Wednesday, 16 January 2008

Bangkok 2007- Day 2 (Thailand Grand Palace)

So this is the continuation of the day 2 in Bangkok. After all the crazy tuk-tuk experience the Grand Palace is open for admission after lunch. And so we went there and is really crazy. Crazily grand.

The Grand Palace of Thailand which is as big as a taman perumahan. Consist of the whole palace all the old ones and the new ones and also the temples.

The entrance reminds me of the one in Hong Kong Disneyland.

How the new building mix and match with the colonial ones. One of the colonial ones is the current King's Palace. Which is also used to accommodate George W. Bush.

And around the palace there is a wall surrounding it and at the inner side of the wall, it is painted with the Ramayana story. It is seriously very long winded. It makes you walk in a very big circle just to find out the ending which I myself don't get it.

These are some part of the drawing. This is only a very small part around 10cm in width. It is very detail and covered with gold paint. Look the beruk who is try to eat the people or something.

The monkey again.

The monkey again after tanning.

Monster with big dangling boobs.

So detailed they even have a dead rat at the corner of the drawing.

Mermaid and merman and some mer-creature.

Look at the different skin colour. Haha they are racist too. White is Chinese or Thai and so forth.

So guy doing the painting restoration. The whole place or the whole Bangkok is under renovation. For the King's 80th birthday I think. Pretty rich huh? Yet most of them are not well fed.

Another lost Chinese statue. Just found out that they are not lost actually. They are the present by the 4th King or something to the palace during the King's dunno how many birthday. But it's truly made in China.

Then we head over to the Emerald Buddha Temple. The whole Thailand look up to this Buddha as the King prays to it and it is made entirely out of a chunk of Emerald.

The Emerald Buddha Temple. Very highly guarded place.

No cameras in there. So only can be photograph from far. As you can see, it is place on a very high podium.

The Buddha is actually very small but yet very highly respected. So bad that it has garment to change on. It is in its Prada winter wear. And during summer and the rain season it will have other gold garment and they even have the ceremony for his fashion show (change of garment).

There's alot of weird stuff around there. Like this garuda.

And also his plant counterpart.

A golden human bird. Or the big yellow bird. Didn't know that they have Sesame Street in the Palace last time.

So advanced that they even have electrical plugs in the past.

Small little guard thingy lifting the structure.

The golden stupas.

One stupa. Always wonder what they put in it. It doesnt seems to have a door or something.

Look at the gold tiles on the stupa.

Mini Angkor Wat. The exact scale replica.

Golden Pillars.

Besides all that it has very cool colonial buildings which are the palace for the later Kings.

Like this one.

A very colonial stairs.

And the lawn.

At all the entrance it will have this tall guard statue. The exact same one in the Airport but this is the original ones. There are ten of them but the palace is square and suppose to only have 4 entrance. But it's so big... so I also dunno why there is 10.

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