple beside it and me as the imitation of the Buddha statue.

The details of the door.

All the different sizes of Buddha in there.

A golden peacock in the interior.

So after we had finish our tour at the temple, as we went out to ask for direction, there is this Tuk-tuk driver telling us that the Grand Palace will not be open after 2 due to lunch. So he say he will bring us around to the Smiling Buddha Temple, The Marble Temple and some jewelry expo which is only one day for only 30 baht (RM3).

It's later found out that the Smiling Buddha Temple is closed and the expo is a scam. Kononnya is so cheap that you bought back to Poh Kong and sell to them and you will earn around 50%. Yala tu, so we just went in pusing one round and come back out. Then you can see the face change in the Tuk-tuk driver cause we just found out that he will get commission from the expo which turn out to be a small shop. Lolz as if we are that water fish.

You can see his tulan face after that. He is also very stupid to bring us to a jewelry shop, If he were to bring us to a souvenir shop we might just bought something.

But thanks to him we had a free ride around the city.

So we went sight seeing for only RM3.

And he is silly enough to think that we actually forgotten about the Marble Temple. What I do is I keep remind him. Or else my RM3 will not worth it.

To deal with this Tuk-tuk driver is an easy feat. Just tell them that the jewelry is super ugly and outdated (which is true) and they can't do anything. I you say it is expensive they will bring you to another cheaper shop. They try to cheat us, so we cheat them back. After all the cheating we manage to go the Marble Temple or Wat Benchamabophit.

The temple look something like the Taj Mahal.

The whole temple is made out of marble including the lions.

And it's genitals.

Outside there is this poor stone donkey. He looks he is being torture or just to prevent him from stolen by people. But it is just made out of stone.

Inside this temple, it is surrounded by all sorts of bronze Buddha from all around the world.

One palm Siamese Buddha.

Two palms Siamese Buddha. (Calming the seas according to the description)

Chinese Buddha with sun disc.

Anerosic Buddha. The spiritual Paris Hilton companion.

The overweight Buddha (Zen Buddha) My spiritual companion.

Gold painting at the wall.

Nice windows.

The roof.

Marble pillars and ceiling.

The exterior.

This happy looking creature.

And the golden ceiling.

This and the following part will have lots of this kinda pictures on the building alone. I love their details so much. I'm so gonna build one for myself when I'm rich enough to hire people to hand paint all the details for my house.

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